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25+ Sims 4 Toddler Toy CC Items You Must Have in Your Game

Since we didn’t get toddlers in the base game of The Sims 4 we are seriously lacking in the toddler stuff department. Using sims 4 toddler toy cc is absolutely the best way to get more interesting toys into your game for your young sims.

There are toys for things like unique stuffed animals to even wilder options like a whole custom content trampoline for you to download. You’ll definitely find something for every single toddler in your game!

toddlers playing with toys, one sliding down a slide in a cape

The Sims 4 Toddler Toy CC

1. Small Dollhouses

Why did EA decide to make the decision to make the in-game dollhouses the biggest thing in the world? Thankfully they’re still functional when sized down but it looks super weird and its just not useable in many homes.

The small dollhouses toy is the best option for this because it fits in small areas and small bedrooms for your kids and toddlers to play with.

It even comes in more than one style with options for a traditional house, a small town square, a farmhouse, a castle and even a rocket ship so it can truly reflect your kid’s style.

sims 4 small dollhouses custom content

2. Aura Kids Decor and Toys

The best way to get new toys into your game is definitely to add a set like this aura decor & toys set so you can get multiple items all at once.

In this set you’ll get a cube chair, a night light, a toy box, a giraffe and a race car for your sim’s kids to play with and they’re all stylized in the same adorable way.

Not everything in this image is a useable toy, many of them are just decor items. You’ll find that the soccer ball, basketball, bowling items and toy wagon are just for decoration but they look awesome in your sim’s home!

sims 4 toddler toys cc

3. Talking Animals

Many of the smaller toys we have in the game aren’t actually functional past just being decor, especially the knittable objects we got with Nifty Knitting. That pack lets you make so many cute items so why can’t our sims talk to them?

With this talking animals mod you’re now able to have your toddlers learn their communication skill through chatting with their favourite stuffed animals.

It’s so much cuter when your sims are able to use their knitting skill to create an adorable stuffed animal for their kid and then the kid can actually use it as as a chatting toy!

sims 4 functional talking toys

4. More Toddler Activities

A huge thing that toddlers do in real life is crafting and playing with messy items like play dough and paint. However, we have none of this in the vanilla version of the sims 4.

This more toddler activities adds a bunch of sims 4 toddler toy cc that feels super real and like something a parent would give their kids to stay occupied for a few hours.

You’ll find a play dough set with tools, some craft scissors and glue, a plant in a pot that your sims can garden with, and some paint in a bottle that your sims can paint with. So many fun activities for your little ones!

sims 4 creative toys

5. Little Chef’s Toy Kitchen

All of the rich kids I knew growing up had one of these amazing play kitchens and it was one of those things I was always envious of. Kids were able to create gorgeous meals with play dough or even real food if their parents let them.

This Little Chef’s Toy Kitchen lets your sim’s kids change into a temporary outfit including an adorable chef hat and even has custom animations.

Your toddlers are able to play kitchen and will play with kitchen toys and it will increase their movement skill. This is also functional for kids who can even create real recipes!

toy kitchen for toddlers

6. Kid’s Trampoline

There is nothing more fun as a kid than just being able to jump on a trampoline and it’s now possible for your kids and toddlers to play on a kid’s trampoline in game.

This will increase the movement skill for your toddler so they can earn skills while their also having their fun need increased. There are even two styles, one with a mesh net around it and one without. Super cute!

7. Toddler Creativity Pack

There are so many small toys that we just need in this game but this toddler creativity pack adds many of the ones I’d love to see. We have so many versions of that crafting table for kid’s but there isn’t one that’s functional for toddlers, until now!

In this small set you’ll get a set of stackable circles, a xylophone, crayons and paint and an entire adorable creativity table. Your sims will get different skills from these and will look so cute when playing with them!

craft tables for kids

8. Noka Kids Bunny Toy

There is just something so charming about this adorable Noka Kids Bunny Toy and the cute little smile on its face.

This bunny toy is awesome and your sims kids will be able to play with it and give it hugs and chat with it.

bunny stuffed animals in pink, peach, grey and yellow

9. Bedroom Park Toy Box

We do have quite a few toy boxes in the game but most of them are a bit weird looking. Why do we have a toy box that looks like a hamburger?

This bedroom park toy box is an adorable one for a sim’s house and feels super unique. It looks like a home with flowers, fences, and adorable windows to enjoy. It’s so cute!

house shaped toy box for toddlers

10. Gorby Stack and Nest Cups

Are you sick of having your sims stack the exact same blocks over and over again? And only having brightly coloured ones as options?

Well, with the gorby stack and nest cups your sims can have a more minimalistic vibe for their sim’s toys without needing to deal with the crazy bright colours!

stacking blocks

11. Right on Track Toy Train

Playing with trains is like a right of passage for so many kids and lots of us have great memories with train sets in the game. There were even giant train sets in past versions of the game!

With the right on track toy train your sims kids and toddlers are now able to hangout and play with the train!

The best part about this is that the centre of the train track is not-used by this item so you can actually place this object around a Winterfest tree!

sim sitting near train track

12. Toddler Play Telephone

Our next sims 4 toddler toy cc object on the list is the toddler play telephone where your sims can gain their communication skill by playing on a phone.

There are multiple designs for this play phone even including the white and red design with a face that many of us played with as kids!

Some of the things your toddlers can now do including call favourite cartoon character, call imaginary friends, call father winter and more.

13. Naturalis Giraffe Toy

If you’re looking for more neutral toys for your sim’s kids to play with and want them to fit a minimalist aesthetic you definitely need the naturalis giraffe toy!

This is a cute giraffe that comes in wood swatches so it’ll match just about any home and is a perfect toy for your kid ton leave in the living room.

neutral giraffe toy for toddlers

14. Functional Toy Bin

For whatever reason this large bin of toys that comes in the base game of The Sims 4 isn’t functional. It looks like a giant bin of toys, why would it not function as a toy box?

Thankfully, with the functional toy bin you’ll be able to use this as a toy box instead of just using it as a piece of decor.

toy bin

15. Magical Place Crab Toy

Somehow crabs are the cutest but also the creepiest animal on the planet, but these magical place crab toys are definitely on the cute side.

These adorable custom content crab toys come in a number of colours and have the cutest little smile look on their face for your kid’s to hangout with!

two toddlers playing with crabs

16. Playful Toddler Pack

In the playful toddler pack you are going to get a couple of really adorable toys for your kids. The first item you’ll get is a large play track where your toddlers can play with cars and even get playful moodlets from this. They can even play with another toddler!

You’ll also get a set of play dough to mold into whatever their minds can come up with and my possibly favourite piece the toddler food truck where your sims can have one kid acting as the food truck operator and the other ordering stuff from them.

Although not in the sims 4 toddler toy cc category there is even a functional toddler crib in this set that allows you to have your sim’s toddlers stuck inside a crib instead of being free in their small toddler bed.

17. My PIush Friends Owl

The easiest way to get some sims 4 toddler toy cc into your game is to add custom plush toys that will function just as others do in the game.

Your sims will be able to get things like the my plush friends owl from the toy box and play with it just like the others!

toy owl

18. Toddler Play Tunnel

Play tunnels were honestly the coolest thing when I was a toddler. It always felt like nobody could see me and I was invincible when inside of it.

The toddler play tunnel is a great toy for your kids that lets them play however they’d like. They can play inside of the tunnel or even take naps inside so its a multi-functional piece of custom content.

option to play or nap in tunnel

19. Toy Car

Our next toy is this adorable toy car set that is pretty neutral with the body of the toy car being a wood tone but the wheels coming in different colours.

This is played with just like the other toy cars in the game, but this one is definitely cuter!

toy cars that look like clouds

20. Toddler Basketball Hoop

Sometimes when looking for new cc items you realize that modders are doing the work that EA could never. This toddler basketball hoop is not only an adorable decor object, but is a fully functional and fully animated basketball hoop specifically for toddlers.

When playing with this basketball hoop your toddlers are going to gain the movement skill and how well they do at the basketball hoop is dependant upon how high their movement skill is.

A toddler with a low movement skill will actually fall a ton and hardly ever score the ball into the net but with a higher skill they’ll do much better.

toddler being hit with a basketball

21. My Little Marimo

A great way to teach toddlers responsibility is to give them something to take care of and the my little marimo mod is an awesome option for this.

It’s essentially a moss ball that your sims can name, talk to, and ask questions. Using this will increase your toddlers attention which is awesome if you have busy parents in the household and will also increase their communication skill!

little marimo with option to name

22. Rocking Horse

A rocking horse is an incredibly fun toy for kids of all ages and can really make you feel like the most important person in the world.

This rocking horse mod is amazing and lets your sim’s toddlers name the horse, ride the horse and nap on the horse too!

The best part is that sims of any age can use this rocking horse with adults who have the childish trait can even get fun moodlets when they’re done.

sim riding a rocking horse

23. Lunchbox Food Spawner

This may not really fall under the sims 4 toddler toy cc category however this is a must-have if you have busy sims and want to feed your toddlers more easily.

Having this lunchbox food spawner sitting on a table or the floor of your sim’s home lets you have your sim go up to it and pay to spawn easy meals like chicken nuggets, sandwiches, crackers and more. Feeding your toddlers will never be annoying again!

RVSN functional lunchbox options

24. Functional Toddler Makeup

Any kid who grew up in a house where makeup was around had a moment where they started stealing the makeup and turned themselves into a clown and your sims should get this experience too!

This functional toddler makeup kit is a really adorable set of makeup for your toddlers where they’ll hold a small mirror and add makeup to their face.

It comes in a variety of colours and even lets your toddlers give a makeover to other sims in their household which can often give these sims a playful moodlet.

sim putting on makeup

25. Wooden Bead Roller Coaster Toy

As a kid I remember playing with these bead rollercoaster toys for hours on end which is fun because they are such a simple concept.

Toddlers will sit and move the beads from one side to the other for a long time and its just so cute!

sims 4 toddler toy cc

26. Anna’s Toys

Our next set is anna’s toys where you’ll get tons of pieces of custom content all at once! This toy pack includes eleven items that are definitely not minimalist.

In this pack you’ll get percussion toys, pencils, an abacus, a clock, and a xylophone and so much more. There is so many amazing things in this that will feel so adorable in your sim’s home.

colourful toddler toys custom content

27. Clown in a Box

A clown in a box is probably my least favourite toy on this list just because clowns are horrifying and shouldn’t be given to children.

This toy will let your sim’s kids spin the handle on the clown box until it eventually pops out and surprises your kids.

Depending on the child they will get different moodlets with sometimes these kids being scared but sometimes it making them happy which is an adorable detail.

clown in a box cc

Final Thoughts

When many players think custom content they just think clothing, hairstyles and furniture but you can find so many adorable items for kids to play with that are way cooler than anything in the game. Your toddlers don’t just need adorable cc hairstyles they need things to make them have a more fun life too like these sims 4 toddler toy cc items. Happy playing!

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