The Sims 4: Luxury Party Stuff

Luxury Party Stuff was the first stuff pack ever created for The Sims 4 and features a ton of fancy items for your sims to throw an extravagant party. Although not as good as stuff packs that would be released later on, luxury party was pretty decent at launch and added some much needed fancy CAS items for your sim’s formal wear.

This pack also features a buffet table and fountain for your sims to use at their fancy parties that can both be sabotaged if your sim has the mischief skill.

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Gameplay Items

Each stuff pack comes with a few gameplay items that your sims can play with and experience something new in The Sims 4. There are two items that you get with luxury party that are tied to eating and drinking.

Buffet Tables

The buffet tables allow you to serve large amounts of food for your sim, or for a large party at once. There are 5 types of food for you to choose from. You are able to add the fountain of mirth (the other gameplay object) to the middle of the table for an even more exciting time.

Pretty much all food that you add to a buffet table is going to come out good quality so you can get some decent happy moodlets from the food to keep your party guests in good spirits.

This table is good for having a ton of toddlers in something like the 100 Baby Challenge because you can serve food on the table and have toddlers grab it themselves.

A fun thing that came with Luxury Party is a ton of new fancy food for your sim to either cook in their home, or have served at the buffet table.

Food TypeInformation
Almond Macarons The almond macarons can be made at level 1 of the cooking skill and can be cooked on the buffet table or the oven.
Ceviche & ChipsThis meal can be made either on the oven or the buffet table at level 1 of the cooking skill.
Roast ChickenThis meal can be made at level 1 of the skill and can be cooked in an oven or at the buffet table.
Vegetable TempuraThis meal is available to your sims at level 1 of the cooking skill on the buffet table or cooked in an oven on your lot.
Sausage and PeppersThis meal is able to be made at level 1 of the cooking skill on either the buffet table, or on an outdoor grill.

Fountain of Mirth

The second gameplay items that is available in this stuff pack is the fountain of mirth. This fountain can be placed on the buffet tables allowing you to choose to put chocolate, cheese, caramel, or a beverage inside.

If your sim has a high cooking skill they can improve the food or if they have a high mixology skill they can improve the drink causing sims to get a happy moodlet.

If your sim has a high mischief skill they are able to go and sabotage the food and drink on the fountain causing sims to get weird moodlets like silly, uncomfortable and more. It can be a fun prank to pull.

Item NameInformation
ChocolateChocolate is available right away after purchasing the fountain for your sims to dip things in
Fruit PunchYou can create a fruit punch fountain for your sims to drink out of immediately after buying the fountain
Chocolate Covered StrawberryWhen you have chocolate in the fountain you can eat a chocolate covered strawberry
Sparkling Apple JuiceThe sparkling apple juice requires your sims to have level 3 of the mixology skill
CheesePutting cheese in the fountain requires your sims to have level four of the cooking skill
Cheese DipperMaking a cheese dipper is possible after your sim has filled the fountain with cheese
Futuristic PunchYour sim can make futuristic punch if they have level 5 of the mixology skill
Party ExtenderA sim can make a party extender drink if they have level 8 of the mixology skill
CaramelA sim can add caramel to the fountain at level 8 of the cooking skill
Caramel AppleYour sim is able to make a caramel covered apple if they have filled the fountain with caramel

Luxury Party Stuff Screenshots

Luxury Party Stuff Renders

Final Thoughts

Although The Sims 4: Luxury Party Stuff may not be the best stuff pack, it was EA’s first attempt at a stuff pack for The Sims 4. Now we are used to getting a lot more stuff, and more interesting gameplay objects and Luxury Party wouldn’t be okay now, but it is nice to buy for beautiful CAS assets for parties, as well as new buffet tables and fountains so you can have a beautiful wedding or fancy party for your sims.

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