Sims 4 Wolf-B-Gone and How to Craft It

If you’re pretty desperate to stop being a werewolf you need to get your hands on Wolf-B-Gone in The Sims 4. This is the special drink that is going to completely stop your sims from being a werewolf once they’ve already made the transition.

The Sims 4 Wolf-B-Gone drink is different from the werebies remedy that will stop your sims from becoming a werewolf in the first place. There are actually quite a few steps to you being able to craft wolf-b-gone in The Sims 4: Werewolves, so you need to read through this guide to know everything you need to do.

How to Learn Wolf-B-Gone Recipe

There are a few steps that you need to craft wolf-b-gone in The Sims 4: Werewolves and they do require you to have quite a few things done in your game. You’ll need to level up in your werewolf abilities to be able to get the scavenger ability, and read enough books to get the lunar epiphany. Let’s go over each step in detail!

Getting Lunar Epiphany

The first thing you need to accomplish is unlocking the lunar epiphany werewolf ability for your werewolf. This lunar epiphany ability is fun because it’s going to let you have further understanding of the information inside of werewolf books. You are going to need this in order to be able to properly read the book where you’ll get the recipe for wolf-b-gone.

lunar epiphany werewolf dormant ability

To get your lunar epiphany dormant ability unlocked your sims are just going to need to read some werewolf books that can be found all around the world. You’ll find these werewolf books in the bookcases at both the library and in the secret underground werewolf hangout.

Once you read enough of these books you’ll see the lunar epiphany unlocked notification appear that lets you know that you’ll be able to decipher the markings in werewolf books.

lunar epiphany unlocked notification to discover the sims 4 wolf-b-gone recipe

Finding the Recipe

You aren’t just going to immediately be able to find this recipe, you’re actually going to need to get your hands on The Diary of Greggorius Lunvik.

diary of greggorius lunvik

This diary is found through scavenging on the ground around Moonwood Mill and scavenging is a werewolf ability that you can purchase when you’re at the pup level of being a werewolf. You won’t get this super quick, you’ll need to put in a bit of effort to scavenge to find this book.

Once you get the book in your sim’s inventory you’ll want to get your sims to go ahead and read this and eventually during the process you’ll see a notification that starts with “This particular entry appears to have a shimmering enchantment overtop that Sim is able to read through.”

The bottom of the notification lets you know that you’ve learned to make the Wolf-B-Gone cure!

notification in The Sims 4 werewolves that lets you know that you can make the wolf-b-gone cure

How to Craft Wolf-B-Gone in The Sims 4

Now that you’ve learned the recipe for Wolf-B-Gone by reading Greg’s diary you’re going to need to actually craft it. This recipe requires that you have two types of ingredients:

  • 10 Wolfsbane
  • 3 Moonpetal

These are actually a bit complicated to find, especially Moonpetal. A moonpetal only blooms on a full moon, at night, so you’re going to have to plan ahead and make sure that you’re in the proper lunar cycle to be able to harvest this. You’ll find this flower on top of the mountain in Moonwood Mill at the howling point.

where to find a moonpetal flower

Wolfsbane is a little easier to find and there are multiple of these flowers around Moonwood Mill and these are blooming much more often so you can grab these and even plant them on your lot to make sure you can get all ten.

where to find a wild wolfsbane flower

Once you have all of the thirteen required flowers for this insanely powerful drink you’ll want to head over to any bar in the world or a bar at your sim’s home and click on it and find the Wolf-B-Gone option. Your sim will leave this gorgeous purple beverage on the bar and you can choose to drink it.

wolf-b-gone recipe with 10 wolfsbane and 3 moonpetal

Drinking Wolf-B-Gone in The Sims 4

Once the drink is sitting on the bar waiting for you, you’ll want to click on it and choose to have your sim drink it. They are going to grab the drink, consume the entire thing and then eventually they will lift up off the ground.

a sim in The Sims 4 drinking wolf-b-gone

When your sim lifts on the ground they are going to have a bright gold glow around them and when they land right back on the ground they are no longer going to be a werewolf and their needs will go back to being regular human needs.

a sim in The Sims 4 after drink wolf-b-gone

Werebies is Different

This wolf-b-gone beverage in The Sims 4: Werewolves is for turning your werewolf sim back into a regular sim, and has nothing to do with werebies. The werebies remedy is a totally different thing that stops your sims from becoming a werewolf in the first place and can be obtained by asking the bartender for it in Moonwood Mill.

Final Thoughts on Sims 4 Wolf-B-Gone

There is so much fun to be had with these werewolves and you can really have a fun game experience with this pack. There are even a bunch of werewolf cheats you can use to even further customize your experience in the game and be able to immediately remove your werewolf traits too. Happy Playing!

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  1. I got the cure recipe from a book called An Insider’s Guide To Being A Werewolf. I reread the book about 7 to 8 times.

  2. can you become a werewolf again after drinking wolf-b-gone or no?

  3. I got it from A History Of Moonwood as well,but not from the first copy of the book I had, I got when I read the copy at the pack hangout. Greg’s diary gave me all the hints at where to find the ingredients however.

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