The Sims 4: How to Enter Full Parent Mode

With The Sims 4: Parenthood we got a whole bunch of new content including a brand new parenting skill that allows your sims to be better parents than ever before. If you want to be able to get your sims to complete the super parent aspiration you’ll definitely need to know how to enter full parent mode which will allow your sims to get their tasks done so much quicker than before.

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What is Full Parent Mode?

Before we start discussing how you can actually enter full parent mode, it’s important that you understand what full parent mode actually is. Full parent mode is a system in The Sims 4: Parenthood that makes it so your parents can complete more parenting interactions without their needs going down or needing to worry about themselves at all, just like a super parent.

When a sim is able to enter full parent mode they are going to be given a +2 happy moodlet that lasts for two hours. During the time that this moodlet is present they are going to have their needs decay around 75% lower than normal which is incredible if you have a ton of kids to take care of, or if your main child care provider is pregnant since this means they’ll often have their needs decreasing super quickly.

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How to Enter Full Parent Mode

Entering your sims into full parent mode is actually easier than it seems, all you need to do is first get your sims to level 10 of the parenting skill which you can earn by doing any parenting interactions or reading parenting books. If you don’t want to earn level 10 you also have the option to use skill cheats to gain the parenting skill more quickly or any of the other parenthood cheats that came with this game pack.

Once you’ve reached level 10 you’ll now have a bunch of new parenting interactions to try out and can now enter full parent mode. To do this you want to just perform a bunch of parenting interactions in a row until the moodlet appears.

Some examples of parenting interactions include helping kids with homework, teaching toddlers any of their skills, doing any of the reinforcing of character values that also came with this pack and more. The absolute easiest way to enter full parent mode is to do a bunch of interactions with a baby since they are a captive audience and can’t run away from you.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know how to enter the glorious world of full parent mode you’ll have a much easier time when trying to take care of large families or just give your sims enough time before they have to use the bathroom again. It can really come in handy when playing things like The 100 Baby Challenge especially. Happy Playing!

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  1. This was useless! My sim has done 100 parenting things in a row and still hasn’t been able to check off the Go into Full Parent Mode aspiration step. Why don’t you tell us how to check that off??????

  2. I tried parenting interactions repeatedly, and I FINALLY achieved it by encouraging recent behaviour x4 in a row!

    Teaching to say Please/Thank you and Sorry or any other parenting interactions didn’t do anything.

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