The Sims 4: Magical Bloodline Trait

The Sims 4: Realm of Magic added a new occult to our games, spellcasters. These sims can have a magical bloodline trait that gives them new abilities to stronger spellcasters and have a better chance at improve their rank.

There are 3 generations of the magical bloodline trait. As you have more people in a row in a family tree with one of these traits, the traits will grow stronger until you reach the ancient bloodline which is really powerful for spellcasters.

Weak Bloodline

A sim who has the weak bloodline trait has at least one parent who is a spellcaster but neither of those parents have a bloodline trait meaning their parent was the first in their family to be a spellcaster.

These spellcasters are going to be given an extra point each time they rank up to spend on spellcaster perks and will gain overall experience faster. Also, they have less of a chance of overloading.

Strong Bloodline

A sim who has the strong bloodline trait has at least one parent who has the weak bloodline trait, meaning they are the 3rd generation of being a spellcaster.

These sims are going to have an extra talent point to spend every time they increase their rank and have an even slimmer chance of dying from overloading.

Ancient Bloodline

If your sim has the ancient bloodline trait they are the child of a sim who has at least the strong bloodline trait but their parent could also have an ancient boloodline. These sims are going to have half the chance of dying from overload and will also gain XP faster. The sims will also gain an extra point to spend on spellcaster perks.

Final Thoughts

I really love the idea of having a bloodline trait for spellcasters because it reminds me a lot of long term magical families in the Harry Potter universe. The further you get in having a spellcaster family the more powerful your sims are going to be.

If you’re the type who loves to play legacy families and have tons of generations under one family tree, maybe it’s time to turn one of those families magical.

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