Sims 4 Werewolves Aspirations (Werewolf Initiate and Beyond)

Playing through different aspirations is the most fun way to play the game because there is so much to unpack and the sims 4 werewolves aspirations knocked it out of the park. The way they formatted these aspirations is so interesting, really unlocking fun gameplay for you to explore and letting you decide how you want your werewolf to behave.

You are going to start off with the werewolf initiate aspiration and once you manage to complete all four of the tasks in this aspiration you’ll get the option to choose from one of four other sims 4 werewolves aspirations. This is such a cool way to do it instead of having a single aspiration that guides you through the pack (like the beach life aspiration from Island Living did).

Sims 4 Werewolves Aspirations Bonus Trait

When you decide that you want to give your characters the sims 4 werewolves aspirations they are going to be given the lunar confidant bonus trait. This trait says “These sims get an initial relationship boost when introducing themselves to werewolves (positive or negative, depending on how they act.”

This is really helpful when trying to become a friend of one of the werewolf packs because you need to gain relationships with werewolves to do this. Just make sure you aren’t doing an initial negative interaction or you’ll start off with a poor relationship.

sims 4 werewolves aspirations bonus trait lunar confidant

Sims 4 Werewolves Aspirations

Werewolf Initiate

This werewolf initiate aspiration is the only one you can choose immediately out of create a sim and is required to be completed for you to move to any of the other four aspirations. It has you needing to complete basic tasks before you’re able to move on and has you needing to finish four tasks:

  • Become a Werewolf
  • Level Up to Runt
  • Experience a Full Moon
  • Read Werewolf Books
werewolf initiate aspiration

When your sim is able to complete this werewolf initiate aspiration they’ll see a popup appear that says “Sim has completed their werewolf initiation! It’s time for them to embark on the next chapter of their werewolf journey. What possibilities does their future hold?”

This popup is going to let you choose from one of four other sims 4 werewolves aspirations that all cover different aspects of being a werewolf in the game.

new aspiration pop up

Emissary of the Collective Aspiration

The emissary of the collective aspiration is going to have your sims joining the Moonwood Collective Wolf Pack and spending time being the best werewolf they can be. This means they aren’t just allowed to go around and be wild whenever they choose. The four tasks they’ll need to finish off include:

  • Join The Moonwood Collective
  • Socialize with Werewolf Friends
  • be a Good Werewolf Ambassador
  • Become Alpha of the Moonwood Collective
sims 4 werewolves aspirations page for emissary of the collective

Wolfgang Renegade Aspiration

The next option is the wolfgang renegade aspiration where your sims are going to need to join the Wildfangs Pack and eventually become the leader. They’ll have few restrictions on what you can do as a werewolf and can just let their instincts go wild. The four tasks your sims need to complete are:

  • Join The Wildfangs
  • Turn Sims Into Werewolves
  • Werewolf World Domination
  • Become Alpha of the Wildfangs
wolfgang renegade aspiration page

Lone Wolf Aspiration

The first two options for sims 4 werewolves aspirations after you finish the werewolf initiate are focused on your sims going around and trying to please a pack leader and eventually becoming the alpha leader in the pack. Not every werewolf is going to want to become alpha, and some may want to just be a lone wolf.

  • Level up to Apex
  • Unleash the Beast
  • Spar With Werewolves
  • Defeat Greg in a Werewolf Brawl
sims 4 werewolves aspirations page for lone wolf

Cure Seeker Aspiration

If your sims are looking to no longer be a werewolf and want to go back to a regular life, they can choose the cure seeker aspiration. This one focuses on getting your sims a cure and stopping them from being a werewolf. There are four tasks to complete in this that all lead to your sim drinking the cure.

  • Harvest Moonpetal
  • Collect Wolfsbane
  • Craft Wolf-B-Gone
  • Drink The Cure
sims 4 werewolves aspirations page for cure seeker

Final Thoughts on Sims 4 Werewolves Aspirations

There really is so much going on in The Sims 4: Werewolves and you can really dig into the pack with these aspirations and experience so many different types of gameplay through the different types of aspirations. It really is an interesting way to create aspirations and I really hope the sims team continues on a path like this. Happy Playing!

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