Sims 4 Successful Lineage Aspiration Walkthrough

If you’re a player who absolutely loves family gameplay you’ll love to play through the sims 4 successful lineage aspiration. This is one of the family aspirations in the base game along with the big happy family aspiration.

This aspiration is going to focus your sims on making their children successful in school, their careers, and their futures. These sims aren’t wanting the biggest family, just the most successful one. This is awesome for any sims who love to work hard on their goals and make sure that their sims are going to have a successful future.

Traits for The Sims 4 Successful Lineage Aspiration

The different traits that you decide to give your sims are actually really important for their aspirations. You never want your sim’s traits to make absolutely no sense for the sim. For example, you wouldn’t want a sim who hates children to work through a family aspiration.

There are two awesome traits that can be really helpful for this aspiration with the first being family oriented. This is a great trait because your sims are going to be more willing to spend time with their family which means they’ll enjoy helping with homework or mentoring their kids more just because they’re around.

The other trait that is great is outgoing because they are going to have a pretty large family living with them and they’ll want to enjoy having that many people around them.

Sims 4 Successful Lineage Aspiration Bonus Trait

Whenever you pick an aspiration for your sims in the game you’re going to be given a bonus trait to add to your sim’s personality. When your sims play through the sims 4 successful lineage aspiration they are going to be given the domestic trait. This trait is going to help them gain relationships with their friends and family faster than other sims can.

Stages of The Sims 4 Successful Lineage Aspiration

Every aspiration in The Sims 4 has multiple levels that you need to play through and each level has specific tasks to complete. When you complete these specific tasks you’re going to be awarded with satisfaction points that you can spend on rewards from the reward store. When you play through the sims 4 successful lineage aspiration your sims will have four levels to work through.

Stage 1: Readily a Parent

  • Become an Adult
  • Spend §1,000 on Kids’ Stuff
readily a parent level of the sims 4 successful lineage aspiration

The first part of this aspiration is pretty much a joke and is the same as the big happy family aspiration. The first thing your sims need to do is become an adult so they just need to age up from teenager to young adult.

Then you’ll need to spend §1000 on kid’s stuff and this can include anything that you find in the kid’s panel. This includes furniture, toys, wall decor, and so much more.

Stage 2: Caregiver

  • Read to a Child for Two Hours
  • Become a Parent
  • Socialize With Your Child 10 Times
caregiver level of the sims 4 aspiration

The first thing you need to do in the second stage of the sims 4 successful lineage aspiration is to become a parent. You have the option of doing this through trying for a baby and giving birth, or going through the adoption process in the game. This requirement will be covered the second you give birth or the child comes to your home from adoption.

Next, you’ll need to socialize with your child ten times. This is extremely easy because you just need to do any interactions with your children, which you’ll want to do anyway to get to know your kids.

Finally, you’ll need to read to a child for two hours. Since this aspiration was created before toddlers were released, it only currently works for children, not toddlers.

You’ll need to click on a bookcase and choose open, then find one of the purple and white books and click on it. You’ll get the option to read the book to your child.

Stage 3: Trusted Mentor

  • Help a Child with Homework 3 Times
  • Have a Child Earn an “A” in High School
  • Have a Child Max any Skill
sims 4 successful lineage aspiration trusted mentor

This section is where the aspiration gets a bit more intense, but not hard. You are going to need to help your child with homework 3 times.

You’ll need to get your children to start working on their homework and then while controlling the main sim, you can click on them and choose help with homework. This will get your sim’s homework done much quicker too, which is nice.

You’re going to need to get a teen to have an A in high school. To do this you need to do your homework everyday, and maybe even some extra credit work. As well as get your skills up, since you need to have a skill at level 4 in order to get an A.

Finally, you need to have a child max out a skill. This could be either a child skill or a regular skill when your sim’s child is a teenager. I find it easiest to try and get a child aged sim to max out the creativity skill by playing the violin.

Stage 4: Successful Lineage

  • Mentor Your Child 3 Times
  • Have a Child Complete an Aspiration
  • Have a Child or Grandchild Reach the Top of a Career
last stage of the successful lineage aspiration

Mentoring in the Sims 4 is a bit of an annoyance but can be useful if used properly. You’ll need to do it 3 times, this can be done by having your adult sim have a skill maxed out. Then, get your sim’s child to start working on that skill, and you should be able to click on them while controlling the adult and choose mentor.

For example, if your adult sim has maxed out the guitar skill you can get your teenager to start playing the guitar. Then come over as the adult and choose mentor.

You’ll need to have a sim’s child finish an aspiration. This can be any of the childhood aspirations which are usually easier to finish in a short period of time, since adult aspirations are more of a long term commitment. You can also start a teen working on the best selling author or painter extraordinaire aspiration since they can get them done early.

Finally, you need to have your child get to the top of a career. This is going to be the longest time commitment of the aspiration since you can’t start a career until you are a young adult.

You may even want to get your sim to work through the bodybuilder aspiration so they can have the long lived trait to make sure they can finish this.

Reward Trait for the Aspiration

Whenever your sims are able to finish an aspiration they are going to be given a reward trait to add to their simology. These are great because you can consistently finish aspirations and keep getting more bonus traits to impact their personality.

When your sim finishes the sims 4 successful lineage aspiration they’re going to be given the vicarious reward trait. This is an awesome trait if you plan to raise more kids because it will make it so that any skills that your sim’s children gain will also contribute to your own.

This allows your sims to gain skills without having to do anything on their own, how cool is that?

Final Thoughts

These family aspirations in The Sims 4 are so much fun because you can raise the cutest, most well-rounded families that will last generations. You can really focus on your sims gaining all of their skills, getting good jobs and so much money. Happy Playing!

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  1. 2 of my sims children have reached the top of their careers but she dose t have the aspiration fulfilled. Do they all have to live in the same house?

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