The Sims 4 Satisfaction Points Cheat (Get Free Rewards)

Satisfaction points are a great tool in The Sims 4 for your sims to earn all sorts of reward store perks and new traits. However, gaining these satisfaction points without using the satisfaction points cheat is an annoying task.

The types of things you can purchase with satisfaction points include things like never weary where your sims will never need to sleep, or even a money tree that can give you thousands of dollars each week.

There are a few ways to earn satisfaction points on your own, however, most players just want to skip the boring process of aspirations or whims and just be able to purchase rewards for their sims. Thankfully, there is a simple cheat for you to use to gain these rewards.

Actually cheating these satisfaction points is super simple and all you’ll need to do is enable cheats and then type in sims.give_satisfaction_points X and fill the X with whatever number of points you’d like your sim to have and they will appear instantly for you to purchase whatever you’d like from the reward store.

What are Satisfaction Points?

Satisfaction points are a system in The Sims 4 where your sims can earn these through completing whims, aspirations, scenarios or having a successful holiday. They are used in the reward store to purchase your sims items like new traits so they are always welcome, earn more money through jobs, or never have to sleep again. You can also purchase things like the potion of youth to keep your sims alive for longer.

How to Earn Satisfaction Points

There are 4 main ways that your sims are able to gain these satisfaction points without cheating them and these are aspiration stages, scenario completion and whims from the base game and having great holidays from The Sims 4: Seasons.

1. Successful Holidays

If you have The Sims 4: Seasons installed in your game, the holidays you can create can actually get you a bunch of satisfaction points. If you get your sims to do the required tasks for that holiday and they have an overall successful holiday your sims can get up to 500 satisfaction points!

2. Successful Scenarios

With the new scenarios update we can actually earn a whole bunch of satisfaction points when you complete them. These scenarios are sometimes only open for a limited time so you want to jump on that as soon as possible or you can go ahead and download custom scenarios whenever you’d like.

3. Completing Whims

Ever since The Sims 4: Seasons was released the sims team decided to make Whims be turned off by default. This is an annoyance because they are a great way to gain satisfaction points. If you go into your game settings you have the option to turn on whims and they will appear above your sim’s head and be a nice way to earn some quick points.

They’ll be very small and specific tasks like buying a bee box or playing the guitar that don’t have too much impact on your sim’s life but you’ll be able to get quite a few points this way.

If you have father winter’s baby your child will actually get a special trait where they are a magical child and they will get more satisfaction points when completing whims than other sims!

4. Completing Aspiration Stages

When you are working through an aspiration in the game there are many stages and many tasks to complete. Each time you finish one of the tasks in an aspiration you’ll get a small amount of satisfaction points, and get a large amount if you finish the entire aspiration.

How to Enable Cheats

Before you are able to go in and use any cheats, you should always ensure that your cheats are enabled this is an easy process where you first want to open up the cheat box. On PC you’ll want to hit ctrl + shift + c on your keyboard, and on console you’ll want to hit all four triggers at the same time.

Then, you’ll want to type in testingcheats true and hit enter and the game should tell you that cheats are enabled making sure that your satisfaction points cheat should work.

How to Cheat Satisfaction Points

Once you’ve managed to enable cheats you can then cheat to gain points. You are able to punch in any amount of points that you want to this cheat, so if you want a specific reward you can purchase the exact amount of points you need.

The cheat you need is sims.give_satisfaction_points X and you can fill the X with whatever amount of points you’d want. If you want to get never weary you can type in sims.give_satisfaction_points 10,000 so you can purchase the reward.

How to Spend Satisfaction Points

Once you have the satisfaction points you’ve been looking for either through earning them or through cheating them you’ll obviously want to spend them. The first step to doing this is knowing the location of the rewards store.

You’ll find this under the aspiration tab in the bottom right hand corner of your screen and you’ll see a small gift box icon on this tab. When you click on this the reward store will pop open and you’ll see a whole bunch of interesting rewards you can purchase.

Some of the rewards include potions that can help your sims by filling their needs or using the potion of youth to set back their lifespan and give them more time to live. You can also find awesome traits for your sims to buy like never weary where your sims will never need to sleep again.

Once you decide you want to buy something you just click on the icon to the right of the one you’d like to purchase and it will either become a new trait for your sim, or if its a potion it’ll end up in your sim’s inventory.

Final Thoughts

Satisfaction points are pretty easy for you to earn on your own through aspirations, holidays and whims but sometimes you just want to get your hands on a reward without all that effort. The sims 4 satisfaction points cheat is a simple cheat for you to remember and can be used all the time to really maximize your sim’s experience. Happy Playing!

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