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15 Sims 4 Toddler Potty CC Options To Replace The Boring Ones

If you’re trying to create the most adorable toddler bedroom you may think about getting your hands on some toddler furniture custom content but may overlook the idea of sims 4 toddler potty cc when that’s the most important item to replace!

The potty chairs we have in the game are seriously weird and don’t work in many rooms sos you may be looking for something more fun or something more neutral depending on what your sim’s room style is.

You’ll definitely find something for your kid’s room in this list.

The Sims 4: Toddler Potty CC

1. Classic Toddler Potty

Our first toddler potty on the list is this one that has a face and would probably get a funny name when a toddler sees it for the first time.

The classic toddler potty comes in a variety of colours and the back of this has a face on it with rosy cheeks and an adorable button nose.

The side of the potty even has a cute set of toilet paper, sometimes with designs on it like stars, that the toddlers will use to wipe their bums. This is definitely not a set for someone who loves minimalistic vibes in their homes but is super cute!


2. Princess Nursery Potty

The next item on the list is the princess nursery potty that works perfectly in a room set for royalty. This potty has a tufted pillow on the back to ensure that your toddler doesn’t have a uncomfortable situation while using the bathroom.

The bottom of the potty has a cute little tulle skirt with a border and a bow to make the potty feel like an actual princess. The only issue for me is that that skirt probably gets covered in unmentionable items.

potty with princess skirt

3. Toddler Simulation Toilet

If you’re looking for a very simple and classic looking toilet option for your toddlers you need the toddler simulation toilet.

This just takes a simple base game toilet and makes it smaller and functional for toddlers so it will look totally normal in your sim’s bathroom but isn’t as fun as a monster or a potty with a face on it.

toddler simulation toilet sims 4 toddler potty cc

4. Teddy Go-Go Potty

There really is nothing cuter than turning a potty into an animal and this teddy go-go potty is an adorable option.

Not only does this sims 4 toddler potty cc chair have a bear face but it also has adorable ears at the top and arms and legs coming out from each side of the potty to make it really look like a bear!

This comes in seven different swatches that are all super adorable, a must have for sure.

toilet with a panda face

5. Aura Toddler Rhino Potty

Let’s be honest, this is something we all wish we could use as a toilet each day. The Auro Toddler Rhino Potty is an absolutely hilarious piece of sims cc.

If you’re trying to make the perfect jungle themed bedroom or just have a very eclectic sim’s family you absolutely need to get your hands on this rhino potty.

rhino toilet chair for kids

6. Omali Toddler Potty

Most of the toddler potty options we have in the game are pretty intense and too stylized for many players but this Omali Toddler Potty may be helpful.

This sims 4 toddler potty cc option is great and has a small bucket vibe with a cute heart design on the middle and the corresponding colour at the top to bring it all together.

small toddler potty

7. Nana Toddlers Potty

If you’re a big fan of wild rabbits or just cute little pet bunnies you may want to download the Nana Toddler Potty.

This potty comes in a variety of neutral colours like greys, browns and light woods that can look good in just about any home. The cutest part? The back of the seat has a cute image of two bunnies showing each other love which can look so cute with any toddler furniture items.

sims 4 toddler potty cc with bunnies

8. The Happy Zoo

If your sim is a huge fan of cute feline animals you definitely need to get your hands on the happy zoo potty that is honestly just so cute.

This potty chair has the face of a cat on either side that is smiling and has a raised nose and eyes to make it look super cute. The chair comes in a variety of colours with the toilet middle and the sides looking very cohesive together.

cat potty

9. Ocean Toddler Potty

Our next potty may honestly be created for Pokemon loves as it really reminds me of Slowpoke.

The ocean toddler potty features a cute animal standing on all fours with a cute face showing off its teeth in the front. Your sim’s toddler will be sitting on the top of this potty taking a poo into its body, which is fun and definitely adorable.

interesting ocean potty

10. Industry Toddler Potty

A lot of potty chair options are very simple and feature clean lines but this industry toddler potty is the complete opposite. If you’re creating a toddler bedroom that is fit for a victorian home or a royal mansion this is the one for you.

This potty features gorgeous carved legs and side rails, and an even more beautiful back rest for your toddler. They’ll definitely feel fancy using this to learn their potty skill.

fancy toilet chair for young sims

11. The Cutie

Our next option for sims 4 toddler potty cc is The Cutie which is a great low profile option. Most of the options have tall backs that take over the look of the room but this one has no back so it looks way cuter.

The base of this has plastic legs that are in different patterns and colours that are so cute but he main toilet part of this is white and simple so it works with many bedrooms.

toddler potty with no back

12. Stibium Potty Chair

The Stibium Toddler Potty is a great option if you want something in a fun colour but aren’t looking for something with crazy patterns or designs.

This potty has a higher rounded back and a rounded base with a simple white hole in the middle. It comes in colours like red or yellow for a pop of fun but you can also get it in grey or black for a more neutral option too!

minimalist toddler potty

13. All At Sea

Our next toddler potty is the all at sea potty that looks awesome in any bedroom but has a definitely vibe. The main colour on this object is black with a red and white pillow at the back and a white decorative border around the bottom.

This toilet actually comes in a whole All At Sea Furniture Set so if you love this style you’ll get to enjoy it for every piece of furniture.

black toilet chair with white design

14. Practice Toilet

Sometimes the best and most interesting options for custom content are when creators taking a mesh from the base game and recolour it to make it even better. The practice toilet takes a base game mesh and turns it into fourteen different colours options for your toddler potty.

various colour potties

15. Toddler Simulation Toilet 2

We’ve already discussed one version of a toddler simulation toilet but this version of it is cool too! This takes a base game adult toilet and swaps it out for a smaller version so you can have a matching toddler toilet.

This is nice because you can have a totally normal looking toddler potty!

black white and green potty styled after toilets sims 4 toddler potty cc

Final Thoughts

Having a stylized place for your toddlers to do their business is a necessity because they deserve to feel special too. These sims 4 toddler potty cc toilets are amazing and you can definitely find an option for any home you’re creating, especially since some are super neutral. Happy playing!

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