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The Sims 4: Criminal Career

The criminal career in The Sims 4 was one of the first that we had access to and is a really fun one to go through. Unfortunately, the pay for the first few levels of the career is notoriously low and that can be a bummer, but as you work on the career it gets better!

This career focuses on mean and mischief interactions, as well as the mischief skill which can be fun if you just don’t feel like being nice to other sims anymore! Let’s dig into all the details you need for the criminal career in The Sims 4!

Aspirations for the Criminal Career

Public Enemy

A huge part of the public enemy trait is getting to at least level 8 of the criminal career so it goes right along with working on the career, of course! In this aspiration, you’ll need to have enemies, get into fights, and be disliked by a ton of sims, so it’s great if you want to go into the boss branch and perform mean interactions.

It is important to note that you have to witness the death of a sim to finish this aspiration, so you may want to slow down before choosing this path if you don’t want to kill another sim.

Chief of Mischief

The chief of mischief aspiration is really great if you want to work on an aspiration while doing the criminal career but don’t feel like witnessing a sim’s death. This aspiration is really focused on the mischief skill, of course.

You’ll be doing things like using the voodoo doll, doing mischief interactions, and growing your mischief skill which is needed for the criminal career.

Traits for the Criminal Career


The evil trait is awesome because evil sims absolutely love performing mischief interactions and being mean to other sims. They’ll really enjoy doing all of these interactions that you have to do daily!


Sims who have the mean trait love performing mean interactions on other sims and can even increase their fun when doing it, so this is a no brainer.


The hot-headed trait is a good one if you’re planning to go into the boss branch because sims do better at mean interactions when they’re feeling angry and a hot-headed sim is going to get angry at random times so that can help!

Dastardly (Bonus Trait)

The dastardly bonus trait comes with both the public enemy and the chief of mischief aspirations that you should definitely choose if you want to go through the criminal career. This is a great one because your sims will have an easier time with mean interactions which is a pretty big part of being an evil criminal!

Criminal Career Levels

“Not every Sim wants to play by the rules. You can make tons of Simoleons and have fun, too, as an outlaw.”

As you work through the first 5 levels of the criminal career, you’ll notice that it’s very mischief skill heavy. You should definitely start working on your mischief skill early so you don’t have to wait days before promotions.

Gaining your mischief skill is extremely easy, you can go up to just about any sim and do some mischief interactions. They won’t really like you, so, don’t do this to someone if you want to marry them or if they’re your children, that’s just cruel!

You also have the option to troll the forums on the computer which can be a good option if you’re working on it after work in the middle of the night and no other sims are around.

One way to supplement your income while in the criminal career is by stealing stuff! When you get your mischief skill up you’re able to start stealing if you’re a kleptomaniac, so that may be a trait you should consider.

Job TitleTough Guy or Gal
Hourly Wage§9/Hour
ScheduleM T W T F S S 5pm – 12 am
Daily Pay§63
Promotion TasksPerform Mischief Interactions
Promotion Rewards N/A
Job TitlePetty Thief
Hourly Wage§13/Hour
ScheduleM T W T F S 8 pm – 3 am
Daily Pay§91
Promotion TasksPerform Mischief Interactions, Mischief Level 2
Promotion Rewards §465, Emblems of Espionage
Job TitleRing Leader
Hourly Wage§17/Hour
ScheduleT W T F S 8 pm – 4 am
Daily Pay§136
Promotion TasksPerform Mischief Interactions, Mischief Level 3
Promotion Rewards §558, New Interaction: Pick Pocket, Duffle o’ Cash
Job TitleFelonious Monk
Hourly Wage§23/Hour
ScheduleT W T F S 7 pm – 2 am
Daily Pay§161
Promotion TasksPerform Mischief Interactions, Mischief Level 5
Promotion Rewards §670, Vintage Baseball Bat
Job TitleMinor Crimelord
Hourly Wage§32/Hour
ScheduleT W T F S 8 pm – 2 am
Daily Pay§192
Promotion TasksPerform Mischief Interactions, Mischief Level 6
Promotion Rewards §804

Criminal Career Unlocks (Before Branch)

With every career in the game, you get a bunch of really awesome build mode items that you can use to decorate your home, as well as a few new create a sim items to make your sim look like a criminal all the time!

In the criminal career, you’ll get 3 new build mode items in the first 5 levels of the career. A vintage baseball bat that you can lean against any wall in your home, while only decorative, can make it seem like you’re ready to kill any intruders.

You also get a duffel o’ cash that you can place on the floor or on any shelf or table in your house. And some emblems of espionage that look really cool just sitting in the corner of an evil home office.

Boss Career Branch

“The streets are your playground. You know there are only two paths: up to the top, or down with the fishes. You? You’re going up.”

The boss branch of the criminal career is really heavily focused on the mischief skill as well as handiness. I always love when careers are handiness focused because you can work on upgrading objects around your house, which is beneficial even when you aren’t at work!

Another awesome way for your sim to earn handiness is to get a woodworking table and start making your own furniture and decor. This way you can gain the handiness skill as well as sell these items for money!

Your daily tasks in the boss branch starts off being mean interactions, which means you’re going to end up making some enemies. I really like performing mean interactions on my neighbours because sims who dislike you usually won’t come over when you ask, so you can go visit your neighbour.

Then, your daily task is going to switch to upgrade objects which you can do upgrading things like sinks, toilets, showers, as well as kitchen appliances and electronics when you get higher up in the skill.

Boss Career Branch Levels

Job TitleThe Muscle
Hourly Wage§106/Hour
ScheduleW F S 10 pm – 4 am
Daily Pay§636
Promotion TasksPerform Mean Interactions, Mischief Level 7
Promotion Rewards §1148, a Stolen ATM
Job TitleGetaway Driver
Hourly Wage§273/Hour
ScheduleW S 8 pm – 3 am
Daily Pay§1911
Promotion TasksPerform Mean Interactions, Mischief Level 8, Level 2 Handiness
Promotion Rewards §2201, Bars of Gold
Job TitleSafe Cracker
Hourly Wage§319/Hour
ScheduleW S S 6 pm – 1 am
Daily Pay§2233
Promotion TasksUpgrade Objects, Mischief Level 9, Level 4 Handiness
Promotion Rewards §4211, Stolen Necklace
Job TitleThe Brains
Hourly Wage§383/Hour
ScheduleS M T 6 pm – 1 am
Daily Pay§2681
Promotion TasksUpgrade Objects, Mischief Level 10, Level 6 Handiness
Promotion Rewards §6699, New Interaction: Search for Bank Blueprints on Computer
Job TitleThe Boss
Hourly Wage§445/Hour
ScheduleS M W T 5 pm – 12 am
Daily Pay§3115
Promotion TasksPerform Mean Interactions
Promotion Rewards §8039, New CAS Items, Fisticuffs Punching Bag

Boss Career Branch Unlocks

As you work your way through the boss branch of the criminal career you’ll get a number of decorative build mode objects and one actual useable gameplay object!

You’ll get a stolen ATM that is on a dolly and looks hilarious in any sim home, as well as a super fancy stolen necklace that’s in a glass box on a fancy table. You’ll also get a small stack of gold bars that can be an awesome decor item on a table or shelf.

And finally, my personal favourite is the punching bag, since this is a useable item and can help get your sim in shape.

Oracle Career Branch

“Why be part of the machine, when you can take it down? There are plenty of ways to skin a cat, or an enterprise, and you’ll figure them out.”

The oracle branch of the criminal career is really focused on programming. You’ll need to hack stuff every single day which is awesome because you can earn money from doing this.

Oracle Career Branch Levels

Job TitleDigiThief
Hourly Wage§43/Hour
ScheduleS M T W T 1 am – 9 am
Daily Pay§344
Promotion TasksHack or Make Viruses, Mischief Level 7, Programming Level 2
Promotion Rewards §1148, Spy Satellite
Job TitleElite Hacker
Hourly Wage§73/Hour
ScheduleS M T W T 2 am – 10 am
Daily Pay§584
Promotion TasksHack or Make Viruses, Mischief Level 8, Programming Level 4
Promotion Rewards §1723, New Interaction: Hack Mainframe on Computer, Hot & Cold Tech Poster
Job TitleAn0nymous Ghost
Hourly Wage§130/Hour
ScheduleS M T T 1 am – 10 am
Daily Pay§1170
Promotion TasksHack or Make Viruses, Mischief Level 9, Programming Level 6
Promotion Rewards §2929, The Indispensable
Job TitleNet Demon
Hourly Wage§234/Hour
ScheduleS M T T 1 am – 8 am
Daily Pay§1638
Promotion TasksHack or Make Viruses, Mischief Level 10, Programming Level 8
Promotion Rewards §4686
Job TitleThe Oracle
Hourly Wage§316/Hour
ScheduleS M T F 12 am – 7 am
Daily Pay§2212
Promotion TasksHack or Make Viruses
Promotion Rewards §6560, New CAS Items, Mayhem Portable Computer

Oracle Career Branch Unlocks

The oracle career branch has a few really awesome build mode items that you can decorate an awesome criminal office with! The outstanding one in this would be the new computer that you can use to gain the programming skill and make some money from.

You also get a really cook blue and red poster that looks cool on the wall, as well as a wall-mounted satellite that can make it seem like your sim is listening to tons of people and their every move.

Final Thoughts

The criminal career has always been one of my favourites because it lets me play in a way that is nothing like my real life. How do you feel about the criminal career? Are you a boss or an oracle? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Cool guide, thank you !
    I have decided to follow the Path of the Oracle–just not the one from Delphi 🙂
    I want to vicariously experience all the cool things a hacker can do to ‘stick it to the man’. Maybe it’ll let me bring governments to their knees or crash banking institutions around the globe? Well, I don’t know what one CAN do as a criminal in The Sims 4 as I haven’t yet started on the career yet–but it sounds like fun, regardless 🙂

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