Sims 4 Death by Meteorite Overview

As sims players we are a little messed up and we love new death types and the sims 4 death by meteorite death took us all by surprise. All of a sudden a few days before The Sims 4: Werewolves was released EA did an update where we got a new telescope but this telescope has a secret.

The day before the base game update the official sims twitter account decided to tweet about the update while dropping a small hint that this would be coming to the game. They ended the tweet with “just be sure to watch our for meteors” with some cheeky emojis at the end to really let us know something could happen.

@TheSims twitter account teasing out the addition of the sims 4 death by meteorite

A New Smaller Telescope

Since The Sims 4 launched we have only had a giant backyard observatory in our game and that was just no good. It took up too much space, looks ridiculous in any backyard and just isn’t realistic. With the patch right before the release of The Sims 4: Werewolves we finally got a new smaller telescope that has a secret feature.

a sim in a wedding outfit staring at the sky in the new telescope

This telescope can be found in the buy catalog by searching telescope or looking in the outdoor activities sections under activities and skills. The back pocket observatory is going to cost your sims §750.

In this update we also got a new death type that comes right along with the telescope and that is the new sims 4 death by meteorite. as

How to Cause The Sims 4 Death by Meteorite

Since I need to force these different death types to happen… for science… I need to ensure that I can make these things happen quickly. The best way to do that was to create a household with 8 adult sims, add nothing but 8 telescopes and force them to use them.

sims staring into the sky in the new smaller telescopes

To get the sims 4 death by meteorite to occur you need to have your sim use the telescope (with either moon gaze or star gaze) at night. The key is that this death type will only happen at night time.

After a while of your sim’s going ahead and looking at the beautiful night sky, you may see two things. The first is a notification that says “Uh oh… Sim just noticed a meteor is heading right for them! They should seek shelter, and quickly!”. This notification is a great first indication that you need to get your sims inside if they want to stay safe.

a sim being told they need to seek shelter or they will suffer from the sims 4 death by meteorite

The second thing you’ll see appear when the sims 4 death by meteorite is imminent is a scared +4 buff that says IT’S COMING RIGHT FOR ME! This buff is going to only last a few in-game minutes, so you really don’t have much time. The description on this one says “It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s…. A METEORITE! And it’s headed right for Sim. RUN FOR COVER!”

a sim about to die from the sims 4 death by meteorite

Once the timer on this buff runs out, your sims have run out of time and they are going to get hit by a meteor and it will be deadly. There will be a large puff of dust and when it clears your sim is going to be laying on the floor with lots of messed up dirt around them and a new hole in the ground filled with a meteor.

a meteorite on the ground after a sim died from sims 4 death by meteorite

At this point the death will continue like normal, sims around them will start to cry and the Grim Reaper will appear to take the sim away.

Sims 4 Death by Meteorite Ghosts

One of the best things about ghosts in The Sims 4 is that each death type has their own special ghosts. When you have a sim who experiences the sims 4 death by meteorite you’re going to see a very special ghost.

The ghost is going to have a literal red and hot meteorite inside of their best, just floating around for the rest of their time! These little details really make the game so much fun for players, and this is why we keep coming back year after year.

sims 4 death by meteorite ghost with a meteor in their chest floating around

Final Thoughts on Sims 4 Death by Meteorite

There is seriously something special about people who play The Sims. Many players have been begging for this death type to make a return to the game, and the fact that it is coming with the base game is amazing. They did a great job with the sims 4 death by meteorite and I’m excited to see this back in the game. Happy Playing!

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  1. Just before 4pm on a sunny Tuesday at the cottage farm … Took a quick look at the daytime sky w the telescope … (Sim’s 1st time use of it)… after just setting a wedding date and waiting for kid, now home from school and rushing up the stairs to come hang out on the balcony …
    ☆BLAMMO☆ … 😵
    *meteorite*☄ … Dead. 💀
    (Kid & fiancé: below, still oblivious, both smiling.)
    Reaper casually standing there, tablet in hand, by the huge black rock beside my fallen body. An unmarked canvas newly perched in the eisel.
    My green crystal spinning…
    I’m “FOCUSED,” too …
    But dead. ☄💀
    (100% Daytime) …
    So very dead.🥀

    1. This same scenario happened to me. Im broad daylight …like 3pm. 1st time using the telescope on my porch, in front of my roommate. It said I was “terrified” and 10 sec later.. Boom!! It sounded like a thunder before the lightning. Scared the shit out of me lol. I too was “Very Focused” and dead as hell. It was a hole in my porch and a big black rock perched on my porch. Also Death popped up with a tablet wearing a black robe with an intricate design on it. My roommate went in the house and went to sleep on the couch as I laid there in the fetal position in a cloud of porch dust😔. I unplugged the game…

  2. Middle of DAYTIME and my sims ONLY daughter for the 100 baby challenge was using it because she was the first awake and I didn’t even know they could die from a meteor. She went back inside and then a few minutes later I brought her outside again and she DIED. She was on the sidewalk too so there was no whole in the ground from the meteor.

  3. A couple of additional notes on meteor strikes. One, once the game has decided it’s going to happen on a certain night, it WILL happen on that night. I had a Sim on her roof using the telescope in Sulani and she got killed. I reloaded and it happened every single time I tried it. It took some advance planning to get her to shelter quickly enough to survive. This segues into my next point. Once you get the alert that a meteor is approaching, you have (in standard 1x speed) about 20 real-world seconds to get the Sim to shelter. Whatever you do, do NOT use a small telescope at accelerated speed. You won’t have time to react. One thing that remains to be seen is whether a trellis, pavilion or awning is sufficient shelter to stave off the event. I’ve set one up on one of my lots to test.

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