25+ Adorable Sims 4 Toddler Earring CC Items To Make Them Even Cuter

There is nothing more adorable in the real world than toddlers having their adorable little earrings and showing off their personality with this simple toddler accessory but toddlers don’t have any options for cute earrings in the game. Using sims 4 toddler earring CC is the absolute best way for you to make your toddlers 10x cuter.

There are so many earring options for these kids including hoops, studs, and even adorable dangly earrings that are themed after popular designer brands like Gucci or Chanel for those kids who are extremely fancy. Imagine how cute your toddlers will look the next time they use their toddler potty, just the cutest!

The Sims 4: Toddler Earring CC

1. Small Heart Hoop

Toddlers are just little adorable balls of love and wearing hearts is a great way to show off how much love they have to give. These small heart hoops are so adorable and have one side of the heart being put through your sim’s ear and the rest of the heart looking super adorable off the ear.

These come in gold, silver, chrome and rose gold so you can really change it up depending on what looks good with your sim’s hair colour and skin tone.


2. Melon Stud

If you’re looking for the perfect childish earring for your toddler accessory you should definitely go with the melon stud earrings that come in a variety of colours.

These earrings are small balls that go right on the ear lobe and have small ridges to add a bit of flair to the earring and even come in colours like purple, orange, green and blue.


3. Sunflower Earrings

A great way to bring a bit of sunshine and rainbows to your look is to add flowers and having toddlers wear a pair of sunflower earrings is super adorable.

These earrings have a traditional sunflower colour with brown in the middle and yellow petals but also come in other colours with a white, blue, red, pink and even a rainbow version so you can really choose what you like most.

These sims 4 toddler cc earrings are even available as a kid’s earring too!


4. Earrings for Toddlers

If you’re looking for extremely simple earrings these earrings for toddlers are the best. They take some of the great base game earrings and convert them to be available for toddlers too.

There are two pairs of stud earrings with one as a ball and the other as a small gem and the third pair is a simple hoop earring that comes in different metal options. So cute!


5. Camelia Hoop Earrings

Our next earrings for toddlers are the Camelia hoop earrings and these are so darn cute. These earrings are inspired by an IRL pair of Chanel earrings and just feel so elegant on your little ones while still being super cute and choosing a toddler hairstyle where their hair is behind their ear is the best choice for these.

The shape of these earrings really reminds me of a speech bubble and that’s just so cute to me because toddlers love to talk!


6. Cassiopeia Hoop Earrings

The Cassiopeia Hoops are probably one of my favourites on the list because little stars are so darling on the toddlers. These earrings are a true hoop with a decently large circle for a toddler and stars all the way around in such an adorable way.

These gorgeous earrings come in gold, silver and rose gold so you really get amazing options for any sims.


7. Atria Star Earrings

If you’re looking for the perfect earring for your toddler’s next formal event these Atria Star Earrings are honestly the cutest option.

These earrings are so interesting and look adorable from every angle. They start with a gorgeous stud that then has a 3D star gem hanging down that has a matching ball inside to make it match the stud.

Wearing these everyday may not be the best option but these could be the best option for a formal outfit or a party look for your kid.


8. Bunny Gem Earrings

Many of the sims 4 toddler cc earrings on this list are very mature and could be worn by an adult with no issue, but these bunny gem earrings are an absolutely age appropriate choice.

These earrings come in a variety of metals and either have a white pearl look in the middle or a fun gemstone that is blues and greens and pinks and just so adorable. Imagine a toddler wearing these earrings playing with a wild rabbit in Henford-on-Bagley!


9. Flower Accessories

Our next set of earrings is these flower accessories that actually come with a matching necklace for your toddlers. These are super cute and come in all sorts of fun colours too!

These are perfect for a sim who is going to get obsessed with flowers and have a future career in flower arranging and maybe even open a flower shop, or maybe just a kid who thinks flowers are pretty.


10. Stella Hoops

These Stella hoops are a pair of earrings where if I saw a toddler IRL wearing these I would be jealous of how cool that toddler is.

These gorgeous hoops come in silvers, gold and rose gold so you have options and the hoops are surrounding with small adorable gems that make them so elegant but still adorable at the same time. Pair these with your favourite toddler clothes and you’re good to go!


11. Flower Diamond Toddler Earrings

A simple flower earring is the cutest thing for younger sims and these flower diamond toddler earrings are going to give you so many options with them coming in so many colours.

These look so great for an everyday earring for your toddlers or can even be dressed up if you use the proper hair style for your toddler.


12. Kenzie Hoop Earrings

Our next pair of toddler earrings are the Kenzie Hoop Earrings that are so darn adorable. The earrings come in silver, gold, rose gold and even a black option which is amazing.

These earrings are available for your favourite toddlers including vampires, mermaids and any other occult but thankfully they are disallowed for randomized townie toddlers.


13. Designer Earrings N02

Are you a toddler who has a lot of money? Maybe a toddler with rich parents because they just used money cheats?

If you’re a bougie toddler you definitely need these Designer Earrings N02 that are designed as Chanel earrings. These are so beautiful and dangle perfectly from your toddler’s head starting with a gorgeous star then down to a pearl and eventually to the Chanel logo.


14. Celina Earrings

Dangly earrings are definitely a very mature look, especially when they are this gorgeous but these look so adorable for toddlers. The Celina Earrings are amazing and start with a beautiful flower or star shape that has a small gem in the middle and another at the bottom where a tear drop gem falls.

These come in all sorts of colours like silver, gold, black and even colours like pink, blue and purple so you really get fun options for your toddlers.


15. Heart Gemstone Huggie Earrings

Our next earring is the heart gemstone huggie earrings and these are so adorable! These earrings are a hoop earring with a thicker hoop around and three gems. The top gem is a cute colourful heart shape and the bottom two are simple diamond vibes.

This is super fun too because the top heart gem colours are actually gem stone colours so you can act like your sim is actually born in a specific month.


16. Blossom Accessories

The blossom accessories is a cute option that’s super simple for your toddlers. It has a simple flower shape with the middle of the flower being a different colour for the perfect contrast.

This even comes with a matching necklace that has the same heart three times in a triangle shape so you can have your sim’s being super matched if that’s what you’re into.


17. Star Hoop

Having hoop earrings that are in a specific shape is one of the cutest looks for toddlers. These star hoop earrings are such a cute option and they come in gold, rose gold and silver.

These look awesome as an everyday earring but can also work in a formal outfit or for a party outfit too. A gorgeous options for a sims 4 toddler earring cc piece that you’ll love.


18. Miriam Hoop Earrings

Our next pair of earrings is a pair of twisted hoop earrings that add so much flair to a traditional hoop earring. These Miriam hoops come in gold, rose gold and silver as well as a more chrome option so they can match for any sim.


19. Feather Earrings

As a person who was a teenager in the 2010s the concept of feather earrings is one that brings me a lot of joy and was super popular when I was young.

These feather earrings for toddlers are a great choice for custom content and bring me a ton of joy and smiles when I see them. It feels right to have a kid put a feather in their ear!


20. Florida Earrings

My favourite types of sims 4 toddler earrings cc are definitely ones that are floral because they really do make these sims seem so sweet and innocent, even when they’re a terror!

These Florida earrings are so beautiful and 3-dimensional and feel like they are growing or jumping out of your sim’s ears. They look so beautiful as an everyday earring or can look amazing for formal wear.


21. Gucci Studs

Here we are again with an earring that’s perfect for your bougie babies. These Gucci Studs are very mature for most toddlers but look so cute when worn.

They have the classic Gucci vibe that really shows off your sim’s love for designer clothing and makes them seem so cool. They come in gold, silver and rose gold too for added options.


22. Wavy Hoop Earrings

These are so many fun variations for hoop earrings in the custom content world and these Wavy Hoop Earrings are so adorable. Instead of making a regular circle you can just make it wavy for it to be more interesting.

These earrings are so adorable and cute but still feel super fashionable for your little ones and when paired with a great custom content hairstyle they’ll look amazing.


23. Pearl Earring

There are a very simple pair of pearl earrings in The Sims 4 base game that are available for kids and older but they aren’t there for toddlers. Using these pearl earrings as custom content allows you to have them for your littler ones too.

These come in twenty different colour swatches and are the type of earring you’d get a toddler for their first pair and are just so adorable.


24. Fine Ball Hoops

Are you looking for a simple hoop but want it to have some interesting aspect to it? Well these fine ball hoops take a simple round hoop and make it the slightest bit more interesting by adding a small ball to the hoop!

These come in black, gold, silver and rose gold for a bunch of gorgeous options. Just imagine your toddler playing with their favourite cc toddler toys while wearing these, you’d just have to smile.


25. Thick Octagon Hoop

Basic circle hoops are so last year, it’s all about the fun shape hoop earrings now. These thick octagon hoops take that traditional hoop concept and turn it on its head.

These look great with any kid’s pony tail hairstyle where you can see their ears perfectly.


26. Chanel Earrings

Here we are with another pair of designer earrings for your toddlers. These Chanel Earrings are extremely fun and trendy and really show off your sim’s fashionable side.

These earrings have a small stud at the top of the earring with the words Chanel and Paris on it with the double C logo hanging down from the top. These are so fun and beautiful!


Final Thoughts

Custom content is one of the best ways to make your sim’s much cuter and using sims 4 toddler earring cc is amazing because its such a small detail to make them look so put together. Add a custom content hairstyle and your sims will be looking amazing. Happy playing!

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