The Sims 4: Potion of Youth

Sometimes in The Sims 4, we just really want our sims to live forever and that can actually be possible if you use the potion of youth. This potion is purchasable using satisfaction points in the rewards store and can reset your sim back in their age which can be really helpful if you want to continue story telling or finish a challenge that you’ve been working on.

How to Get The Potion of Youth

To get the potion of youth you must go to the rewards store in your sim’s aspiration panel and spend 1,500 satisfaction points. To earn satisfaction points you can complete whims (which you can turn on in the game options) or you can work towards completing an aspiration.

Drinking The Potion of Youth

A lot of players assume that drinking the potion will reset their sims to young adulthood, however, the potion of youth only resets your sim’s current life stage to the beginning. This means that if you drink the potion as an elder, your sim will be brought back to being at the beginning of the elder life stage. This will help them live longer, but if you want them to have more time as an adult or young adult you must take the potion during these times.

You can purchase as many potions as you please and just continue taking them to prolong your sim’s life, but this will cost a ton of satisfaction points so keep up on your whims and your sim could live forever.

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  1. I had my Sims all set not to age, but my main character did age when I played another character in the same rhelm. Pretty upset. Then, I started her back at her beginnings in another world, and her elder self entered that world along with her as her younger self, This is really taking away from the enjoyment of this game and after putting so much work into the homes and relationships it;s not what I signed on for.

    1. You need to also set unplayed Sims to not age. I realize this advice is kind of late, but…hope it’ll help for the future.

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