The Sims 4: Jungle Explorer Aspiration (Jungle Adventure)

The Sims 4: Jungle Adventure came with two new aspirations, these include the Archaeology Scholar aspiration and then this one, the Jungle Explorer aspiration.

This aspiration focuses on the actual world of Selvadorada and has your sim exploring the world and exploring different parts of the jungle.

Stages of the Aspiration

Stage One: Vacationer

  • Buy 3 Goods at Marketplace Stalls in Front of the Cantina
  • Eat a Selvadoradian Meal
  • View Statue of Madre Cosecha

The first part of this aspiration is pretty easy and has 3 steps. The first one is to buy 3 goods at the marketplace stalls, these are located in front of the cantina in the world. You can purchase anything to satisfy this requirement.

The next part is to eat a meal that is native to the world, these can be purchased from the food stalls that are right by the market stalls and will be satisfied once the meal is completed.

Finally, your sim can find the statue right near the fountain that is located in front of the cantina. You just need to click on the statue and choose to view it.

Stage Two: Expedition Rookie

  • Achieve Level 3 of Selvadoradian Culture
  • Find an Area off the Path
  • Examine 3 Traps

The first part of this is to gain 3 levels of the Selvadoradian Culture skill which can be gained by eating different native foods, talking to others about local sights, and more. It is only a 5 level skill and gains rather quickly.

To find an area off the path you need to break open vines to enter different areas of the jungle, and answer the chance cards. Successfully answering a chance card will have this need be satisfied.

Once you are finally in the temple in the world there are a ton of traps around and your sim is able to click on them and examine one to find out if its safe. You don’t even need to disable the trap, just examine it.

Stage Three: Regional Master

  • Defend Against 2 Natural Dangers
  • Achieve Level 5 of Selvadoradian Culture
  • Assemble a Mystical Relic

Natural dangers in this pack include things like spiders, and the best way to defend against these is to have spider repellents and other things in your sims inventory and protect your sim fom them and that will satisfy these. You can purchase this stuff at the market stalls.

You can continue to gain the skill by talking to locals and learning more about the world around you. This is the max level of the skill, so you won’t need to go above level 5.

Finally, your sim is going to need to assemble a mystical relic. A relic is made up of a base, a top, and a crystal. You’ll need to first refine a crystal on the archaeology table and then once you have all 3 pieces of the relic in your inventory you can choose the fuse with interaction and create the relic and insert the crystal.

Stage Four: Jungle Explorer

  • Open 3 Rare Treasure Chests
  • Activate a Mystical Relic 5 Times
  • Find 5 Omiscan Treasures

The final part of this aspiration starts with your sim needing to open 3 rare treasure chests, these are able to be found in the jungle temples but you can only ever find one per visit meaning you’ll have to go more than once.

The next part is to activate a mystical relic 5 times which si easy, you just need to create one then click to activate it. However, be careful because these relics can lead to either a curse or a blessing.

The final part of this aspiration is to find 5 treasures, these are going to be found in those treasure chests we spoke about, so you’ll finish this as you open more of those.

Treasure Hunter Reward Trait

The treasure hunter reward trait will be given once your sim finishes this aspiration. This is an okay reward trait if you plan to continue looking for treasure. This trait makes it so your sims can find more treasure and relics in treasure chests!

Final Thoughts

Overall this is a decently fun aspiration, the looking for treasure and relic gameplay can be really really fun the first time around. Just try to avoid those pesky relic curses. Happy playing!

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