Sims 4 Extreme Sports Enthusiast Aspiration Walkthrough

There is a lot of fun to be had in Mt Komorebi, especially when your sims are playing through the sims 4 extreme sports enthusiast aspiration. This aspiration is awesome for players who want to spend a lot of time on the mountain and love winter sports.

Your sims are going to spend so much time learning their snowboarding skill but if they aren’t into that they also have the option to work on their skiing skill. They’ll get to climb mountains with rock climbing and eventually go on a full mountain summit.

Being able to focus so much time on going skiing, snowboarding and rock climbing is so much fun and can be a really amazing hobby for your sims, plus the bonus trait would be awesome to have too!

Sims 4 Extreme Sports Enthusiast Aspiration Bonus Trait

Whenever you choose an aspiration in The Sims 4 you’re going to be given a bonus trait that corresponds with the aspiration. When you give your characters the sims 4 extreme sports enthusiast aspiration you’re going to be given the high metabolism trait that comes with all athletic aspirations, like the bodybuilder aspiration.

The reward trait is good if you’re focused on your sim’s fitness skill and want them to stay slim. This allows them to stay more fit for longer if they stop exercising or starting eating more junk food for a while.

It definitely isn’t the most exciting or useful reward trait but it can be helpful if you want to work on the fitness skill or the bodybuilder aspiration.

Stages of the Extreme Sports Enthusiast Aspiration

Every aspiration in The Sims 4 has levels that you need to work through to complete the aspiration and as you finish different parts of it you’ll be awarded with satisfaction points. The sims 4 extreme sports enthusiast aspiration is going to have four stages that you’ll need to work through before you can get the reward trait.

Level One: Snow Student

  • Go Down the Bunny Slope
  • Use a Vending Machine or Computer to Purchase a Remedy or Deterrent
  • Use a Mt Komorebi Info Board
sims 4 extreme sports enthusiast aspiration

The first step to getting obsessed with extreme sports is to go down the bunny slope which is located to the left of the huge mountain slopes. This is the best place to start when learning how to ski or snowboard. To use it you can just click on the small bunny slope and choose to go skiing or snowboarding and it will satisfy this part of the aspiration.

There are tons of items you can purchase to make your hike or mountain summit more successful and enjoyable. These can be purchased on your computer or on the bits and bobbles vending machines that are located all around the world. To complete this part of the aspiration you can click on one of these vending machines and purchase one of the bug deterrents to purchase.

All across the world in Mt Komorebi you will see these dark brown boards that you can click on to learn about a ton of aspects of life in this world. You can learn about festivals, about the weather on the mountain, and so much more. You’ll find these all over the place and just need to have your sim interact with it in some way to get this done.

Level Two: Thrill Seeker

  • Achieve Level 3 Rock Climbing Skill
  • Complete a Hiking Trail
  • Actively Ski, Snowboard, or Rock Climb for 3 Hours
  • Encounter a Kodama or Forest Spirit
thrill seeker level

There are two ways you can work on your rock climbing skill. The first is to go to the small rock climbing wall that is located to the left of the bunny slope on the mountain and do some practice sessions to gain the skill. The second way is if you have The Sims 4: Fitness Stuff you can purchase a rock climbing wall for your home lot or a gym and use that. This wall will give you both the rock climbing skill and the fitness skill which is quite nice.

There are a number of hiking trails available to your sims, you can travel to the park in the middle neighbourhood in Mt Komorebi and there is an info board that you can click on and choose to go on a hike to a number of locations. Once you finish off a hike, it will complete this part of the aspiration.

The next part just has your sims needing to rock climb, snowboard, or ski for 3 hours. This doesn’t need to be done in one sitting, just a collective 3 hours.

The final part of this stage will be done on a hiking trail or while summitting the mountain on a mountain excursion. These creatures are going to appear when you come close to them and are colours like green, blue, or yellow. When they appear you can stop your hike and click on them to either make a wish or try to collect them. When my sim made a wish she was given 1000 simoleons, so i’d say make a wish!

Level Three: Trailblazer

  • Perform High Intensity Skiing or Snowboarding on an Intermediate or Expert Slope
  • Successfully Reach the Peak of Mt Komorebi
  • Endure an Injury Sustained from Skiing, Snowboarding, or Rock Climbing
level three, trailblazer, of the sims 4 extreme sports enthusiast aspiration

The first part of this stage is to perform high intensity skiing or snowboarding on an intermediate or expert slope. There are 3 types of slopes, they go from left to right as easy, intermediate, and expert. You can choose either the intermediate or expert slope and click on it and choose snowboard or ski, then choose to do high intensity and your sim will complete this.

The next part of this aspiration will take a bit and you’ll need to do a mountain excursion social event to get it done, where you’ll need to bring another sim along. To complete this you need to reach the top, so you should increase your sims rock climbing skill and bring some food, and come prepared by buying some bits and bobbles.

Enduring an injury is easy, so you can get this done rather easily. You just need to fall or hurt yourself pretty hard while doing one of the extreme sports. This happens often, so just keep trying to gain skills and go on adventures and there’s a high chance your sim will get hurt.

Level Four: Peak Pioneer

  • Survive 3 Wildlife Attacks Unscathed
  • Achieve Level 8 Skiing, Snowboarding, or Rock Climbing Skill
  • Successfully Complete High Intensity Skiing or Snowboarding on an Expert Slope or Rock Climbing During Inclement Weather
level 4 of the sims 4 extreme sports enthusiast aspiration

When going hiking or hanging out on the mountain you’ll often experience some bugs and critter attacks. To survive these unscathed you want to go and purchase some bug deterrent at the vending machine. When your sim gets attacked by a bug they will use these deterrents to spray the bug and leave the experience unscathed.

To get to level 8 of one of these skills you’ll need to consistently have your sim working on these skills and spending time on the mountain, it’ll take time but it can happen!

The final part of this aspiration must take place in inclement weather. To find out how the weather is you can click on the info boards around town and check weather conditions on Mt Komorebi, you’ll want to wait until the weather is poor and then go and do some high intensity sports on the expert slope while the weather is poor. This is fun, but scary, so be safe.

Aspiration Reward Trait

When a sim finishes this aspiration they are going to be given the survival instinct reward trait. The in-game description of this trait says “these sims will always escape wildlife attacks unscathed, manage to avoid injury from skiing, snowboarding, and rock climbing more often than other sims, and have a natural resistance to inclement weather.”

This reward trait is pretty cool if you want your sims to continue to do extreme sports, but won’t be the most valuable if you want them to finish this aspiration and then never do another extreme sport again. It would be nice to avoid wildlife attacks, and especially nice to not get hurt as much when doing these!

Final Thoughts on Sims 4 Extreme Sports Enthusiast Aspiration

There is a lot of fun to be had with this aspiration if you have The Sims 4: Snowy Escape. This aspiration is way better than aspirations like Beach Life from The Sims 4: Island Living that just had no depth. The sims 4 extreme sports enthusiast aspiration will get your sims out on the mountain often and having a fun lifestyle overall. Happy Playing!

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