A lot of simmers who prefer happy, family gameplay are probably never going to use the chief of mischief aspiration but, those of us who like a little drama in our sim’s lives love this kind of stuff.

This aspiration comes with the base game in The Sims 4 and is a great option for any sim who wants to be a little mean, and wreak some havoc on their friends and family.

A sims 4 render with 4 sims looking evil and grimacing

Traits That Help With the Chief of Mischief Aspiration


A sim who has the mean trait will actually gain fun when they are performing mean or mischievous interactions which is really helpful in this, because being mean takes time and we don’t have the time or patience to play video games to get our fun up.


Evil is another great option for this aspiration as well, because these sims become happy around sims that have negative moodlets. Doing mischief interactions can often make sims have negative emotions, so you’ll find a lot of use in that.


This is the bonus trait that your sims will get if they choose this aspiration, and it can be helpful. A sim with this trait is going to have more success in mean and mischief interactions and will just be a better mean person overall, making them the perfect candidate for this aspiration.

Reward Trait For the Chief of Mischief Aspiration

When your sim finishes the chief of mischief aspiration, they are going to be awarded the tormentor trait. This trait is really fun, but can get boring, so you may want to choose a different aspiration if you want your sim to get a great bonus trait.

This trait will give your sim the ability to sabotage a lot of items (i.e., plumbing and electronics) around the house, or on other lots.

There is one serious bonus to doing this, which is if you’re trying to get a sim to gain the handiness skill and you get this sim to break something and get the other sim to fix it!

Your sim will also get some new social interactions and pranks that your sim can perform, making them a serious chief of mischief.

Stages of the Aspiration

Level 1: Mostly Harmless

  • Be Disliked by Two Sims
  • Perform 10 Mean or Mischievous Interactions

The first level of this aspiration is nice and easy, and you can probably get it done by the time the welcome wagon leaves your sim’s house, or just head to a local bar and get it done quickly.

To find mean or mischief interactions, you need to click on the sim and go to the more menu, there you’ll find all social interactions organized by type. Choose anything from the mean or mischief section, do these interactions back to back and sims will start hating you right away.

Chances are they are going to try and walk away from you, since you are being mean after all. You can chase them down and make sure to not let them leave, just keep interacting until they dislike you.

Level Two: Artful Trickster

  • Achieve Mischief Level 3
  • Use a Computer to Cause Mischief 3 Times

Gaining the mischief skill sounds easy, but can actually take a bit of time. The easiest but most time consuming way to gain this skill is to read mischief books, this requires your sim to just own the book, not to have a computer or track down a sim to be mean to. But the skill will gain slowly using this as a method.

The next way to get the mischief skill is to troll the forums on the computer, this is one of the best ways to gain the skill and can be done without having another sim to interact with.

The final way to gain the mischief skill would to be talk to other sims and use mischief interactions as often as possible, I find it best to throw in a few friendly interactions as well so the sims won’t hate you entirely and will stick around for the conversation.

The second part is to use a computer to cause mischief, this is easy and can be done by doing things like trolling the forums.

Level 3: Professional Prankster

  • Achieve Level 6 Mischief
  • Pull 10 Pranks

When your sim grows their mischief skill they will start unlocking new pranks that they can pull on other sims, including prank calls. FUN!

I’ve found simple interactions like invite to fake party in the mischief section are good for “pulling pranks” as well.

If you find that most of your pranks are failing, you should make sure that your sim is in a good mood when they are performing these interactions. That’s why dastardly is a good trait, because sims will have fun doing this meaning they won’t be tense.

Level Four: Chief of Mischief

  • Clog Drains at 3 Different Homes
  • Achieve Mischief Level 10
  • Perform Voodoo 5 Times

You’ll need to max out your mischief skill in order to complete this aspiration, this may take a while but keep being mean to sims and continue to troll the forums.

You’re also going to need to clog some drains, it says at different homes, but public lots work as well. You can go to the local bar, gym, etc, and click the sinks and choose to clog them, nice and easy.

Finally, you’re going to need a voodoo doll to complete this aspiration. We wrote an entire guide about voodoo dolls that can help you figure this part out, as it’s too big to get into in this guide.

Final Thoughts

At this point, you’re now a chief of mischief and have done a great job working through this aspiration! Great job! Or not, I don’t know your life.

How do you feel about the chief of mischief aspiration? Let me know in the comments!