The Sims 4: Cowplant Death Type

Cowplants are one of those things that simmers understand but from the outside looking in a non-simmer might think we’re all crazy. How do you think they’d feel if they found out that these cute little creatures actually have the potential to harm our sims?

Even weirder, cowplants create something called cowplant essence that can be used to help keep your sims alive a lot longer. These creatures are definitely not as cute as they seem and understanding (and usually avoiding) the cowplant death type is key if you want your sims to live a long and successful life.

sims 4 cowplant death type

How to Get a Cowplant Without Cheats

Before you can ever have the experience of a cowplant death you’ll first need to get one on your lot and there are two ways to do this, one with cheats and one without. The first is to get your hands on a cowplant berry and plant it yourself, and the second is to use the buy debug cheat to grab a cowplant berry without the effort.

Finding a Cowplant Berry

Your first option is to get your hands on a cowplant berry the old fashioned way, through hard work. There are actually a bunch of ways you can get one of these little plantable berries but of course each has its own challenges.

The first way is to get one from fishing, most likely in the Oasis Springs Park’s Pond, but this is a very small chance and will force your sim to do quite a bit of fishing before they actually get their hands on one.

The next option is to explore space, once again, a slim chance for you to find one but its definitely a possibility.

Finally, a great way to get all sorts of random items is to dig for treasure around the world. You’ll find small splotches of dirt on the ground that look out of place and when you see them you’ll want to click on these items and choose to dig it up.

When you do this you’ll get something like a MySims Trophy or other collectibles that you are desiring or you may even find a cowplant berry.

All of the above options are ways to find them but its going to be decently hard, there is one last option that involves gardening. You’ll need to draft a snapdragon with a dragonfruit and eventually a cowplant berry will appear through grafting.

Planting Your Cowplant

Once your sim has a cowplant berry in their inventory you’ll get to choose where you want to house it. You have the option to put it on any piece of land on your lot or go ahead and put it inside one of the large square planter boxes that we have in both base game and The Sims 4: Seasons

One important note is that cowplants aren’t like other simple plants in the game that don’t require any skill for you to plant them. If you have a very low gardening skill there’s a small chance that your cowplant will fail to germinate which means that you’ll be unable to plant it and may lose the cowplant berry.

Your cowplant is going to start off extremely small but will eventually grow into the giant creature we’ve all grown to love.

a small cowplant who has just been planted who will someday participate in a cowplant death

How to Cheat To Get a Cowplant

If you’re not in the mood to search for a cowplant berry or go ahead and work toward grafting if yourself, you always have the option to use the buy debug cheat to get one instead. This is a cheat that will open up a bunch of in-game items that we normally don’t have access to in the traditional build buy catalog.

Think things like spoons your sims use when cooking, or the bottles your sims use to feed babies, and of course, a cowplant berry.

How to Access Debug Mode

To be able to find a cowplant in debug you’ll want to first enable cheat codes in the game which can be done by first opening up your cheat box using the following commands:

  • PC: Ctrl + shift + C
  • Mac: Command + shift + C
  • Console: All 4 Triggers

Then once the cheat box is open you’ll want to type in testingcheats true and hit enter and the game should let you know that cheats are enabled. Then you’ll want to type the debug cheat into that same box by typing in bb.showhiddenobjects and hitting enter.

Once you’ve used this cheat you’ll want to go into the build and buy menu and go to the search function in the bottom left hand corner and type in cowplant and search it. It should give you an option for both a cowplant berry and a full cowplant that you can place on your lot and start enjoying its’ company.

a fully grown cowplant sitting outside a green home with red brick at the bottom

Death by Cowplant

Now to why we’re all here, the cowplant death type, of course! Once you have a fully grown cowplant you’ll want to starve this cowplant until there is a piece of cake hanging out of their mouth, this usually takes about 12 in-game hours.

Once this appears you’ll want to get a sim to eat it and get swallowed by the cowplant but they are not going to get eaten this first time. They will get spit back out and be covered in gross green goo and will have a moodlet about their experience.

If a sim has this moodlet and gets eaten by a cowplant a second time they are going to be swallowed and never be seen again. Their tombstone will appear next to the cowplant after the grim reaper appears for you.

A sim wearing a black shirt who is about to eat a piece of cake from the cowplants mouth

Cowplant Essence

One interesting thing about cowplants is that if a cowplant eats a sim they are going to be creating cowplant essence. The type of essence depends on whether or not the sim died. If a sim survives being swallowed by a cowplant the essence will be of whatever mood the sim was in, so if a sim was feeling flirty it will be milked for a flirty essence. When a sim consumes an emotional essence they will get a moodlet that will put them in this mood.

If a sim does manage to experience the cowplant death they are going to have an essence of life to be milked from the cowplant. When a sim drinks the essence of life they are going to have their current life stage turned back to the first day of that life stage and they are going to have more time to live.

Keeping Your Cowplant Alive

Cowplants like sims are not going to live forever, but unlike sims they don’t die from old age. Cowplants will only pass from neglect so you could (in theory) have one cowplant for many generations as long as you ensure they are fed and cared for year after year.

You’ll want to feed your cowplant at least every 12 hours to avoid having the cake hang from its mouth which is an indication that the cowplant is hungry. Make sure you feed the cowplant within 12 hours of that cake appearing or it will shrivel away and become the very sad cowplant skeleton.

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Final Thoughts

These are such funny creatures and honestly, who wouldn’t love a cowplant named Little Simzee sitting in their backyard? Just be sure to protect your sims from that ever dangerous cowplant death in the game. Happy Playing!

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      1. I’ve found that works more often that not hahahaha

        If it does just go into build mode and move it a few spaces and it usually comes back alive!

  1. Has anyone had pregnant sim get eaten by a cowplant and the pregnancy resets from give birth in ???? to the sim not even knowing they are pregnant?

  2. I have put a few cowplants around my house… I’m just hoping that if I don’t feed some of them the cake will show up, if it does I’m wondering if my dog or cat will be eaten by the plant?

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