A lot of players of The Sims 4 absolutely love family gameplay and creating giant families with tons of sims and moving parts. It can be a very stressful but rewarding way to play the game.

The big happy family aspiration is a great option for simmers who love to play with large families, and will play this family for a long time.

You’ll focus on raising your children and making sure that they are thriving and successful sims as they age.

You’ll even be encouraged to have grandchildren and get to see them grow up as well. This aspiration is overlooked as boring and time consuming for many but can be a really fun one to complete with a powerful reward trait.

A render from The Sims 4 parenthood showing a messy living room with lots of kids.

Traits For The Big Happy Family Aspiration

Every single aspiration in the game has traits that are going to make it go a little easier. For example, you wouldn’t want someone with this aspiration to be a loner since there will always be family members around. The following are traits that will help your sim through the big happy family aspiration.

Family Oriented

Of course, a sim who wants a big happy family should be family oriented! This trait means sims love spending time around their family and will miss them if they are away for too long.


Cheerful is just a nice trait to have when you have kids and have a lot to accomplish because a cheerful sim will have a happy mood more often than not.


An outgoing sim is a great option for this aspiration because there are always going to be people around your home with a large family. These sims are going to be talking to you all the time, so being outgoing is nice so you enjoy the socialization.


The domestic trait is the bonus trait given to sims who are given a family aspiration when created in CAS or when they age up to a teen.

This is a helpful trait because it will have an effect on your sims familial relationships, making it easier for them to become friends with their children and other family members which is a big part of this aspiration.

Reward Trait for the Big Happy Family Aspiration

If you can manage to get your sim through all four levels of the big happy family aspiration, they are going to be given a bonus trait: patriarch/matriarch.

This bonus trait is going to be really useful in raising families because it states patriarchs/matriarchs give their children boosts to gaining skill when they are nearby.

This means that if you sim is in the room while their children are skill building, the children will build skills more quickly, making them better!

Stages of the Aspiration

Level 1: Readily a Parent

  • Become an Adult
  • Spend §1,000 on Kid’s Stuff

The first stage of this aspiration is pretty self explanatory. You will need to become an adult before you can move on, which makes sense since teens can’t have children in the game.

You’ll also need to spend §1,000 on children’s items, this can be things like toys, books, children’s furniture, etc. Anything under the kid’s section should count.

Level 2: Caregiver

  • Read to a Child for 2 Total Hours
  • Become a Parent
  • Socialize with Your Child 10 Times

The next part of this stage is actually getting ready and having babies. You’ll need to become a parent in this stage, you can learn about having babies here! However, you also have the option to adopt a child if you choose.

You’ll now need to read to your children for two hours. To do this you can open up any bookcase on your lot and choose one of the children’s books (white book with purple markings) and choose read to child. You’ll need to read to them more than once to fulfil this part of the aspiration.

You’ll also need to socialize with your child 10 times, this is any type of social interaction so it shouldn’t take long.

Level 3: Loving Guardian

  • Be a Parent to a Child with 3 Friends
  • Be Friends with 3 of Your Children
  • Have a Child Get Married

In this part of the aspiration, some of the actions of your children are more important than yours. First, you’ll need to have a child who has 3 friends or more. This means you’ll need to work on getting your child’s relationships up to fulfil the aspiration.

You’ll also need to become friends with 3 of your children, meaning you must have three kids to finish the big happy family aspiration. You can easily become friends with your children through basic parenting and socializing.

Finally, you’ll need to get one of your children to get married. This is one of the reasons why this is a long aspiration, you won’t be able to finish until your children are grown.

Level 4: Big Happy Family

  • Socialize with Your Child or Grandchild 10 Times
  • Have 4 Grandchildren
  • Become Good Friends with 4 Children or Grandchildren

In this section, you’ll need to socialize with your child, or your grandchild, 10 times. This is easy and I’m not entirely sure why it’s in the last section, since we already had it as a requirement earlier.

Next, you’ll need to have four grandchildren. This means your sim’s children will need to have their own babies, so try and keep your elder alive for this long! Since you’ll probably be an elder by this point unless you play with a long lifespan.

Finally, you’ll need to become good friends with at least 4 of your children or grandchildren. Just continue to talk to your kid’s and their kids to get this done, this one is rather easy.

Final Thoughts

Although the actual tasks throughout the aspiration are extremely easy, the aspiration as a whole will take your sim’s entire life. You’ll need to start having babies early if you want to benefit from finishing the aspiration at all.

What do you think about the big happy family aspiration in The Sims 4? Let me know all of your thoughts in the comments!