The Sims 4: Archaeology Scholar Aspiration (Jungle Adventure)

The archaeology scholar aspiration came with The Sims 4: Jungle Adventure and focuses heavily on the archaeology skill that came with that pack. You’ll be spending a lot of time in Selvodorada so be prepared to spend money on vacations!

Stages of the Aspiration

Level One: Trowel Technician

  • Excavate 3 Dig Piles or Excavation Sites
  • Uncover Artifact from Dirt Clump

To start off this aspiration you need to excavate 3 dig piles or excavation sites. You’ll first be able excavate at dig piles when you start gaining the skill. You’ll see these around the world and you can click on them to excavate. At level 4 of archaeology you can start surveying for dig piles to make them easier to find.

At level 6 of the skill you’ll be able to establish excavation sites and start working there instead.

When your sim is looking for things by excavating they may find a dirt clump. When you find these you can take them back to an archaeology table and and figure out what is in them to finish this off.

Level Two: Research Associate

  • Achieve Level 4 Archaeology
  • Survey for a Dig Pile
  • Authenticate 3 Artifacts

The first part of this stage has your sim needing to get to level 4 of the archaeology skill. There are a few ways to do this, you can read a skill book (the slowest way to gain a skill) or you can excavate dig piles and use the archaeology table to authenticate the things you’ve found to gain the skill.

The next part is to survey for dig piles which is an ability that opens up at level 4 of the skill. You can click on the ground while in Selvodorada and your sim will find a dig site to excavate.

The final part of this aspiration stage is to authenticate 3 artifacts. This can be done once you find some things in dig piles or excavation sites and you just need to have them in your sims inventory and click on an archaeology table.

Level Three: Excavation Expert

  • Achieve Level 7 of the Archaeology Skill
  • Establish 3 Excavation Sites
  • Authenticate 5 Excellent Quality Artifacts

To continue on in this aspiration your sim needs to keep working on the skill, getting to level 7 by excavating and authenticating different artifacts.

Your sim will need to establish an excavation site, which is awesome because it will make it more likely that your sim will find an artifact compared to just finding a dig pile. To do this your sim needs to have level 6 of the skill and click on the ground to establish excavation site.

Finally, your sim needs to authenticate 5 excellent quality artifacts. This is just going to take time, you’ll need to uncover a ton and getting excellent quality artifacts will happen later on in the skill gain.

Level Four: Archaeology Scholar

  • Achieve Level 10 of the Archaeology Skill
  • Write a Good Quality Archaeology Skill Book
  • Give a Successful Archaeology Lecture

To finish off this aspiration your sim first needs to max out the archaeology skill. They can do this by continuing to dig and authenticate artifacts, read books, and more

Next, your sim will need to write a good quality archaeology skill book. This ability unlocks at level 8 of the skill and can be completed on the computer.

The ability to give archaeology lecture unlocks at level 10 of the skill and can be found in the social menu when clicking on another sim.

Museum Patron Bonus Trait

If your sim finishes this aspiration they are going to be given the museum patron bonus trait. This trait makes your sims have more positive moodlets when they are at a museum lot type and they can have better dates and social events at these lots.

This may be one of the least valuable bonus traits in the game because museums are the most boring lots to spend time at in The Sims 4, so it may not be worth your time.

Final Thoughts

Aspirations in The Sims 4 aren’t the most exciting, but they can be a good stepping stone to keep you focused when playing a pack for the first time. Jungle Adventure is a fun pack and this aspiration can help focus you on the archaeology skill. Happy playing!

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