The Sims 4: Newcrest Overview

The Sims 4 has a number of worlds for your sims to explore and one of the most interesting to me is newcrest. This is because newcrest is an entirely empty world with no pre-built homes or community lots for your sims to explore.

Newcrest now comes with the base game but it wasn’t always this way, this world was added to the game with a free update that happened in June of 2015.

Newcrest has 15 empty lots that are all sorts of sizes that can give you so much opportunity for different builds. It’s the best place to grab a ton of houses from the gallery, too!

Newcrest Neighbourhoods

There are 3 separate neighbourhoods in Newcrest that you have the ability to play inside. Each of these neighbourhoods is going to have five different lots of different sizes!


  • 40×30: Midtown Meadows for §3,000
  • 30×20: Beech Byway for §2,000
  • 30×20: Fern Park for §2,000
  • 20×15: Oak Alcove for §1,500
  • 20×15: Comfy Cubby for §1,500

Ridgeline Drive

  • 40×30: Optimist’s Outlook for §3,000
  • 40×20: Sandy Run for §2,500
  • 30×20: Civic Cliffs for §2,000
  • 30×20: Cookout Lookout for §2,000
  • 30×20: Hillside Highlands for §2,000

Llama Lagoon

  • 50×40 Twin Oracle Point for §8,500
  • 40×30: Rippling Flats for §3,000
  • 40×30: Avarice Acres for §3,000
  • 30×30: Tranquil Crescent for §2,500
  • 30×20: Asphalt Abodes for §2,000

The Sims 4: Newcrest Trailer

The Sims 4 team decided to show off Newcrest before the free game update by adding this trailer to their youtube channel, it’s short and sweet!

Final Thoughts

Newcrest is probably the best place for your gameplay if you’re a builder since there is so much opportunity for building beautiful homes in this gorgeous neighbourhood. How do you feel about Newcrest? Do you love building there as much as I do? Let me know in the comments!

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