Sims 4 Master Actor Aspiration Walkthrough (Get Famous)

The Sims 4: Get Famous is a really fun expansion pack and with it we got the sims 4 master actor aspiration that lets your sims really focus on their acting skill and career. One of my favourite things about The Sims is that you can really customize characters and make them whatever you want and if your sim desires to get famous, this is a great aspiration choice for them.

The aspiration focuses on your sims increasing their acting skill, joining into the acting career, and eventually placing your own celebrity tile in Starlight Boulevard to make sure that your sim’s legacy lives on for years.

Traits That Help With The Sims 4 Master Actor Aspiration

There aren’t really any traits that will directly impact your attempts at finishing the master actor aspiration, but there are a few that might make it more fun.

The first is the self-absorbed trait that came with The Sims 4: Get Famous. These sims are more likely to want to get famous and since you’ll be in the acting career, you’re going to get famous and you want to make sure your sim can handle it all.

You may also want to choose something like outgoing because as an actor your sim is going to be constantly surrounded by other sims at their acting gigs and will also start to get followed by paparazzi. You definitely don’t want to be a loner sim and get them famous.

Reward Trait For The Sims 4 Master Actor Aspiration

When you complete the Master Actor Aspiration in The Sims 4, you will be awarded with the World-Renowned Actor reward trait. This trait says that your sim will “never fail an acting action – as far as anyone can tell…” which means that your sim will be a much better actor and will have better performance in acting gigs.

Stages of the Sims 4 Master Actor Aspiration

Every different aspiration in the game has different levels you need to work through. As you complete all the different tasks you’re going to be given satisfaction points that you can use to buy different rewards like never weary from the reward store. There are four levels of the sims 4 master actor aspiration for your sims to work through.

Level One: Aspiring Actor

  • Achieve Level 3 Acting Skill
  • Practice Acting for 2 Hours
sims 4 master actor aspiration aspiring actor level

The first part of this aspiration is the aspiring actor stage where both of the things you need to do tie in together. You can easily click on a mirror and choose practice acting and do this for many hours to gain your acting skill, which will also satisfy the practice acting for two hours requirement too!

Level Two: Intermediate Actor

  • Become an Adult
  • Join The Acting Career
  • Earn Gold in a Commercial Acting Gig
  • Give a Street Performance
level two of the aspiration, intermediate actor

The first part of this stage of the aspiration will happen naturally, you just need to age up from a teenager to a young adult and it will satisfy this requirement. Then, once you’re a young adult you can use your phone to find a job and choose the acting career.

Then you’re going to need to actively go to work with your sims to be able to earn gold in an acting gig. You’ll want to make sure that you have an acting agency, work a commercial gig and finish as many of the requirements at work as possible that day.

You should definitely read this acting career guide to make sure that you know how all the parts of the acting career work before attempting to get gold.

As your sims gain their acting skill they are going to be able to start giving street performances. At level 3 of the skill you’ll be able to perform romantic ones with other sims and this is the easiest one to complete. You’ll just want to click on your sim and perform scene will be an option.

Level Three: Advanced Actor

  • Receive an Award
  • Achieve Level 7 Acting Skill
  • Earn Gold in a TV Show Acting Gig
level 3 of the sims 4 master actor aspiration

After you start doing gigs in your acting career you’ll eventually get an invite to the Starlight Accolades because you’ve been nominated to win an award. You’ll want to attend this award ceremony and hope that your sim wins. You can win for acting but you could also write books and publish them and win for that too!

To get level 7 of the acting skill you’re going to want to just keep going to work in the acting career, practicing acting in the mirror and performing scenes to get to level 7.

Once you continue to get better at acting and improve your work performance you’ll get access to things like TV Show acting gigs. You’ll want to choose one of these, go to the audition, and do all of the things required to get gold.

Level Four: Master Actor

  • Achieve Level 10 Acting Skill
  • Earn Gold in a Movie Acting Gig
  • Place a Celebrity Tile in Starlight Boulevard
sims 4 master actor aspiration

To finish off this aspiration you’re going to want to max out your acting skill by either gaining it normally or using the acting skill cheat which shouldn’t take long. You’ll also need to get your career to a level where you can get Movie Acting gigs and do all of the requirements to earn gold.

To be given the opportunity to place a celebrity tile you’re going to need to get your fame level to level 5. At this point you’re going to be so famous that they’ll give you a star to go to Starlight Boulevard to place. This is a big deal and you should definitely do it.

Using Fame Points to Your Advantage

As you rise in the fame ranks, you’ll start earning things called fame points and you can use these points to get rewards that will help you become a better actor.

I suggest you get fame perks in the Skill and Career Boosting Fame Perks Category. This includes noticeable, Celebuserum, and the most important one established name. The established name fame perk makes it so that you don’t have to audition for any more gigs which makes it easier for your sim to get the high paying gigs.

Also, established name makes it so you can skip hair and makeup when you get to your gig, which can be a big time suck and sometimes is the reason why sims are unable to finish all of their daily duties.

Final Thoughts

There are so many amazing and interesting aspirations for you to play through in The Sims 4 and with every new expansion pack comes fresh new ones to try out. The sims 4 master actor aspiration is a really fun one to complete and you can get your sims famous so easy with the career too. Happy Playing!

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  1. I have a problem with this aspiration. I don’t know how to get a TV show acting gig. I’ve selected many of them already. What can I do? Thanks

  2. I’m stuck on earn gold in a movie acting gig idk which one is a movie I’ve done three so far and nothing

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