The Sims 4: Perfect Patio Stuff

Perfect Patio Stuff was the second stuff pack added to The Sims 4 and added a great gameplay object to the game, hot tubs! This pack also added some beautiful modern outdoor furniture to make your sim’s households look extra fancy.

Unfortunately, this pack isn’t entirely necessary anymore. The sims team added a hot tub to the base game with The Sims’ 20th Anniversary so unless you love the furniture, this pack is no longer a must have for all players.

One of the best parts about this stuff pack is that we got a brand new set of kitchen counters which we all know that we need more of in the game so they are appreciated any time that we get them!

perfect patio stuff box art

Perfect Patio Stuff Trailer

Hot Tubs

Since hot tubs are the main feature of perfect patio, it’s important that you have a few interesting things to do with them. Sims are able to woohoo or skinny dip in the hot tub if they are an adult, and teens are able to mess around in hot tubs with their romantic partners.

There are 3 upgrades available for a hot tub where you can make them unbreakable, add a stereo, or even start adding aromatherapy to your hot tub for strong moodlets.

You can learn more about Hot Tubs in THIS Article!

Perfect Patio Screenshots

Perfect Patio Renders

Final Thoughts

It’s unfortunate that this pack isn’t as exciting now that we have hot tubs in the base game, but you can still have some fun with the more modern vibes of the hot tubs and furniture in this pack, plus a good ol’ set of counters is always nice to have.

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