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45+ Sims 4 Sliders to Totally Customize Your Sims

The Sims is supposed to reflect real life but without using sims 4 sliders many players aren’t able to create sims that look anything like themselves. When you’re walking around in the outside world you see all sorts of different bodies with different shapes and sizes and this is how our characters should look in the game too.

Thankfully, there are so many custom content creators who are able to go ahead and make these things possible in the game. They are basically magicians that can make anything happen and allow you to completely customize your sims with these amazing sims 4 sliders.

On this comprehensive list you’re going to find sliders for just about every part of your sim’s body from their arms to their chest and even a slider that can increase the size of your sim’s bulge if that’s what you’re into.

Sims 4 Sliders for Facial Features

The most common types of sims 4 sliders that you’ll find and want in your game are the ones made for facial features. The reason why these are so popular is because they allow you to make your sim’s faces more unique and interesting. These sliders can cover things like your sim’s jawline, their eye shape and size, and so much more.

Jawline Sliders

Changing your sim’s jawline is a great way to make your sims’ look individual and more unique. With this slider you can grab your sim’s jaw and make it slimmer or more wide. This set of sliders also has a slider for the curve of your sim’s brow ridge for further customization.

sims 4 sliders for jawline

Nose Sliders

One facial feature that severely impacts the way a sim looks is their nose shape and size and the game just doesn’t allow you to customize them deeply enough in my opinion.

nose sliders

These nose sliders will let you go in and grab more specific spots on a sim’s nose to change up just that part instead of grabbing and switching up the entire nose. You’re able to adjust the bridge of the nose, the nostrils, the tip and so much more.

Pouty Lip Sims 4 Sliders

There is something so cute about sims who have pouty lips, it just makes them look so adorable! These pouty lip sliders are going to let you pull up and down on your sims lips to make them look more pouty and adorable.

pouty lip sliders for the sims 4

Mouth Scale Sliders

Have you ever found a mouth that you absolutely loved in The Sims 4 but you just wish it was a little bit bigger or a little bit smaller for your sim? Well, look no further than these awesome mouth scale sliders.

These sliders are going to allow you to click and drag the outside of a sim’s mouth and make the mouth not change shape at all, but just increase the size or decrease the size so you can get that perfect mouth size to suit your sim’s face.

sims 4 sliders

Chin Dimple Sliders

Having chin dimples is such a cute look in the real world and should be available to your sims too! These chin dimple sliders let you push up on your sim’s chin and give them a slight dimple to make them so adorable.

sims 4 sliders

Lip Sliders

Here we have another set of lip sliders that are going to help you customize your sim’s look and give them a different vibe when they are smiling.

These sliders are great because they give you the ability to show off a bit of your sim’s teeth when they are just sitting and hanging out, not even smiling!

sims 4 sliders for upper and lower lips

Eyebrow Sliders

Eye brows come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and this eyebrow slider is going to let you make even more interesting looks. It will let you drag your sims eyebrows closer together or further apart which makes your sims so beautiful!

eyebrow sliders

Eyelid Sliders

There are so many different types of eyes out there and the size and shape of your eyelids can completely change how your sims look. These are going to give you the opportunity to create hooded eyes, give your sims larger eyelids and more. It really helps to customize sims!

eyelid sliders

Lip Fullness Sliders

There is a big trend of getting larger lips by using lip fillers so having large lips in The Sims 4 is possible too with these lip fullness sliders. These are going to give you a larger canvas for custom lipstick and will definitely make your sims want to give each other smooches.

lip fullness sliders for the sims 4

Nose Tilt Sliders

Just because you have a nose, doesn’t mean your nose has to be perfect. Your sims don’t have to have straight noses and perfect faces, they can have imperfections and still be gorgeous. These nose tilt sliders are going to allow you to angle your sims nose slightly to the left or the right and give them a more unique look!

nose tilt slider

Cheek Sims 4 Sliders

The shape of your cheeks can really change the way your face looks and these cheek sliders are going to give you tons of new combinations for cheeks. You can grab onto your sim’s cheek and drag them in and out to switch up the way your sims look.

cheek sliders

Expanded Nose Sliders

Since your nose is in the middle of your face it really can change the look of a person. These nose sliders are awesome because they are going to allow you to change the size of your sim’s nostrils as well as the angle of those nostrils, change the shape of the sides of the nose and alter small parts of your sim’s appearance. There is so much you can do with these!

sims 4 sliders

Adams Apple Slider

An Adams apple is a thing that happens to many people who were born male and now with this slider you can make this a more pronounced look on your sims. This even lets you add one to your feminine sims which is extremely helpful if you want to create non-binary or gender fluid sims.

adams apple slider

Thicc King & Queen Jaw Sliders

Even when you make your sim’s larger in the vanilla game they never get any fat under their chin. Creating a double chin in The Sims 4 isn’t really possible but it’s a very realistic and normal thing to have. With these jaw sliders you’re going to be able to add a bit underneath the jaw to make your sim’s look more natural and really be the beautiful plus size sims they deserve to be.

sims 4 sliders

Eye Sliders

These eye sliders just change everything about your sim’s eyes. Literally everything. You can drag them up and down, make them larger or smaller and change the size of your sim’s pupils. With just this one slider you can make your sim’s feel so much different.

sims 4 sliders

Dimples Sliders

Dimples are such a cute feature on many people and they just add so much to a sim’s face. Also, my celebrity crush (host of Survivor Jeff Probst) has the cutest dimples so this means a lot to me. These are so cute, especially on children and this works for everyone from children to elders.

dimples slider

Chin Shape Sliders

This chin slider is an interesting one that gives a very specific look for your sims. When you go into detail edit mode and use the ear sliders you can change the way your sim’s chin looks by going from a full looking chin to a more pronounced chin.

sims 4 sliders

Eye and Eyebrow Width Sliders

The eyes are the window to the soul and a sim’s eyes are very important in making them look extra cute. These sliders include both eyebrow sliders and eye ball sliders for total customization of your sim’s face.

You’ll be able to click and drag your sim’s eyes to make them thinner or thicker and also change up the depth of their eye brows to make them have a totally different look. Add some default eye replacements with a nice eye slider and you’ll have such an interesting look for your sim’s eyes.

eyebrow sliders

Chin Sliders

Your chin is a very prominent part of your face and these chin sliders are going to let you adjust the way your sims look. It has so many options with being able to drag to make a pointy chin, pull to make a square chin and you can even push up on a sim’s chin to make an indent on your sim’s chin. You’ve got a lot of options for your chins with these ones!

chin sliders

Temple Sliders

The temple slider is an interesting one that lets you grab the middle of your sim’s forehead and pull up or down to make your sim’s temples change. When you drag down your sims will have their forehead change and make their temples more prominent and when you drag up the temples will fill out.

temple sliders

 Pointed Ears Sims 4 Sliders

There are a lot of simmers out there who are looking to create less than realistic characters in The Sims 4 and these sliders are definitely for those types of players. These pointed ear sliders give you the opportunity to create a more elf-like aesthetic compared to a regular sim.

These pointed ear sliders will allow you to make them go straight up or have them lean back at an angle allowing you to completely customize the look of your sim’s pointed ears which can lead to some really gorgeous characters.

pointed ear sliders

Sims 4 Sliders for Upper Body

There are two types of sims 4 sliders for the body, upper body sliders and lower body sliders. These upper body sliders are going to change parts of your sim’s body like their shoulders, their chest size, and more. They really do let you customize your sims and make clothes look more interesting on them too.

Shoulder Height Sims 4 Sliders

The first slider on our list of sims 4 upper body sliders is this awesome shoulder height slider. You grab your sim’s right by their shoulder and drag up or down. When you do this your sim’s shoulders will move up or down and it will also change the length of your sim’s arms. This is a great way to customize a sim easily!

shoulder height slider

Arm Thickness Sliders

Where are my thick friends at? Well, these thick arm sliders are going to give you so much representation in The Sims 4 and make sims feel so much more like real people with real body types.

One thing about changing the size of your sim in the game is that the arms don’t really get much bigger even when you make your sim gain weight, and the sliders on the arms really don’t do much. These arm thickness sliders allow you to add mass to arms in an actually significant way making your sims look totally different.

arm thickness gif

Breast Shape Sims 4 Sliders

The shape of your sim’s breasts can completely change how clothes fit on them, how they look and so much more. These sliders are amazing because there’s two types. You can use the up and down slider to change the shape of your sims’ breasts and use the left and right slider to make breasts larger.

adjustable breast sliders

Chest Depth and Width Slider

This chest depth and width slider will allow you to change the size of your sim’s chest, not only in terms of their breast size for females, but also the width of their chest increasing the size of their upper body.

You can totally customize the way your sim’s look with this as it will also change the width of your sim’s breasts if they have them. Really great sliders for changing up the way a sim looks.

chest depth and width

Shoulders Slider

The height of shoulders can really change the way clothing looks on your body and totally make your sims look different. These shoulder sliders are going to let you raise or lower your sim’s shoulders to make them look totally different than before.

sims 4 sliders

Breast Sims 4 Sliders

When you’re out in the real world you’ll see all sorts of breast shapes, from small to large, high to low and so many more shapes and sizes. However, in The Sims 4 there are not a ton of options for changing the direction of a sim’s breasts so thankfully these sliders exist.

These breast sliders are going to allow you to change the size, shape, and direction that your sim’s breasts lay so that you can create body types that vary a ton and this allows you to completely customize your sims bodies.

breast sliders

Belly Slider

When you create a plus-size sim normally their stomachs are only able to be rounded and they aren’t very realistic for many people’s reality. A very common belly shape has your stomach going in a little bit at the belly button creating what is known as a B belly. This is super common and now you can create this type of stomach in the game!

belly sliders

Breast Separation Sliders

When creating a sim you’ll notice that you can’t really pull your sim’s breasts further apart or closer together which is unrealistic since all human’s breasts lay differently on their frame.

These breast separation sliders are going to allow you to pull your sim’s breasts apart or push them closer together which can completely change how clothing looks on your sims as you can see above!

breast separation

Male Chest Sliders

There are many masculine folks out there who have larger chests and that deserves to be shown off in The Sims 4. This is the best male chest slider I’ve found, and it works wonders for making more interesting sims.

male chest sliders

Shoulder Height Sliders

Something that I didn’t really consider ever finding sliders for was a sim’s shoulder height but this can completely alter the way that they look! Shoulder sliders will add some bulk to your sim’s shoulders which can make it seem as though they are working out their shoulders often.

These sliders also heavily effect the way your sim’s neck is going to look, a sim with taller shoulders is going to have a shorter neck. Also, clothes will look totally different on sims who have broader shoulders so these can really have an impact on your character creation in the best way.

sims 4 sliders

Sims 4 Sliders for Lower Body

The second category for sims 4 sliders for the body are lower body sliders that cover anything from the hips to the toes. These include things like leg sliders, butt sliders, hip sliders and more. You’ll be able to completely change the composition of your sim’s body and make them much more interesting characters.

Leg Sims 4 Sliders

This set of sliders for your sim’s legs are great and there is one for the inner thigh and one for your sim’s calf shape. The inner thigh slider will let you make your sims legs look closer together or further apart and the calf sliders will let you change the size of your sim’s calves. You can definitely change up the legs entirely with this one!

leg sliders for the sims

Enhanced Butt Sliders

One slider that I know a lot of sims players are looking for is a butt slider so you can further customize how your sim’s butt behaves. These sliders are going to allow you to click and drag the different areas of your sim’s butt to create totally different shapes.

You’re going to be able to raise the butt up, drag it side ways and decide just how perky you want your sim’s butt to be!

enhanced butt sliders

Leg Length or Hips Height Sliders

These leg length or hip height sliders are awesome because they change the look of your sim’s completely. Using this slider you’ll grab onto the side of your sim’s body and drag up and down to give them a longer torso and short legs or you can give them a shorter torso and longer legs.

sims 4 sliders

Leg Length Slider

The characters we create in The Sims all have the same proportions with their legs and torsos always being the same size. With this leg length slider you can decrease the size of your sim’s torso and increase the size of their legs, or the other way around. It definitely makes sims look more interesting and dynamic compared to the vanilla game.

leg length sliders

Bulge Sims 4 Sliders

This is the only mature sliders in this game and it honestly makes me laugh, sometimes you just want your sims to be packing a bit extra for specific outfits and this allows you to add a bit to your sim’s bulge.

The great thing is that you can use this for any gender sim as it is a unisex slider allowing you to completely customize your sim’s bulges.

bulge sliders

Detailed Butt Sliders

Why shouldn’t you put tons of time into changing the shape of your sims butt? It’s what we deserve! Butts come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, there are peach butts, pancake butts, and everything in between. These sliders are going to let you completely change the size, height and shape of your sim’s butts to make them whatever you can dream of.

butt sliders for sims

Enhanced Leg Sliders

This set of leg sliders are so great because you can click and drag so many different areas on your sim’s legs so they aren’t just straight like they normally are with EA defaults as you can see in the image below.

You’ll be able to make dips and raises in different parts of your sim’s legs and make their thighs different shapes and sizes depending on the sliders you choose to play around with.

enhanced leg sliders

Hip Dip Sims 4 Sliders

There is a lot of conversation around hip dips but they are a completely natural thing and honestly look super cute. With this hip dip slider you can add a small indent where your sims leg meets your sims hips. This makes your sims look more realistic and extremely adorable.

hip dip sliders

Body Sliders for Days

This set of body sliders is really great because it adds more than one option at a time which is great for your mods folder.

Some of the sliders included in this slider set include hip dips, ankle sliders, and thigh sliders so you can really change up the look of your sim’s body.

body sliders gif

Ankle Thickness Sims 4 Sliders

There are some parts of your sim’s body that you may never think about, until you have a slider for it and then it’s all you can think about. These ankle sliders are awesome because you can give your sims smaller or bigger ankles depending on the look and these can easily change your sims look in a very subtle way.

ankle sliders

Waist and Hip Height Slider

Something that is a little odd in The Sims 4 is that every character that is created has a waist at the exact same spot, giving no variation to torso lengths or leg lengths making all sims look pretty similar in the world.

These waist and hip sliders and going to give you the ability to transform the look of your sim’s body by allowing you to change how high or low you wish to have your sim’s waist. Doing this will drastically change how clothing looks on sims because sims with a shorter torso will look different than sims with a longer torso and this is a small change with a big impact.

waist and hip slider

Sims 4 Sliders for Height

One of the biggest annoyances for many players in The Sims 4 is that all sims are the same height. From the time you’re a teenager until you happen to die you’re going to be the exact same height. Thankfully, there are sims 4 sliders that are able to change the height of your sims of all ages to make them more unique and interesting.

Height Sliders

One of the biggest complaints a lot of simmers have about the game is that every character from teen to elder is the exact same height which is entirely unrealistic and just doesn’t make sense for a life simulator.

These height sliders, created by Lumia, are some of the best out there and allow you to adjust your sim’s height so you can have more variation in the characters that you create. However, it is important to note that since none of the animations were created for different heights, you may see some visual issues during gameplay.

sims 4 sliders

Kid’s Height Sims 4 Sliders

The height sliders we’ve talked about thus far only apply to teen to elder sims but there is also variation in real life for the height of children as well, so why can’t kids be different sizes?

These height sliders for kids take that to an incredible level giving you different options for your sim’s kids so that they can be different heights from one another. This is really awesome because you can have a kid who just aged up from toddler a the smallest height, and a kid who is a few days away from teenager at the tallest height to actually give some dimension to your sim’s family.

kid's height slider

Toddler Height Sims 4 Sliders

We’ve already discussed height sliders for all sorts of older sims, but the creator of the kid’s height slider changes also decided to create a version for toddlers. This allows you to have different sized toddlers which can be fun so you can have your toddlers growing as they age.

You’ll be able to have a toddler at the smallest option when they are first aged up from a baby to a toddler, and every few days in game you can go ahead and change how they look. However, beware of appearance issues with animations as they weren’t created to be used with shorter sims.

toddler height slider

Back Leg Height Slider

These next sliders are super fun because they allow you to click and drag the back of your sim’s leg to change how tall they are. You are able to switch them up by making them taller or shorter than the default sim.

Before downloading any of these height sliders it is important to know that there will be some animation issues in game because they weren’t made for sims of different heights, so be sure to keep that in mind.

back of leg slider

Other Sims 4 Sliders

There are some sims 4 sliders that don’t fit into any of the above categories but still had to make the list, they work for animals, accessories and many other things that you’d never think of. You can further customize your game with these which is great!

Dog Size & Height Sims 4 Sliders

You don’t just have to use your sims 4 sliders on your regular sims, there are sliders for dogs too! These allow you to scale up the size of your pets and make them however big you want them. It is important to note that these will most definitely mess with some of the animations of your pets, so beware of that.

dog sliders

Glasses Slider

Sometimes in these lists I need to add something a bit goofier that may not be totally necessary but can add a bit of fun to your character creation in CAS. This glasses slider allows you to change the size of a sim’s glasses on their face which can dramatically change how they look, for better or for worse.

As you can see in the image above, these can be used to create absolutely wild glasses looks for your sims, just imagine Nancy Landgraab wearing these! Or you are able to make glasses smaller if that’s something you’re into.

eyeglasses sliders

Boots and Heels Slider

Some sliders that you’ll get your hands on for The Sims 4 aren’t about how your sims look, but more about what their clothing looks like. These CAS boots and high heel sliders actually allow you to increase the size of your sim’s heel which is super fun!

If you want to see this in action and get more information, definitely check out this blog post by the creator where you can scroll down and see a video of them using it.

boot slider

Final Thoughts on Sims 4 Sliders

This incredible collection of sims 4 sliders are my absolute favourite way to completely customize my sims. Being able to change their bodies and faces to make them truly unique makes the game feel so much more in-depth and interesting. Hopefully you’ve found a few sliders to add to your mods folder and you’ll go make the most beautiful and unique sims ever. Happy Playing!

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