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25+ Pieces of Sims 4 Toddler Furniture CC (Custom Content) YOU NEED!

Decorating in The Sims 4 is one of the most fun things to do and honestly build mode is always getting better with new DLC. However, we are severely lacking in the toddler department since they weren’t originally in the base game but using sims 4 toddler furniture cc is the key to success!

When looking for custom content furniture you have a few options, you can either looking for furniture cc packs or just go ahead and find individual items on a number of custom content websites.

Below you’re going to find some of my absolute favourite items to decorate your next toddler room and they aren’t going to disappoint.

The Sims 4 Toddler Furniture CC

1. Toddler Playpens

One of the most popular items from The Sims 3 Store had to be the toddler playpen where you could put your toddlers in there and they couldn’t cause terror. With how toddlers function in The Sims 4 this is an absolute necessity if you don’t want your home covered in paint.

These toddler playpens are amazing if you just want to wrangle your toddlers and have them play inside the playpen. The only way to get them out of the playpen is to get an older sim to grab them out of it by putting the playpen in their inventory and the kids will be free again.

These even come in three different styles which is awesome where one is plastic and colourful, one is made of mesh and fabric and the last one is a simple wood one for a more minimalist look.

playpen to keep kids trapped

2. Evelina Nursery Wigwam Armchair

These kids tents are honestly one of my favourite current trends for kids rooms and make me so happy. As a kid I would’ve loved to have this type of area to read books, draw or just be away from my brother.

These gorgeous tents work as an armchair for your toddlers so they’re able to nap inside of them, eat in them and just sit and hangout. A great way to have something more interesting than just a regular chair!

tent for kids

3. Cutie Pie Bear Chair

The bear chairs that we have in the game are definitely one of my favourite items to add to a toddler bedroom but the swatches leave a lot to be desired.

These cutie pie bear chairs are going to give you some plain colour options that can match with so many different bedrooms. You’ll get pinks, blues, greens, and more so you can find one to match just about any kid’s style.

recolour of bear chair sims 4 toddler furniture cc

4. Paul Toddler Room Bed

Our next piece of sims 4 toddler furniture cc is the paul toddler room bed that is absolutely adorable.

This bed has a tufted headboard that makes it feel elegant that has small bars connected to the headboard to keep the toddler safe, the bed even looks longer than regular toddler beds to make it much more realistic.

This toddler bed honestly feels super bougie and expensive and would be something that a really fancy toddler would have, picture Malcolm Landgraab as a kid in this one!

bed with tufted headboard and railings to keep toddlers safe

5. Lily Rabbit Chair

Sometimes the simplest pieces of custom content are the absolute cutest and that’s how I feel about this chair.

The Lily Rabbit Chair tables a simple concept, a chair, and turns it into a rabbit somehow. The chair comes in all sorts of colours to match kid’s rooms and the back of the chair is two curved pieces of wood that look like a pair of bunny ears.

This is perfect for an animal themed room that wants to be a bit more subtle!

chair that has bunny ears as the back

6. Mini-Chairs and Tables

It really bothers me that toddlers only have two options in the game, use a highchair or sit on the floor to eat their dinner. Why don’t we have toddler sized table sets to use when eating?

Well, with mini-chairs and tables you’re going to be able to have everything you’ve ever wanted for your toddlers. They’l finally be able to eat on tables like a normal kid!

There are even chair boosters that you can place on regular in-game chairs to turn them into toddler friendly items.

toddlers sitting in different small chairs and tables

7. Lenny Toddler Bed

Other than the gorgeous toddler bed we got with Eco Lifestyle we really haven’t gotten a ton that are stylistic and fun but this Lenny Toddler Bed can fill that gap.

This bed turns your toddlers bed into an experience with A-frame walls and adorable cut outs to make it even more fun. The patterns it comes in are like houses, trees and mountains and this could work in so many homes. Definitely a gorgeous piece of custom content furniture!

bed with walls for tods

8. Princess Nursery Potty

There is just something so adorable about putting a princess skirt on a potty, my only issue is that if your toddler is messy that skirt must be disgusting.

This princess nursery potty is so fun because it has a tufted back on the seat, a cute white base, and a little skirt with trim and a bow making it absolutely adorable.

potty with a skirt sims 4 toddler furniture cc

9. Dreamer Bed Canopy

Our next piece of sims 4 toddler furniture cc is the dreamer bed canopy that comes in a bunch of colours and even a few adorable patterns for the actual mesh of the canopy.

The item looks so cute over your toddler’s bed and can turn any bed into an experience!

This canopy doesn’t need to just go over your sim’s beds too, you have the option of placing this over an area with toys or a cute chair for your toddler too and really create adorable canopy areas.

cute canopy over pink bed

10. Functional Toddler Swing Chair

Do they make this in my size? This functional toddler swing chair is so cute and is definitely something I’d want to have in my real life and most definitely in The Sims 4.

This chair has an adorable round base at the bottom with a large rounded pole holding up a chair that your toddlers can hang in. The pillows on this are so adorable and make them so unique and fun!

swinging chair for toddlers

11. Heart Toddler Bed

As a kid hearts were definitely a part of my personality and made me so happy and this heart toddler bed is super adorable.

The headboard of this bed is white and curved at the top with a cut out at the top that features some hearts in a row with specific colours. The footboard of this bed even has adorable bears on it which is so sweet!

The comforter on the bed is super cute too, with the colours corresponding perfectly with the colours of the headboard heart!

heart cut out toddler bed

12. Tiny Twavellers

Our next set of sims 4 toddler furniture cc is the tiny twavellers pack which is a definitely must have if you want a jungle or animal themed bedroom for your kids and toddlers.

This fan made custom content pack is amazing because it has not only furniture but decor items, lamps, and toys for your kids. All of them are themed with adventure at the forefront.

You’ll be able to create an entire bedroom with this as it has beds, dressers, canopy options, bookshelves and so much more.

gif of furniture

13. Heart Toddler High Chair

Although it’s not recommended to use highchairs when raising toddlers they are still a very cute item to have in your sim’s home. These objects are just more of a hassle than what they’re worth.

The heart toddler chair is super cute and comes in the same colours as the heart toddler bed we discussed earlier. The base of this item is a nice flat white and has the seat and back in a cute colour with a small heart cutout at the top fo the back of the chair.

heart cut out on high chair for toddlers cc

14. Toddler Simulation Toilet

A lot of players are looking for a regular looking toilet option for their toddler potties instead of ridiculous looking monster potty chairs. This toddler simulation toilet is the answer to your prayers!

This set takes the cheap toilet set in the base game and turns it into a toddler potty version that is lower to the ground and brings less attention to it than a potty would.

TODDLER SIMULATION TOILET MOD sims 4 toddle furniture cc

15. Toddler Furniture Recolours

There are so many cute items in the game that we have for toddlers but some of them are a little boring but these toddler furniture recolours are awesome because the items fit perfectly in the game but have more interesting patterns.

My favourite in this pack is the set of cubes that work as a kid’s dresser having some cute patterned boxes inside making it so much more fun!

new donut decals and high chair recolours

16. Lily Toddler Bed

Toddlers deserve better beds in the game! Most of the beds we have came when we got the toddler update in 2017 and they are all pretty boring.

This Lily Toddler Bed is such a gorgeous option for your toddler’s room and is so unique compared to what we’re used to.

This bed has bars all the way around with them getting lower on the side where your toddler would get in, the blankets are single colour but look so soft and fluffy and are just adorable!

toddler bed with railings

17. Evelina Nursery Bookshelf

Our next item is the Evelina Nursery Bookshelf that has a bunch of different compartments and cubes for you to place decor objects.

The items styled on this are so beautiful and will be so unique for your kids too!

My favourite thing about this bookshelf is that it is somehow super neutral and works for every room but is still extremely fun and unique for your toddler’s room and doesn’t feel too grown up like most neutral furniture does.

toddler bookcase

18. Toddler Sleeping Mat

There are so many objects that I didn’t realize I needed until I saw a modder created it and this is one of them. This toddler sleeping mat is an awesome option for homes that have tons of kids and the toddler just needs a place to crash.

My favourite way to use this item is to have it on the main floor of the house somewhere so my toddler doesn’t always have to run up and down the stairs for a nap since that takes forever.

This object would be absolutely perfect for a sim who is using the tumbling tots career mod and having lots of toddlers over at once.

sleeping mats with various patterns

19. Pre-School Stuff

If you’re looking for a large collection of furniture and custom content toys for your toddlers you definitely need to get your hands on pre-school stuff.

This pack includes a very low table and chair set perfect for your toddlers to sit in, a few bookcases including a rounded one to make adorable areas and a bunch of toys for your sims.

The toys you get include things like small dollhouses, blocks, nesting blocks and so much more.

pre-school stuff cc pack cover

20. Aura Toddlers Bookcase

If your biggest goal is to create the most intense jungle themed bedroom for your toddlers than you need the aura toddlers bookcase.

This bookcase is really adorable as the sides are a cute giraffe who is actually reading a book. The shelves are also designed with animal print and the rest of the item having a wood or colourful texture.

On the front there is even a few other adorable animals and this is just so cute!

toddler bookshelf with animals on it

21. Luno Toddler Room

Many of the items we get in the game for toddlers are very bright and colourful but what if you wanted some more neutral options?

The Luno toddler room comes with a toddler bed, rug, a bear, a toy box and dollhouse that are so much more neutral than items in the game.

There is even a super adorable decorative rope ladder that you can place on the wall to make it look like your toddler can climb.

cute brown, grey and beige room

22. Sweet Toddler Table Lamp

There is honestly not much cuter than a really adorable and childish lamp in a kid’s room. These types of lamps are so much fun and can really set the style of the room.

The sweet toddler table lamp has a few different swatches but my favourite has to be the horse or the butterfly option. These look great on a bedside table or near a bookcase and chair for your kid’s to read in.

lamp with horse on it

23. IKEA Toddler Stuff

Getting a whole stuff pack filled with goodies is the best because you can get so much stuff that all matches at once. This IKEA Toddler Stuff pack is a great choice that comes with some fun clutter objects like bottles and even a box of diapers.

The toddler beds are super cute and come in a single colour with wild patterns on the blankets, and the high chair and potty chairs match too.

There are even some cute toddler toy boxes that are fun shapes like an ice cream cart, a truck or just a simple single colour option.

simple IKEA themed toddler furniture

24. Clark Toddler Bed

Any time I’m feeling extra creative in my game I love to try and design a home like it’s a different decade and this clark toddler bed is a great option for doing a retro home.

This bed has a gorgeous black metal base with cute bursts on the sides that add such a cute detail but with other swatches the base comes in white, lilac or gold with wild colours and patterns on the blankets.

clark toddler bed from retro reboot

25. Small Dollhouses

If you’re really sick of having giant dollhouses in your sim’s homes you definitely need these small dollhouses creations that change everything.

These dollhouses are amazing pieces of toddler toy custom content because they come in five different styles including farms, space ships and even a castle.

The dollhouses are much smaller than before and can be placed in tiny areas and are still completely functional.

smaller doll houses for kids sims 4 toddler furniture cc

26. Toddler Kitten Collection

Are you a lover of cats and want your sim’s toddlers to be one too? Well, this toddler kitten bed is a great recolour options of a basic base game bed.

The base of this bed is neutral and beige but the blankets on this are so fun. There’s one with cats in space, and the rest are just simple cat prints in either yellow, blue or black and white.

These are perfect for a sim’s kid who has a cat and wants their cat to be their best friend!

sims 4 toddler furniture cc bed recolour

27. Aura Toddlers Rhino Potty

There was no way I could write an entire list of sims 4 toddler furniture cc without including this aura toddler rhino potty.

This object is hilarious and is perfect for a home that has a jungle themed toddler room. Your toddlers literally sit on and pee inside the rhino which is just a funny idea.

Imagine going to your friends house and seeing a rhino potty in their bathroom, so weird and adorable!


Final Thoughts

When playing with different pieces of custom content furniture you can really get a whole different experience when building and can make the most beautiful rooms. These sims 4 toddler furniture cc pieces are going to make the cutest toddler bedrooms of your life and can even make their lives easier with smaller tables and better toys. Happy Playing!

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