25+ Sims 4 CC Wedding Accessories for the Perfect Look

There are so many ways that you can dress on your wedding day, but most people (and sims) will wear some variation of a suit or a wedding dress. However, the types of accessories people are going to wear on their wedding day vary widely. These Sims 4 CC Wedding Accessories can be anything from beautiful necklaces to statement earrings and so much more.

Your sims really get to wear whatever they want and can wear any of these accessories with a dress or even with a snazzy suit!

All The Sims 4 CC Wedding Accessories You Need

Vignette Crystal Earrings

These crystal earrings are genuinely the most beautiful thing for a sim’s wedding earring. They are gorgeous and take up a bunch of space on your sim’s ear without being too over powering.

This earring option looks like three branches that are covered in small leaf shaped diamonds which is such a beautiful concept. There are three branches which is a great number for weddings because the branches can each represent past, present and future!

A sim with their black hair in a back bun who is wearing a pair of gorgeous earrings that are branches.

Daisy Earrings

A nice floral earring is a really beautiful look for your sim’s wedding day and these ones are super interesting. They have a daisy right in the middle that will go in your sim’s hole then there is a small piece of metal going down with a rounded section that will go around the bottom of the ear.

This section has a daisy, then a gold circle, then a daisy, etc. These are just really different and fun and would be really gorgeous for a sim’s wedding day.

A sim in a wedding dress with blonde curly hair. They have an earring with a daisy in the hole and a band of alternating small daisies and gold balls around the bottom of the ear.

Zenith Earrings

These next earrings are a really beautiful design and for me it’s the symbolism that makes these feel like wedding earrings for me. These earrings have two oval chains that are connected in the middle and each of these can represent the bride and groom and their new connected life.

Inside of these two chains there are small pearls in each that just add that little bit of white wedding style to them!

A sim with brown hair and green eyes and freckles. They are wearing gold earrings with two chain links with pearls inside.

S-Club Headband

If you’re unsure of how to take your sim’s custom hairstyle from everyday to a bridal style you may want to add some diamonds on a headband. These types of headbands are going to make sure that everyone knows you’re the bride by bringing in so much glamour.

This one has a bunch of very thin metal bars going in different directions around the head and there are diamonds all over them. It is so darn beautiful and will look great on your sims!

A sim who is wearing a white shirt and dark hair. They are wearing a diamond headband.

Natural Finger Nails

When you think accessories you may not be thinking nails, but but your sim’s fingernails are a part of the look too and deserve to be just as beautiful as the rest of them. The best look for nails on your wedding day are going to be a bit more tame than the rest of the year because you don’t want your nails taking away from how beautiful your dress is.

These are great because they are just natural finger nails with a small tip that just makes them look put together without being too bright and colourful.

A sim who is showing off their hands to display their french tip nails.

Snow Drop Earrings

Diamonds and pearls are everything a girl needs on their wedding day so these earrings are perfect. These are gorgeous snow drop earrings with a diamond stud in the ear, two gold hoops going down and a pearl dangling from the bottom.

These are great because they aren’t too dangly or too aggressively stylistic but are still really beautiful and subtle for a wedding day.

A sim with black hair and brown eyes. They are wearing an earring with a diamond stud and a pearl dangling down.

Ria Necklace

Once again, pearls are a beautiful look for your sim’s wedding day because they are such a classic look. This string of pearls can be your sim’s something old on their wedding day that maybe they got from their grandmother’s collection.

A sim with flowy dirty blonde hair and teal eyeliner. They are wearing a pearl necklace and white tank top.

Carter Sims 4 CC Earrings

The next pair of earrings on our list are a very unique look with a chain that goes from the front to the back which is unlike any other earrings on this list. In my mind chains are very symbolic of a wedding day and two people coming together and being together forever.

This earring has three square diamonds that are almost in the shape of a heart which is very sweet, and there is a chain going from that to the back of the earring. These are so fun and different for a wedding look!

A sim who is looking right at the camera and is wearing an earring with a stud and a chain going back behind the ear.

Celina Earrings

The next option on our list of Sims 4 CC Wedding Accessories are these gorgeous Celina Earrings. These are really fun because they have a lot of detail and they just look so shiny and sparkly which I love.

These start with a flower with five petals and a diamond in the middle and at the bottom there is a diamond that is connected to a tear drop diamond that is dangling. These are so gorgeous, so much fun and even come in fun colours too!

A sim with black hair in a high pony tail. They are wearing a pair of earrings with a star in diamonds and a small teardrop diamond coming down.

Stella Pearl Choker

A choker is a really fun look for your sim’s to wear on their wedding day, but we wouldn’t want just any choker. This one is great because it has metal and pearls and feels really beautiful for a bride.

The necklace comes in all sorts of metal colours and options where you can have them be pearls or just a piece of circle metal if that’s more your style.

A sim with shorter black hair wearing matching earrings and a necklace that are metal bars with pearls.

Ramiel Sims 4 CC Earrings

A dangly earring is such a beautiful look for your sims on their wedding day and these ones are so unique and like nothing else I’ve ever seen. These earrings have a piece of metal going from your sim’s piercing hole all the way to the bottom but this metal is not straight, it’s a windy curly piece of a metal which makes them so interesting.

On the edges of this curly piece of metal are diamonds in an interesting shape that are surrounded by other small diamonds. Just so cute!

A sim who has blonde hair and vitiligo on their face. This sim is wearing a pair of twisted earrings with a gold metal band and diamonds going down.

CC Wedding Nails

Your sim’s nails are very important and deserve to be beautiful on their wedding day too. These ones are a great choice, as long as you don’t choose the red, yellow, green or purple options because those are a bit much!

The nails are a nice ombre style that starts with white and goes to a darker colour at the base of the nail. The light ones are such a beautiful look for a wedding!

An option for a sims 4 wedding nails cc set. These are ombre from white to another colour like nude, pink, green, yellow etc.

Winter Sparkle Necklace

Something about this necklace just screams wedding, especially if its a winter wedding. This necklace starts with a gold chain that is super dainty and there are so many diamonds at the front. These diamonds are in such a unique configuration and it just looks so gorgeous!

A Sims 4 CC Wedding Accessories option that is a necklace with a gold chain and a bunch of diamonds at the front

Pearl Sims 4 CC Headband

Choosing a hairstyle for your sim’s wedding is a hard task but adding small hair accessories is a great way to make the hair style more unique and more adorable. A headband is a great way to add some gorgeous sparkle to your sim’s hair and this one is super fun with tons of sparkle and some nice pearls!

A sim with light brown hair wearing a wedding dress and a large headband covered in pearls.

Love Wire Hoop Earrings

The next option on our list of Sims 4 CC Wedding Accessories is not for everyone because they may honestly be too on the nose. These hoop earrings are a regular hoop at the top but the bottom of them has the word love in cursive writing.

Of course, weddings are about love so you couldn’t ask for a better word!

A sim with their black hair in a bun looking to the side. They are wearing a sims 4 cc wedding earring set that are a large hoop with the word love in cursive.

Carter CC Wedding Necklace

This next necklace is so absolutely adorable and extremely subtle for your sims to wear. The necklace has a metal chain (that comes in all metal colours) and at the front has a small heart cluster of diamonds.

This heart is perfect for a wedding and will absolutely look amazing for so many wedding looks because it is pretty subtle and dainty and won’t completely take over.

A sim with brown hair wearing a black tank top. They have earrings and a necklace on that are gold with diamonds.

Opal Necklace

If you’ve never seen a piece of opal jewelry in person you may not understand just how sparkly it can be, and how wedding vibes it is. This opal necklace is really beautiful with a rectangle going horizontally with an opal in the middle and small diamonds around.

This necklace may be too much for some wedding looks but can fit perfectly for your sim if you want it to!

A sim in The Sims 4 who is wearing a cc wedding necklace that is a large rectangle opal with diamonds around it.

Forever Sims 4 CC Earrings

When the creator made these earrings I doubt they intended for them to be added to a list of sims 4 cc wedding accessories but something about them fits really well. These earrings are very fun and they are even named perfectly for a wedding with forever.

These earrings come in every metal colour you can imagine and they have a small hoop in your sim’s ear then a dangling heart that has a lock hole in the middle. Imagine if you find a pair of earrings or a necklace for their spouse which is a key, wow, that would be so cute!

A sim with red hair that is shorter than the shoulders, they have brown eyes and large eyelashes. They are wearing a pair of heart shaped lock earrings.

Snow Drop Right Hand Ring

Wearing rings on your wedding day isn’t a very popular idea, but this one is great because it’s on the right hand and won’t take away from your sim’s engagement ring and wedding band. This ring is really subtle but very beautiful so you’ll love to have this on your sim, especially if you bring in the matching necklace which is a bit later on this list.

This ring has a very small and thin wedding band that at the side splits in two and has a pearl at the top. It’s a very cute look and is going to add some design to your sim’s other hand.

A sim with black hair in a bun, brown eyes, and a wedding dress. They are wearing a sims 4 cc wedding accessories ring that is a thin band with a large pearl.

Winter Sparkle Sims 4 CC Earrings

When you’re choosing your sim’s perfect wedding hair you’ll definitely want to find one that shows off your sim’s ears for these gorgeous sparkle earrings. These earrings start at the top with three diamonds in a triangle point down, then goes to three small gold balls that connect that triangle to a diamond at the bottom.

These are really adorable and you can even add some meaning to them like if your sim is a single mother of two and is adding one more person to their lives in the form of a new husband and that’s what the diamond at the bottom is for!

A pair of earrings that have a stud with three diamonds in a triangle, tip down, and then three gold balls that go down to another diamond dangling.

Bridal Earrings 01

These earrings were designed for bridal and are honestly so perfect for your sim’s wedding look. These gold, diamond and pearl earrings bring in just about everything that you’d want in your wedding look for a really gorgeous vibe for your sims.

We star at the top with a tilted square in gold with a diamond on the inside, then we go down to a bunch of diamonds dangling down to lead to a pearl at the bottom. These are dangly earrings without going down too long to keep them more subtle and not take too much away from the dress.

A character from The Sims 4 who is wearing a pair of cc accessories as a bridal earring.

Aria Star Earrings

If you have a bridge who isn’t the most traditional and wants to have some really fun earrings on their wedding day, these star drop earrings are honestly so gorgeous and fun. My favourite part is that inside of the stars at the bottom there is a small disco ball looking charm that just makes me wanna party.

The necklace stars with a stud in your sim’s ear with a small diamond, then there is a metal bar going down, before you leave the stud there is a small star. At the bottom of the earring is a 3D earring vibe with a disco ball on the inside. How fun!

A sim with black wavy hair, brown eyes and a black shirt. They are wearing a dangly pair of earrings with stars and diamonds.

Snow Drop Necklace

Necklaces are something that many brides may not wear on their wedding day because they can often take away from the dress, but this one is so simple and effective that it’s not going to do that for your sims. This necklace is perfect because it has a dainty chain and a white charm at the end.

The white snow drop is a great look for a wedding because your bride is going to be wearing a white dress, and have a lot of white accessories going on too!

A sim with brown eyes and black hair. They are wearing a simple necklace with a thin chain and a white pearl.

Calla Lily Sims 4 CC Wedding Bouquet

If you’re looking to take beautiful screenshots of your sims (especially with wedding pose packs) you’ll definitely want to use this accessory flower bouquet. These Calla Lily flowers are so beautiful and come in so many different colours that will definitely match the vibe of your sim’s wedding!

A character from The Sims 4 who is dressed in a wedding dress and carrying a cc wedding bouquet.

Grace Pearl Earrings

Earrings are a very, very beautiful way to bring your sim’s wedding look to the next level and these are genuinely a perfect look for weddings. These aren’t going to take any attention away from your sim’s dress and are just going to add some style to the look.

These earrings start with a small hoop that comes in gold, rose gold and silver and coming down from that has a pearl coming down. It’s genuinely so great because of the bright white pearl and the classic style!

A character from The Sims 4 who is wearing a pair of sims 4 cc hoop earrings that have a small pearl coming down.

Merelynn Bracelet

Pearls are such a good Sims 4 CC Wedding Accessories option because they are white, they are simple, but they are so beautiful. This bracelet is a simple style with there being a pearl and then two small beads in between in a nice rose gold colour.

This is nice because it doesn’t take away from the dress or your sim’s ring, but it brings so much to the look!

A sim wearing a brown shirt, white nails, and their hair in a bun. They are wearing a pearl bracelet.

Winter Flower Sims 4 CC Earrings

These are such a beautiful pair of earrings for your sims to wear everyday, but these are absolutely perfect for a winter wedding look. The best part about these earrings is that since the middle of them is blue they can satisfy your sim’s something blue requirement if you want to follow that fun and older tradition.

These earrings have a small hoop that goes into your sim’s piercing and then there are two small diamonds that go down from there and connect to the main part of the earring. The big part of the earring is a large round blue gem that is surrounded by diamonds with small balls on the edges of them making it almost look like a flower.

A sim with black hair and brown eyes who is wearing a pair of sims 4 cc earrings with a hoop in the ear, two diamonds going down and a large aquamarine surrounded by diamonds at the bottom.

Final Thoughts on Sims 4 CC Wedding Accessories

Getting ready on your wedding day is such a big deal and deciding what kinds of accessories you want to wear is a big deal. You spending time in create-a-sim to get your sim ready for their big day can be stressful too, so adding these gorgeous Sims 4 CC Wedding Accessories to your mods folder is a great idea. Hopefully you found something perfect for your sim’s big day. Happy Playing!

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