Sims 4 How to Stop Being a Werewolf (With & Without Cheats)

There are numerous reasons why you might want to become a werewolf but even more reasons why you may want to stop being a werewolf in The Sims 4. You may be working through the cure seeker aspiration or you just may be sick of dealing with werewolf rampage. Whatever your reason there are simple steps to take to stop being a werewolf.

The Cure Seeker Aspiration

Before we jump into how to stop being a werewolf in The Sims 4: Werewolves, you must know that one of the werewolf aspirations has this as their entire thing. You’re going to want to get yourself the cure seeker aspiration so you can gain satisfaction points and get the werewolf ally bonus trait for doing it.

the cure seeker werewolf aspiration in The Sims 4 that wants to have you stop being a werewolf

Stop Being a Werewolf in The Sims 4

The process of stop being a werewolf in The Sims 4 is rather simple but it is not easy. Your going to need to get yourself the lunar epiphany, scavenge for Greg’s diary and eventually drink the cure. It’s a great way to do it and is actually really fun since it is harder than many things in The Sims 4.

Getting Lunar Epiphany

Before your sims are able to really read werewolf books and be able to get the cure, you are going to need to get the lunar epiphany dormant werewolf ability. This ability says “Eureka! Sim can comprehend the lost secrets of the moon! This is an important step towards understanding the history and nature of werewolves, and can lead to learning how to cure this ailment for good.”

lunar epiphany dormant ability for werewolves to be able to learn how to stop being a werewolf

This dormant ability is going to be unlocked through your sims reading a few werewolf books that can be found around the world at the library or the werewolf hangout in the bookcases. You’ll want to read a couple of these until you see the lunar epiphany unlocked notification appear.

lunar epiphany unlocked interaction

Now that you have your lunar epiphany dormant ability you’re going to be able to learn more information about Moonwood Mill and about the lifestyle of being a werewolf and even how to cure it from books.

How to Learn The Cure

Once your sims have gotten the required werewolf ability you’re going to have to get your hands on The Diary of Greggorius Lunvik. This is a book that you’re going to find by scavenging around the ground in Moonwood Mill so you will need to purchase the scavenger werewolf ability.

the diary of greggorius lunvik

Once your sim is able to find the diary you’ll want to immediately get them to read it and after a while you’ll see this amazing notification. This notification talks about John and Maria and their search for a cure and at the end of it the notification lets you know that you now know how to create this Wolf-B-Gone drink.

the cure to stop being a werewolf in The Sims 4

Creating The Werewolf Cure

There are two things that your sims need to get their hands on before they are able to craft this drink on any bar, those items are:

  • Moonpetal
  • Wolfsbane

The first item is Moonpetal that you can only get when there is a full moon as it only blooms at this time. You’ll find this on the top of the mountain in Moonwood Mill at the howling point and you can grab this on a full moon evening.

moonpetal harvesting location to cure werewolf

The wolfsbane is a little easier to get your hands on since it blooms more often, there are more than one locations in the world where you can harvest Wolfsbane.

wolfsbane in moonwood mill

You are going to need 10 wolfsbane and 3 moonpetal to be able to craft this drink so it may take multiple days to get your hands on enough moonpetal. Prepare by starting to harvest it the second you’re in a full moon cycle. Then head over to a bar and craft this beautiful purple beverage.

make drink for the wolf-b-gone beverage that can stop sims from being a werewolf

Drinking The Cure to Stop Being a Werewolf

When you have your sims drink the cure they are going to grab their purple beverage and drink it like normal, but once they complete the drink it’s anything but normal. Your sim needs to drink this when they are in their human form!

sims 4 how to stop being a werewolf

Once the drink is completed your sims are going to have light go around them and they will rise into the air and by the time they land they are going to have you no longer be a werewolf.

sims 4 how to stop being a werewolf

Werebies Remedy VS Wolf-B-Gone

It is important to note that there are two different drinks your sims may need in The Sims 4: Werewolves. The one we’re talking about here is Wolf-B-Gone which is what you want to drink to turn your werewolf back into a sim. This stops you from being a werewolf after you’ve already switched.

There is also the werebies disease that you can get after fighting with a werewolf that will eventually turn your sim into a werewolf. You can stop werebies by going to the bar in the world and asking the bartender for the werebies remedy and drink it to stop this from happening.

Stop Being a Werewolf with Sims 4 Cheats

Thankfully, there are amazing werewolf cheats in the game that can help you stop being a werewolf immediately instead of having to go through the effort of learning the Wolf-B-Gone recipe. For this cheat you’ll first want to enable cheat codes in your game then you can go ahead and type in the following cheat:

  • traits.remove_trait trait_occultwerewolf

Once you use this cheat you’ll see that the werewolf stuff is immediately removed from your sim’s simology panel and you’ll now be back to being a regular sim.

Final Thoughts on Stop Being a Werewolf in The Sims 4

There are so many reasons why you may not want to become a werewolf or stay as a werewolf in the game and that makes sense. We don’t always need to be an occult to have fun in The Sims 4. I will say that werewolves are up there with my favourite occult sims now, they’re really well fleshed out and just super fun to play with. I’m really impressed overall with The Sims 4: Werewolves and I’m not afraid to admit it. Happy Playing!

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