Sims 4 Werewolf Abilities and What They Do

We are genuinely impressed with many things in this pack but The Sims 4 werewolf abilities really take the take for this pack. Just like with The Sims 4: Vampires skill tree, we can get so much gameplay from adding new abilities to our occult sims.

These sims 4 werewolf abilities are earned by your werewolves through gaining werewolf XP or doing specific tasks to get those dormant abilities and will stick with your sims for life. They are going to let your sims do things like sleep anywhere on the ground, do a special type of howl or even have the ability to become immortal.

There are thirty-one total werewolf abilities for your sims to be able to earn with twenty-five of them being earned through XP and six being dormant for your sims to earn through gameplay. Specific ones may even be tied together where you must purchase the ones before to be able to purchase these and that’s denoted in the menu with a blue line.

How to Get Werewolf Abilities

To be able to get these werewolf abilities you are going to need to earn werewolf ability points which are earned through gaining werewolf XP. You can gain this werewolf XP by doing any werewolf interactions including howling, participating in a rampage and any of the abilities you unlock with these points.

You’ll be able to see how many ability points your sims has at the bottom of their needs panel, right beside the bar that shows how close you are to getting to the next werewolf level.

ability points

Types of Werewolf Abilities

There are thirty-one total werewolf abilities for your new furry sims to earn throughout their time in this occult. They are going to need to earn tons of ability points to unlock all of these abilities but can only purchase the abilities that are in the level of werewolf that they currently are.

For example, a brand new werewolf will only have access to the pup level of werewolf abilities and will need to continue gaining werewolf XP to get to a higher level before being able to buy any of those abilities.

Pup Level Sims 4 Werewolf Abilities

The first level of the werewolf experience is the pup level where you’ll have five options of abilities to choose from. These include things like being able to find collectibles underground or even being able to groom your sims without showering.


“Unlocking the ability to use ferocious intimidation on others, Sim can now bear their fangs and send sims fleeing in terror! With any luck, they’ll drop their wallet too. If being a bit beastly is wrong, Sim doesn’t want to be right.”

The first option for your sims 4 werewolf abilities is ferocity which lets your sims intimidate other sims for fun and profit. This lets your sims have a ferocious introduction with other sims where they’ll scare them.

Sometimes when this happens the other sim is going to get so scared they drop their wallet and your sim will get a few simoleons. My sim, Lauren, got around 100 simoleons each time and since there’s no real ways to earn income with being a werewolf, this is valuable!

sims 4 werewolf abilities description for ferocity

Personal Grooming

“Is Sim feeling dirty? Just have them lick themselves clean. Why re-invent the wheel when the answer was inside us all along. Social appropriateness of using Groom Self may vary.”

This next one is so valuable if you don’t want to put in the effort of having your sims shower especially when you are trying to mark your territory and your hygiene is going down rather quickly. Other sims will react to your sims grooming themselves sometimes but it won’t have a big impact on your sims.

sims 4 werewolf abilities description for personal grooming


“There is a wealth of lost artifacts right beneath Sim’s feet. With the ability to Scavenge Ground, they’ll be able to pull treasures right out of the earth with their bare hands. Who cares what the neighbours think?”

The scavenger ability is going to let your werewolves dig up lost treasures and artifacts right from the ground. You’ll be able to click anywhere on the ground where there is dirt go to the werewolf options and you’ll see scavenge as an option.

Your sims will bend down and start digging in that spot and some of the time you’ll see a new artifact like a crystal in your sim’s inventory. This is amazing if you want your sims to work on the curator aspiration.

sims 4 werewolf abilities description for scavenger

Territory Marking

“Be free. Enjoy the relief of being able to Mark Territory anywhere and at any time. The world is your canvas.”

This one is genuinely hilarious and allows your sims to relieve their bladder anywhere they want. This means they no longer need a toilet, at all. They will literally pop a squat on the floor in any room, or outside, at any time. This does mean that they are often having low hygiene though. This is a necessary part of the wildfang renegade aspiration too!

sims 4 werewolf abilities description for territory marking

Wolf Nap

“It’s time you learned that beds are just suggestions. Now Sim can curl up into a ball and sleep anywhere!”

The wolf nap ability is awesome and honestly, all these abilities make it so your sims don’t even really need a home. This one allows you to click on the ground anywhere and have your sim just go and look like a croissant while they nap on the floor.

sims 4 werewolf abilities description for wolf nap

Runt Level Sims 4 Werewolf Abilities

Voracious Hunger

“Feeling hungry? With this ability Sim will be able to eat almost anything. That new couch? Dinner. That priceless heirloom? Delicious. Is this a good idea? Who’s to say. Will curiosity get the better of her? Undoubtedly.”

This voracious hunger sims 4 werewolf abilities option is going to allow you to eat literally anything. You’ll no longer need to cook meals because these sims are going to be able to satisfy their hunger need with literally anything they find. Your sims can even eat chickens if you have The Sims 4: Cottage Living.

sims 4 werewolf abilities description for voracious hunger


“We all want our food to be fresh, but werewolves want it fresher. Wherever they are, Sim will be able to Hunt for Food out in nature’s buffet and grab a bit – and some meat for later – whenever hunger strikes.”

The hunter ability is really useful if your sim has the carnivore temperament or if you just don’t want to put in effort to go and cook. This allows you to click on your sim and send them hunting and they’ll enter a rabbit hole for a few minutes and then they’ll return with a few servings of raw meat in their inventory for them to eat.

sims 4 werewolf abilities description for hunter

The Will To Resist

“With some added mental fortitude, a large dollop of willpower, and a few breathing exercises, Sim can now attempt to Regain Control after losing it and entering a rampage. If successful, Sim will immediately stop rampaging.”

If you find it really frustrating when your sims enter a rampage you may want to get yourself the will to resist. This lets you click on your sim when they are in the middle of a rampage and choose to regain control and sometimes this will stop the rampage. I found it happened around 1/5 of the time which is pretty useful, especially in the early days of being a vampire.

the will to resist description for sims 4 werewolf abilities

Enhanced Smell

“With a new heightened ability to smell, Sim can put their nose to the ground and smell emotions on other sims, sniff out treasure buried in the backyard, or detect nearby occult sims. some things smell better than others, so get out there and sniff!”

enhanced smell werewolf ability

Somber Howl

“Being a werewolf is hard, and sometimes Sim has just gotta speak their truth. They’ll be able to release a Somber How from time to time to calm down and reduce their fury.”

If you want to try to get your sims to avoid having a rampage the somber howl is a great option. This is going to help your sim reduce the amount of Fury they have in their fury ball which can stop you from having to experience that rampage.

somber howl

Prime Level Sims 4 Werewolf Abilities

Lunar Blessing

“The moon impacts werewolves daily, from learning speed and quality of sleep to how everyone interacts together. Let the lunar gifts affect Sim all day long with this Lunar Blessing.”

lunar blessing


“Exploring the underground tunnels beneath Moonwood Mill can sometimes lead down to a dark dead end. With this ability, Sim will be able to conquer them by seeing things they may have otherwise missed, as well as spend less time hunting for prey at night.”

nightvision sims 4 werewolf abilities

Natural Healing

“Sim already feels anything but normal, but with a bit of effort and focus, the strength of the werewolf blood in their body can be harnessed to recover from various fights, injuries and all physical maladies much more quickly.”

natural healing description for sims 4 werewolf abilities

Pack Howl

“Use this new Pack Howl to communicate over great distances with other canine-minded creatures. Is there any sweeter sounds that howls in the wind? Ditch the cell phone for the social dopamine drip, return to wolf.”

pack howl ability description

Curse Bearer

“Bearer of the Curse. Seek others, grant them the gift. Seek the moon, embrace its light.”

The curse bearer is one of the most powerful sims 4 werewolf abilities because it lets your sims turn others into werewolves. You’re going to need this one if you want to do the wildfang renegade aspiration as one of the things is to turn 3 sims into werewolves.

sims 4 curse bearer

Veteran Level Sims 4 Werewolf Abilities

Vicious Howl

“Master the Vicious Howl, a scream that strikes fear in the hearts of all. Incredibly satisfying and fun – at least for Sim, though maybe not so much for other Sims who might be nearby.”

sims 4 werewolf abilities description for vicious howl

Hunting Party

“Everything is better with friends, especially combing the wilderness for tasty treats. The Lead Hunting Party interaction lets Sim bring others – even non-werewolf family and friends – along on a hunt. Since teamwork makes the dream work, Sim will gain additional abilities too.”

sims 4 werewolf abilities

Lunar Resistance

“While a full moon is a glorious sight to many, it sparks dread for some werewolves. With Lunar Resistance, a werewolf will no longer feel its influence on their psyche, letting them explore the night unhindered.”

lunar resistance ability


“Bore through the earth with a handy Tunnel Here! Perfect for wanting to make a grand entrance or needing to make a quick escape. Sim will make it look effortless.”

sims 4 tunneler ability

Primal Instincts

“Who needs all these unnecessary emotions? Being a werewolf who can Activate Primal Instincts means channeling the beast within to focus the mind on what’s important: being a confident werewolf who can keep other more negative moods at bay.”

primal instincts ability

Apex Level Sims 4 Werewolf Abilities

Super Speed

“Put those werewolf muscles to good use and zoom everywhere! Sim can now choose to Enable Super Speed at any moment. Run after the mailman! Run into the woods! The possibilities are endless.”

sims 4 werewolf abilities

Alpha Wolf

“Those fledgling pups are beneath you now. As a natural Alpha, enjoy quicker pack advancement, the ease of taking leadership of a pack, and better results when fighting other werewolves. And if you run into Greg, give him a taste of his own medicine.”

alpha wolf werewolf ability

Immortal Wolf

“The gift is finally realized; As long as the moon remains, so shall you.”

immortal wolf ability

Lunar Howl

“The most forbidden howl. Release what little remains of Sim’s humanity and succumb to the moon’s glow. Be warned, they may never be the same again!”

If you aren’t a fan of your current werewolf temperaments you’ll want to grab the lunar howl because it’s going to allow you to get all new ones. You can do this howl at night if you’re outside and then your temperaments will be changed at random. Beware, you don’t get to choose them!

sims 4 werewolf abilities description for lunar howl

Legacy of the Lycan

“Sim’s journey as a werewolf knows no ends! As they continue to rank up, they can turn that extra werewolf knowledge into 250 satisfaction points.”

If you’ve purchased all of the other werewolf abilities that you want, you can start purchasing the legacy of the lycan. Why? Well, this will turn any ability points that you’ve earned into satisfaction points that you can spend on rewards in the rewards store.

legacy of the lycan

Dormant Werewolf Abilities

Werewolf Empathy

“After spending enough time around other werewolves, Sim has learned a thing or two about their behaviour. Sometimes, a werewolf just needs another werewolf to hear them out. With pacify, they can now remove all Fury from another werewolf and even prevent them from rampaging. There, there, it’s going to be okay.”

dormant ability for werewolf empathy

Werewolf Mentorship

“Sim has been around the block and has a wealth of insight on all things werewolf. Werewolves under their guidance will receive bonus rank, mood and relationship gains when being mentored, taught to howl, or having werewolf experiences shared with them.”

dormant ability for werewolf mentorship

Werewolf Diplomacy

“Sim now has the social tools to convince others that werewolves are still somewhat human. Use their new werewolf diplomacy skills to bestow the ‘werewolf ally’ trait on sims, changing their outlook on werewolves forever.”

dormant ability for werewolf diplomacy

Lunar Epiphany

“Eureka! Sim can comprehend the lost secrets of the moon! This is an important step towards understanding the history and nature of werewolves, and can lead to learning how to cure this ailment for good.”

The lunar epiphany dormant ability is a must-have if you want to learn how to cure yourself from being a werewolf or just want to learn more about your new occult state. To unlock this one you’re going to just need to read a bunch of werewolf books which can be found in different bookcases around the world, especially at the library.

This is actually really fun because all of the books have interesting notifications where you’ll learn so much about the lore of the pack!

dormant ability for lunar epiphany

Werewolf Menace

“Sim has given in to the beast within and now has a thirst for chaos. Scaring others will now make them feel playful. Sure, it’s not nice to antagonize someone who is already terrified, but Sim left nice on the side of the road a long time ago.”

If you’re trying to be a good werewolf you’ll probably never get the werewolf menace dormant ability, but if you like being mean this one is easy. To unlock this ability you’re going to need to be mean to other sims by scaring them, using the ferocious intimidation interaction or the vicious howl when your sims aren’t rampaging.

When you get it your sims are never going to feel bad for scaring others again. They’ll actually start feeling playful during this time instead but you should make sure your sim doesn’t get hysterical because of the risk of death.

dormant ability for werewolf menace

Transformation Mastery

“Staying contained and away from others while rampaging will grant Sim a brief moment of clarity. This insight will help them master the art of transformation, granting the ability to call upon the beast form at any time while retaining a semblance of humanity. Be warned! Even with this newfound mastery, Sim will still be susceptible to the ever encroaching Fury boiling within.”

To gain yourself the transformation mastery dormant ability you’re going to need to go through a werewolf rampage without scaring any sims. What’s the easiest way to do this? Well, it worked best with my sim when I grabbed myself The Will To Resist werewolf ability, allowed my sim to go into a rampage and then just kept trying to regain control until I successfully made it through.

It’s very hard to actually go through a werewolf rampage without scaring any other sims, so this is the easiest way, unless you want to try to lock your werewolf into a room and not let them have a wild rampage.

When you get this one you’re going to unlock the ability to transform from a werewolf to a sim and back whenever they want, so you can just live your life however you want.

dormant ability for transformation mastery

How to Reset Werewolf Abilities in The Sims 4

If you’re wanting to change your sim’s current werewolf abilities and use your points to purchase other ones is really easy to do. The first thing you’re going to need to do is grab a Moonpetal harvestable. These can be found on top of the howling point (the mountain in the world) and are only going to bloom on a full moon.

Once you get your hands on this you can click on it in your inventory, or drag it out to see how pretty it is and choose eat moonpetal.

eat moonpetal interaction to reset your werewolf abilities in The Sims 4

Once you eat this moonpetal flower you’re going to get a notification that says “Through the power of the Moonpetal, Sims werewolf perks have been reset and all ability points refunded!”

At this point you’ll get every ability point you’ve spent back and you’ll be able to spend them on whatever werewolf abilities you’d want.

notification for resetting your werewolf abilities

Final Thoughts

There is so much fun to be had with The Sims 4: Werewolves and these sims 4 werewolf abilities are so good. They let you unlock so much more gameplay and do so many hilarious things with your werewolves. Happy Playing!

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