The Sims 4: Hermit’s House in the Deep Woods (Outdoor Retreat)

The outdoor retreat game pack brought with it all sorts of gameplay aspects that players love. We got tents, camp fires and a great vacation location for your sims to go camping.

Something a lot of players don’t know about is that there is a secret area inside the deep woods of Granite Falls where a hermit lives that you can get to know and become friends with.

Being friends with the hermit is an essential part of the outdoor enthusiast aspiration as well, so sometimes you need this info!

Where to Find The Hermit’s House

The hermit is living inside the deep woods which can only be accessed if you first travel to Granite Falls Forest National Park. You can travel there by clicking m when you’ve already arrived in Granite Falls and choosing the park.

Once you’re there you’ll need to find the entrance to the secret area which is located inside a huge green bush that has some tree branches blocking the entrance a bit. You’ll click on that entrance and choose explore.

Just like the other hidden locations (forgotten grotto and sylvan glade) there will be questions to answer and only correct answers will allow you through to the secret area.

The answers are going to be step forward > go through web > sally forth > travel towards the sim.

Once you get through you’ll be brought to a beautiful area where a sim lives who is the hermit, this sim may be male or female and this varies game to game.

Things You Can Do At The Hermit’s House

The hermit is someone who you can be friends with, which is actually a necessity in the outdoor enthusiast aspiration. You can even marry the hermit if you want, it’s the sims, anything is possible.

You can ask the hermit for a special herbalism recipe once you are at least at the good friends level, which is the fungal infusion fertilizer recipe.

You are also able to fish outside the hermit’s house and you can even collect her garden to get some of the more rare items that came with this pack.

Final Thoughts

Hidden locations like this are super fun in The Sims 4 and can be a great hidden secret that a ton of players may never know about. I hope this guide will help you find the hermit and the hermit’s house and make it to the deep woods!

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