The Sims 4: Controllable Pets Mod (Playable Pets)

For whatever reason when developing The Sims 4: Cats and Dogs, EA decided that they were not going to let players control their pets in this version of the game. As someone who has played previous sims games, this was a surprise and a serious disappointment to me.

As always with The Sims 4, modders went to work and discovered that there was code allowing for playable pets, but it was disabled for the expansion pack. This meant that it was decently simple for a modder to create something allowing you to control your pets fully.

That’s where the playable pets mod comes in where you can control your cats and dogs and go ahead and tell them when to eat, poop, sleep, and more giving you total control over your animals and keeping your house cleaner for sure.

How Does The Playable Pets Mod Work?

This mod is actually pretty simple to use, it will allow your pets to become a controllable member of the household and you’ll be able to choose the things they are doing. You can get your pets to eat by clicking on the food bowl, click on the dog and get them to go poo wherever they are in that moment, or click on the floor and choose from lie down, sleep, or sit in that location.

As you can see, the dog Peanut is being controlled with a Plumbob above their head. You can click on many objects and see what you can do with them.

How to Install The Playable Pets Mod

There are a few steps involved in installing the playable pets mod, first you want to go to this page to download the mod and click the download button at the bottom of the article. Once you click it will bring you to a different page to download the mod, and when complete it will show up in your downloads folder. It will start as a zip file, you want to open up this zip file and you’ll see two items that you then need to drag into your mods folder.

Since this is a mod and not custom content, you want to make sure that it isn’t deeper than one level into your mods folder. For example, you can create a folder in your mods folder called playable pets and put it there, but don’t create a folder within that folder and have it that deep because it won’t work properly.

Before the mods will work you need to make sure to enable mods in your game which can be found in your game options for The Sims 4. You’ll want to open up your game and click on the three dots on the home screen for the game go to other in the options menu.

You’ll see a part that says enable mods and custom content and you want to make sure that box is checked on, if you need to turn them on you’ll need to restart your game for the new settings to work properly.

sims 4 game options

Videos on The Playable Pets Mod

One of my favourite ways to see how a mod for The Sims 4 really works is to watch sims youtubers make videos on the content. Below are two videos from James Turner and onlyabidoang who are two great simmers you should sub to!

Final Thoughts

This is honestly one of my favourite smaller mods that most players may not think they need. This mod allows you to totally control your pets and make them come alive in a way that was never available in The Sims 4 without this mod. You can make your pets actually eat and go to the bathroom instead of them just being annoying and having no idea what is wrong with them. Happy playing!

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      1. I’ll take the liberty to reply.
        I use the mod a lot, it seems to work perfectly fine (april 2022). The only real issues I’ve noticed are that it might generate a lastexception file sometimes and that there might be a few interactions it enables for pets that don’t have pet animations (but you can just avoid those – the worst you get is a glitchy animation for the duration of the interaction).

  1. Does this mod work for any of the animals in country living (Cows, llamas, rabbits, chickens, foxes…)? Just curious

    1. No, it does not work for the Country Living animals because the game treats the latter more akin to animated items than actual sims.

    1. download the mod, move the file to your sims 4 document then to the mods folder inside 🙂 if the file downloads as a zip you need to open it with a software that can unzip it. easy and more explained tuts on yt

  2. This mod was flagged by MCCC as broken and caused a Last Exception. Thought you all should know. Not sure why, but it caused an error when I tried to clone an NPC Sim with the Cloning Machine.

  3. Does this still work with the patches releasedon March 14, 2023 (infants) and the most recent patch released on April 18, 2023 (patch 1.97)?

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