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The Sims 4: Focused Emotion

There are a number of emotions in The Sims 4 that our sims can experience, each of which give different benefits or drawbacks to our sims. The focused emotion in the game is a great one for building skills and staying on task for long periods of time.

There are a ton of ways for your sims to become focused, from focused aura items to playing chess, we’ve compiled a nice list of ways to become focused in the game that you can try!

Best Trait to Get Focused

If you want your sim to be focused often, it may be smart to give your sim the genius trait. A sim who has the genius trait is going to absolutely love doing tasks like programming, video gaming, and earning their logic skill.

They get random focused moodlets that last a few hours and can be really helpful in gaining those skills mentioned above.

You can check out our guide to traits in The Sims 4 here!

Ways to Get Focused from Base Game

  • Study an Element (+2 for 4 Hours)
  • Study a Fossil (+1 for 4 Hours)
  • Use a Telescope (+1 for 4 Hours)
  • Ponder Moves on Chess Table (+1 for 4 Hours)
  • View Focused Art (+1 for 4 Hours)
  • Browse Simpedia on the Computer (+1 for 4 Hours)
  • Study a Book (+1 for 2 Hours)
  • Be Mentored while Playing Chess (+2 for duration)
  • Research Gardening on Computer (+1 for 4 Hours)
  • Play Video Games (+1 for 2 Hours)
  • Focused Potion (+100 for 3 Hours)
  • Upgrade Objects (+2 for 3 Hours)
  • Drink Pitch Black Tea (+2 for 4 Hours)
  • Be Mentored When Practicing Handiness (+2 for Duration)

Ways to Get Focused from Get to Work

  • Brainstorm on Invention Constructor (+1 for 3 Hours)
  • Use Chemical Analyzer (+1 for 4 Hours)
  • Get Abducted by Aliens (+2 for 2 Hours)
  • Have a Scientific Breakthrough (+2 for 4 Hours)

Ways to Get Focused from Get Together

  • Beat an Arcade Level (+1 for 4 Hours)
  • Focused Club Vibe (+1 to +3 while the Meeting is Active)

Ways to Get Focused from Outdoor Retreat

  • Hiking (+2 for 6 Hours)
  • Drink Clear Mind Distillation (+1 for 4-6 Hours)
  • Share Astronomy Knowledge (+1 for 6 Hours)

Ways to Get Focused from Spa Day

  • Lavender Aromatherapy Massage (+2 for 12 Hours)
  • Mind Concentrating Yoga (+2 for 4 Hours)
  • Mind Concentrating Yoga Class at Spa (+2 for 12 Hours)
  • Take a Bath with Citrus Soaks (+2 for 8 Hours)
  • Listen to New Age Music (+1 for 2 Hours)
  • View Aquarium (+1 for 4 Hours)
  • Practice Yoga (+1 for 4 Hours)
  • Burn Saffron Incense (+2 for 12 Hours)
  • Discuss Cognitive Focusing Techniques (+1 for 4 Hours)

Focused Aura Items

  • Space Prints
  • Elements
  • Mathematical Diagrams
  • Telescope Prints
  • Plumbob Lamps
  • Saffron Incense (Spa Day)
  • Masterpiece Pumpkin (Spooky Stuff)

Possible Ways to Get Focused

The following ways to get focused aren’t guaranteed and are a chance situation produced by the game. Sometimes you may get a tense or embarrassed moodlet instead of focused, you never know!

  • Child Experimenting with Chemistry Lab (+1 for 4 Hours)
  • Playing Cards (+1 for 4 Hours)
  • Productive School Day Child/Teen (+1 for 8 Hours)
  • Child/Teen Finishing Homework (+1 for 8 Hours)
  • Scientific Breakthrough in Science Career (+2 for 4 Hours)
  • Hacking Mainframe with Programming (+1 for 8 Hours)
  • Carving a Pumpkin with Spooky Day (+1 for 4 Hours)
  • Researching Stocks Business Career (+1 for 2 Hours)

Becoming Very Focused

If being focused is what you want, then being very focused is even more fun! Being able to boost your emotions to the very level will make them even more valuable.

To become very focused you’ll need to get a mixture of +8 emotions, however they don’t all need to be focused. You could have +4 happy and +4 focused and chances are your sim will become very focused.

Decorating a Focused Room

One of the best ways to make sure that your sim stays in a certain emotion for the duration of a task is to make sure that the room they’re in is prepared. If your sim has an office where they will practicing logic, video gaming, or programming you can add a ton of focused decor items to make their time worthwhile.

The auras of an item are going to work for 8 grid squares around the object as long as its in the same room. A wall or a door will cancel the aura. You could decorate your room with elements, telescope prints, and mathematical diagrams and really make sure that your sim is always feeling very focused.

Careers That Focused Can Help

When the game was first released in 2014, there was an ideal mood that your sims should’ve had in order to go to work and focused as the one for a few. However, this is no longer a part of the game.

Now your emotions are only going to help your sim in building skills that can go along with the emotion. Being focused is going to help you in the following careers:

Final Thoughts

Becoming focused is a useful tool for so many things in The Sims 4. I really hope this guide helped you guys realize all of the ways to become focused in the game.

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