The Sims 4: Patchy The Straw Man

Patchy The Straw Man was introduced with The Sims 4: Seasons and is a really fun addition to gardening in the game. He can be bought in build/buy mode for §450 and is able to come alive if you take the right steps.

Just like the Flower Bunny, Patchy is actually just a regular sim under his costume and has random traits and an aspiration but it’s much more fun to keep patchy in his costume.

Patchy’s build mode bio states that “Patchy the straw man is made out of straw. He doesn’t have hands. Not even a paw. But Patchy has patches and a big pumpkin hat. Put patchy near plants and they’ll grow just like that! The crows all love Patchy, he’s a funny old rogue. Why’s Patchy so scratchy? Because straw is in vogue.

How To Make Patchy Come Alive

When your sim has their first interactions with patchy, they won’t be the most exciting. They will only be able to chat or examine patchy and the relationship will build relatively slowly. You’ll need to talk to Patchy around 10 times to make him become your friend.

Once you can make Patchy your friend, he will occasionally come to life and do a lot of your gardening for you. He is a great thing to have around as he won’t be alive all day, so you can get what you need from Patchy and then say goodbye.

When Patchy finally comes to life you’ll even unlock his scarecrow outfit for your sims to wear themselves which could be a fun thing to dress up as for harvest fest!

What Can Patchy Do?

As time goes on and your sim continues to build a relationship with Patchy your sim can ask for gardening tips and get a nice boost in their gardening skill since patchy is well educated in gardening. I’ve discovered that you can ask him for tips once or twice a day, and it can really increase your sim’s gardening skill quickly.

When Patchy is alive for those few hours a day he will always prefer to be gardening and getting that work done first.

You can also click on Patchy and check pockets for seeds and this can help your sim quickly find a ton of seeds that you may not have found before which can help them complete their plant collection. I’ve noticed that this has around a 4 hour cool-down.

Getting Romantic With Patchy

Usually Patchy will be around for 4-5 hours and can be a great friend to your sim if you want him to be, you could even have your sim form a romantic relationship with Patchy!

You can form this relationship just like you would with any other sim, just focus first on making Patchy your friend, then start working on building up a romantic relationship and you should eventually be able to woohoo.

You can even choose Patchy to be a parent to your children if you want! Unfortunately, your baby won’t come out with a pumpkin head and straw hat, they’re just a regular baby.

I haven’t had any luck getting Patchy to move in to my house without using cheats, but maybe it’s better to just have him around for a few hours a day (hehe).

Final Thoughts

Gardening in the Sims 4 is a really amazing way to make money from home and if you can grab yourself a Patchy The Straw Man you can make money from gardening without ever having to lift a finger. Your sim won’t even need real friends! This means your sim can become a hermit who just talks to their scarecrow, how fun is that!?

Have you had a Patchy in your game? Do you love the seasons expansion pack? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. in want him to live in my house tho like he is gonna be a father on my child and how do i do the cheat on the ps4 like i need helpppppppppp

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