Sims 4 Super Parent Aspiration Walkthrough

One of the best game packs out there is The Sims 4: Parenthood and with that we got the sims 4 super parent aspiration. This aspiration is amazing for players who are looking for some family gameplay and really want to spend time with younger sims.

This aspiration does a really amazing job incorporating the character values system which was added with this pack. The system can really impact your children’s lives quite a bit by giving them positive or negative reward traits.

Working through this aspiration can be really time consuming, but not as bad as the big happy family aspiration where your sims literally need to get themselves grandchildren. At least you can finish this one before your sims are old.

Helpful Traits for The Sims 4 Super Parent Aspiration

Whenever you choose an aspiration for your sims these are different traits that can help you get the aspiration completed sooner in some way. This is because your sim’s traits are going to help them gain skills more quickly, and have less bad emotions toward the things they’re doing.

The first trait your sims should have for the sims 4 super parent aspiration is the family oriented trait. This is because these sims are going to love being around their families and will never get annoyed when there are a lot of kids running around, they’ll actually thrive!

The other is the outgoing trait because your sims are going to spend a lot of time around others and they are going to want to enjoy being social. The loner trait is a definite no-go for this aspiration since you’ll have multiple people in your sim’s family.

Sims 4 Super Parent Aspiration BONUS Trait

When you choose an aspiration for your sims they are going to be given a bonus trait. When you give them the sims 4 super parent aspiration you’re going to be given the domestic trait which is helpful in this aspiration.

This trait is great because domestic sims are going to grow their relationships more quickly with their family members. You’ll find this useful because your kid’s are more likely to listen to you and be less defiant when you have a great relationship with them.

Stages of The Sims 4 Super Parent Aspiration

Whenever you’re playing through an aspiration they are going to have multiple levels for your sims to play through. Each level will have individual tasks that when completed will give your sims satisfaction points. The sims 4 super parent aspiration is going to give you four different levels to play through.

Level 1: Readily a Parent

  • Become an Adult
  • Spend §1,000 on Kid’s Stuff
first part of the sims 4 super parent aspiration

The first stage of this aspiration is insanely simple and can be done easily within the first day of your sim being an adult. You aren’t going to be able to work through super parent until you’re an adult, so age your teen up! Or wait, I won’t tell you what to do.

You’ll need to spend §1,000 on stuff from the children’s section, this can be toys, furniture, books, skill building items, etc.

Level 2: Offspring Instructor

  • Become a Parent
  • Achieve Level 4 of the Parenting Skill
  • Discipline Your Child, Toddler, or Teen 5 Times
sims 4 super parent aspiration

The second section of the aspiration is when things start getting real. You’ll first need to become a parent, you can do so by either adopting or giving birth to a baby yourself through woohoo.

You’ll also need to reach level 4 of the parenting skill. You can gain this skill by reading parenting books, reading parenting forums on the computer, or doing any parenting interactions with your children.

Finally, you’re going to need to discipline your kid 5 times. This can be either encouraging behaviour or disciplining your children for bad behaviour. For toddlers, you can discipline things like painting on the floor or being defiant.

For children, you can discipline them if they paint on the floor, get into fights, etc. You can encourage things like homework and cleaning.

For teens, you can discipline them if they stay out past their curfew, if they don’t do their homework, etc. And you can encourage doing homework and cleaning.

Level 3: Character Coach

  • Help a Child with School Work for 4 Hours
  • Achieve Level 6 of the Parenting Skill
  • Have a Child with a Character Value Within Range to Receive a Trait
sims 4 family aspiration

Your sim is going to need to keep building their parenting skill which won’t be too hard if you’re constantly spending time with your kids.

You’ll need to help your child with school work for four hours. This is both their regular homework or their school projects. When a child is doing homework you can click on them while controlling their parent and choose help with homework.

When a child is working on a school project you can click and choose assist with project. The nice thing is that helping them makes the homework take way less time.

Finally, you’ll need to have a child who is inside the range to get a positive character value trait! This may take some work, but can be done.

There are 5 character values for your sims to work on, I find the easiest one to get into the positive range to be responsible, which can increase by doing homework, getting A’s in school, and cleaning up after themselves.

Level 4: Super Parent

  • Achieve Level 10 Parenting Skill
  • Go Into Full Parent Mode
  • Have a Child with 3 Positive Character Value Traits
sims 4 super parent aspiration

In this final part you’re really going to have to work on that parenting skill, you’ll need to spend time with your kid’s, help them with homework and more. One of the fastest ways to get your parenting skill up is just spamming different actions with babies!

You’ll also need to have a child who has 3 of the 5 positive character value traits, this is rather hard but can be done. You’ll need to decide on 3 character values and work on just those. These will give your sim’s child really helpful traits as they continue into adulthood.

Finally, your sim is going to need to get into full parent mode. This is done by doing 10 parenting actions in a row without anything in between. When in full parent mode your sim’s needs will decay slower so they have more time to focus on their kids needs.

Reward Trait for the Super Parent Aspiration

Any time that you finish off an aspiration you’re going to be given a reward trait. The reward trait for the sims 4 super parent aspiration is the role model reward trait. This trait is nice because it’s going to help your sims gain their character values more quickly any time they are around their parent with this trait.

Final Thoughts

Much of the family gameplay we are craving in the game is missing, but there is still some great parts in The Sims 4: Parenthood. The parenting system is way better with this and the sims 4 super parent aspiration is a great one to play through. You can definitely have some good times in the game with this. Happy Playing!

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