Sims 4 Reset Werewolf Abilities (With and Without Mods

In The Sims 4: Werewolves there are so many things to explore and this means you may sometimes want to reset your werewolf abilities to get a new experience. Unfortunately, the way to do this isn’t super clear unless you are just randomly harvesting things and clicking on them for fun and discover it yourself.

The process of resetting your werewolf perks is actually extremely easy and straight forward and can be done as long as you plan for it during a full moon. There is also an amazing mod that you can download to let you add and remove these perks at will!

How to Reset Werewolf Abilities in Sims 4

The process of resetting your werewolf abilities is actually quite easy and you only need to get your hands on one thing, a Moonpetal. These are a new gardening item in the game that can only be harvested when there is a full moon.

You can find a moonpetal flower on top of the small mountain at the “howling point” and harvest this as long as there is a full moon in effect.

location of a moonpetal flower on top of the howling point in Moonwood Mill

Once this is in your sim’s inventory you can click to drag it out and place it on a surface where it will be inside a really cute glass case and when you click on it you’ll want to choose eat moonpetal. The devour option doesn’t work for this, that’s just a werewolf perk that lets you eat pretty much anything (including chickens from cottage living lol).

the interaction to eat moonpetal in The Sims 4 that will reset werewolf abilities

Once your sim eats the flower they are going to get a notification that reads “Through the power of the Moonpetal, Sim’s werewolf perks have been reset and all ability points refunded.”

notification in The Sims 4 after you reset werewolf abilities that says "all werewolf perks have been reset and all ability points refunded"

At this moment you’ll see all of your werewolf ability points are now available for you to spend again, letting you have brand new experiences with everything in this pack.

Reset Werewolf Abilities With Mods

There are dozens of amazing modders out there who are consistently raising the bar for mods for The Sims 4. Meer hours after The Sims 4: Werewolves was released, Carl’s Guides released an amazing werewolves cheats mod that lets you add and remove your werewolf perks at will without having to remember any wild cheat codes.

remove werewolf abilities button in Carl's mod

This mod also lets you add and remove temperaments which is incredible and lets you really customize your experience instead of letting the game choose your temperaments for you.

Final Thoughts

There is so much going on in The Sims 4: Werewolves that you’ll honestly want to reset your werewolf abilities just so you can see it all, and there’s no shame in that game. These abilities are so much fun and you can unlock so much gameplay through them and get to experience a totally different way of life for your werewolves. Happy Playing!

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