The Sims 4 Werewolves Livestream Overview

On Friday June 10, 2022 we were graced with the sims 4 werewolves livestream for the new game pack The Sims 4: Werewolves. These livestreams are done a few days before new game and expansion packs release to show off all sorts of new features and are ran by different Sim Gurus that helped make the game.

In this overview we are going to go over the best stuff that we got to learn from this awesome sims 4 werewolves livestream and some of the new features and interesting aspects of this game pack.

a werewolf with red around them, a werewolf going to run and two werewolves fighting eachother

Create a Sim Items

As the sim’s team chatted about create a sim throughout the sims 4 werewolves livestream they were talking about the inspiration for the clothing. They said they wanted to make as many of the clothing items look like a sim had just turned from a sim into a werewolf and their clothing got ripped because of it.

They showed off this wild hair that comes in all sorts of colours and is also available for children along with this very ripped t-shirt and a moon necklace.

sim in ripped clothes sims 4

The showed off this fun kid’s outfit with a patched up pair of shorts, a cute sweater and even a werewolf themed hat for your kids.

sims 4 create a sim

They showed off an awesome lunar moth tattoo for your sim’s forearm that comes in all sorts of colours.

moth arm tattoo

This next outfit is super cute with a pair of fun tights underneath a dress that is over a sweater.

dress sims 4

There is this adorable dress over top of a sweater as well which is so gorgeous!

sims 4 cute dress in werewolves

This outfit is so cool with a flannel being tucked around a ripped t-shirt dress.

cool werewolf outfit

This toddler outfit is so cute making your sim’s look like a werewolf even when they’re small.

toddler outfit for the sims 4 werewolves

This next sweater has a nice plaid pattern but with a rip on the sim’s shoulder and small rips all over.

livestream view of new werewolves clothing

A great detail that was shown off in this sims 4 werewolves livestream were the facial scars that you can now add to your sim’s to make them

sim with facial scars in the sims 4 werewolves livestream

To go right along with the facial scars that we get with this pack there are also awesome body scars that can be added all over your sim’s bodies to show off all the wild adventures they’ve had.

sim with body scars in the sims 4 werewolves

Werewolf Painting

Just like with the animals in Cats & Dogs you can paint on your werewolves to make their coats look a bit more interesting in the game.

sims 4 werewolves livestream

There are some that you can choose from with default colours, or you can choose to go in and paint them freehand or with stencils.

sims werewolf with a moustache

Build & Buy

The build/buy stuff in this pack was…. rushed to say the least. We got about 3 minutes scanning over all of this stuff so I didn’t get good screenshots of anything.

sims 4 werewolves livestream build buy
sims 4 werewolves build/buy



New bassinet for werewolf babies that is really adorable with a cute mobile on top.

werewolf bassinet

Gameplay Information from The Sims 4 Werewolves Livestream

The most important question I had was if there would be werewolves in Willow Creek now, and thankfully there are game settings that you can toggle on to make it so that they stay in just Moonwood Mill.

How to Become a Werewolf

You can become a werewolf in CAS or you can be bitten by a werewolf and contract “werebies” where you’ll become a werewolf. You can even become close friends with a werewolf and ask them to bite you just like with vampires. Can only get “werebies” if you get bitten accidentally!

If you don’t want to turn into a werewolf you can go to the bar and ask for a remedy from the bartender.

It’s going to start your sims off with a painful bite that will eventually evolve and turn your sim’s into a werewolf. It changes to insatiable hunger which is the next stage, watch your sims hunger so they don’t starve to death.

After this point your sims are going to get the ravenous hunger buff which is the next step in the process of becoming a werewolf.

sim turning into a werewolf

Children and Toddlers can be a werewolf but they won’t start showing off their werewolf form until they are a teenager. However, you may see things like toddlers biting their toys in new ways or the children wanting to beat up their siblings because of their alpha energy.

Your werewolves can have their fury get too full and will go around acting a little bit wild. They’ll want to destroy things, will run around and will have red eyes and a red aura. When a werewolf is rampaging they aren’t able to really do much other than scaring people and wrecking stuff.

If a sim has low fury they will use a toilet, but a sim with high fury will mark their territory instead.

sims 4 werewolf fury

There are also werewolf temperaments that your werewolves are able to gain and some of it is based on their current personality traits. Some of these include

  • frisky
  • prideful
  • wracked with guilt

You can also get werewolf abilities just like with The Sims 4: Vampires where you’ll earn different XP points and be able to spend these on werewolf abilities like somber howl, primal instincts, scavenger, tunneler, territory marking and more.

There are also dormant abilities like transformation mastery, lunar epiphany, and more. These are things you have to earn as through gameplay instead of purchasing them with your ability points.

Two Packs of Werewolves

There are two different packs of werewolves that are pretty different from one another and you can ask sims who are in these packs about them to learn more information. This information is important to learning what pack you want to join to gain “friend of the pack” status.

You can earn this through befriending the leader of each of the packs. It’ll allow you to participate in things like using the pack’s facilities and you’ll even get a trait showing that you’re a friend of the pack. Then, you’ll need to prove yourself to the leader to show that you’re worthy of joining their pack.

There are values each pack has and you want to make sure that you’re following the pack’s values if you want to grow in the rankings. You want to work your way up to alpha but you’ll need to fight with the current alpha and beat them for the pack to be yours.

1. Moonwood Collective

Christopher is the leader of the Moonwood Collective which is a group that fears their own natural state. They worry about their impact and don’t do anything too crazy.

2. Wild Things

The wild things embrace being a werewolf, they just want to embrace being cool and being “you”. They just like to go out and be a werewolf without worrying about rules. Enjoy self improvement, pack participation and expand and explore.

New Aspiration: Werewolf Initiate

We are getting more than one new aspiration with this, however, it all comes from one. You’ll start with the werewolf initiate aspiration but once you finish this you’re going to find others. This aspiration kicks off your journey and has introductory stuff about werewolves but once you finish it you’ll get a popup giving you four others to choose from.

Each of these is going to bring you down a different storyline with options being things like lone wolf, rising to the ranks of a pack or even becoming a sim again. These are more open ended than the first werewolf initiate aspiration.

New World: Moonwood Mill

The new world of Moonwood Mill was built in collaboration with James Turner so the lots are gorgeous since James is really talented. There are only five lots in the world, but it makes sense because Moonwood Mill is supposed to feel like an abandoned logging town that has been taken over by werewolves.

There are tons of pieces of machinery and chopped down trees all around the world and the werewolves have taken over so there really aren’t many sims around.

There is a whole set of underground tunnels that the werewolves have developed so that they can get around and there is lore connected. There are a few entrances to these tunnels, a bunker entrance, a sewer tunnel and even a set of gross port-a-potties.

underground tunnels for the sims 4 werewolves

These tunnels have popups just like you’d see with Sylvan Glade when you enter and you’ll just need to answer the questions and see what happens. If you choose the air option it will always lead you outside.

Your non-werewolf sims are able to travel through these tunnels too, but they are going to have a harder and “more dangerous” time under there.

Once you learn more about the tunnels you can traverse the world more quickly.

There’s an underground werewolf hangout where werewolves only are allowed to enter that’s located right behind the bar. In this hangout there is a door that is part of the underground tunnels that can actually be added to any lot as it is just a build/buy object. So you can put it anywhere, even in a boring Oasis Springs home.

sims 4 werewolves livestream hangout room

The bar lot also attracts other occult sims like vampires, aliens and spellcasters.

Sparring Rounds

You can fight with other werewolves in these “sparring rounds” when there are other werewolves around.

a sparring circle from the sims 4 werewolves livestream


At one point in The Sims 4 werewolves livestream they started talking about something named Greg. They crossed over a little river and saw some scary signs that were pretty much telling you to go in the other direction.

signs telling you to stay away

The Sim Gurus were definitely being corny with this greg nonsense, but I loved it. When you see these signs your sims are able to investigate them and eventually you’ll see Greg in the distance.

Greg is a werewolf who lives in Moonwood Mill who is definitely an interesting character. He’s a menace of a character who is best to leave alone, he’s a tough werewolf who will fight with other occults easily and if you provoke him enough he will fight regular sims too.

And they were sure to tell us in this sims 4 werewolves livestream that you can woohoo with greg.

Greg the werewolf eating meat

New Books

When the team was creating the new werewolves pack they really wanted to put a lot of funny lore into the game and answer questions through things like these new books in the game. We all have questions about the different occults and they really tried to answer them through all of these interesting book interactions.

sims 4 werewolves notification

You’ll find information in the build catalog too, as well as interesting things when you’re discovering the underground tunnels.

Updates to The Base Game

Lunar Cycle

The sims team is added a lunar cycle to the game with the patch before werewolves is released. In the sims 4 werewolves livestream they talked about how it will affect different sims. There are 8 lunar phases and the full moon is going to affect your werewolves the most.

This also effects other occults in different ways too! It can be seen in the UI next to the clock, can be discovered in your sim’s calendar and there are even new interactions about the moon in the base game.

There is even a luna fish that’s easiest to catch when there is a full moon in Moonwood Mill.

lunar cycle in the sims 4 werewolves

New Beard

This new, fun beard is coming in the base game patch too!

new beard for the sims 4

The Sims 4 Werewolves Official Reveal Trailer

In addition to all of the information we get to learn from these types of livestreams, you can always watch the official reveal trailer to get even more information on this pack. You can stop the trailer every few seconds and truly inspect some of the build items and create a sim items that are coming with this one!

Final Thoughts on The Sims 4 Werewolves Livestream

These livestreams are always a bit of a let down ever since the pandemic started in 2020 because the energy is always so weird and the technical difficulties are so frustrating. Sometime important to remember is that these technical difficulties are not the guru’s fault and they don’t have to do these livestreams. They choose to because they want to show off all the awesome stuff they have worked on for the past few months. Just remember to be nice to the gurus who are putting on these events, and happy playing!

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