25+ Sims 4 CC Halloween Dresses To Celebrate Spooky Day

When you think of Halloween clothing you often think of costumes, but that’s not the only thing your sims are able to wear. There are so many adorable Sims 4 CC Halloween Dresses out there for your sims to rock all autumn long. They could wear a fun halloween outfit every single day of October to really celebrate!

Sims 4 CC Halloween Dresses for Adults

The best thing about custom content creators is that they make all of the things I wish I would have in my wardrobe. These Sims 4 CC Halloween Dresses are genuinely so much fun, they have such fun and quirky styles and patterns that your sims are going to absolutely love them.

Halloween Mini-Dress

The first dress on our list is a really fun mini-dress with such fun patterns and styles. This one has a fun almost see-through shirt underneath with long sleeves showing off your sims body while keeping them warm.

There are such fun patterns on these clothes too, the dress has patterns with moons, suns, ghosts, and pumpkins on them making it the best fun and subtle halloween dress.

The same sim five times wearing a halloween cc mini dress in the sims 4

Vampire Halloween Dress

If you want your sims to have the perfect vampire inspired dress, this one is for you. This black leather dress is so fun and has a sweetheart neckline and no sleeves, so you’ll have your sims looking so amazing.

The dress has metal detailing and a red center which just adds the perfect amount of flair for your sims to rock.

The same sim 3 times, this sim from The Sims 4 is wearing a sweetheart neckline black leather dress

Spider on Your Sweater Dress

This next one is funny, because it’s really just a normal outfit. This dress is a simple skirt with an off the shoulder sweater, but there is a creepy crawling little spider on the shoulder. This spider just makes your sims look wild and lets you scare others with how scary this spider is.

Your sims could really wear this to work during the spooky season!

A sim standing in a sweater and skirt with a spider on their shoulder

Gothic Floral Halloween Dress

The next dress on our list of Sims 4 CC Halloween Dresses is this gorgeous skull and flower dress. This one is so much fun because it has long sleeves that are made of lace, while still showing off the neck and shoulders.

The body of the dress has a corset around the waist in black and red and has a fun skull and roses pattern all over the rest. There is even a cute zipper going right down the center to the bottom of the corset which is such a fun detail.

Two sims wearing a floral and skull patterned dress with a corset and lace sleeves

Ripped Halloween Dress

This one is really fun and almost crosses into halloween costume territory. This is a fun school uniform outfit, but with a nice halloween flair. This has a red school uniform jacket over a white button down shirt, a small scarf tied around the neck and a plaid skirt.

The thing that makes this a really fun halloween outfit is that the entire outfit is ripped up like your sim got into a fight with an alpha werewolf.

A sim wearing a school uniform that is ripped up, their make up is also dark with dark lipstick

Halloween Print Mini-Dress

Many of the dresses on this list take the dark side of halloween into account but this halloween mini-dress is all cute and no scary. This dress has a sweetheart neckline with a black border up top, a black line down the middle with buttons and the rest of the dress is a nice creamy white.

The pattern on the white parts is so cute with there being pumpkins, skulls and little pieces of candy or leaves floating around. This is just so cute and can be accessorized to be the perfect non-costume look.

Two sims standing in a sweetheart neckline sims 4 halloween dress, this dress has a fun pattern and buttons down the middle.

Halloween Corset Dress

The next dress on our list of Sims 4 CC Halloween Dresses is this fun corset dress with frilly skirt. This one is fun because depending on what kinds of halloween accessories you pair with it, it can be a completely different look. Plus, each of the different colour swatches gives a totally different vibe!

The same sim a few times wearing a dress with a corset, a shall and some lace and bows

Cheeky Hands Halloween Dress

Our next dress is a little cheeky, with it being a very simple style with a flair. The dress is a long sleeve sweater dress that comes in colours like orange, black and purple.

The fun part of this dress is that there are naughty halloween skeleton arms that are going around the body and holding onto your sim’s chest in a bit of an inappropriate way. It makes for a really fun and silly look.

A set of sims wearing a Sims 4 CC Halloween Dress, this is a long sleeve sweater dress with skeleton hands going around the chest

Halloween Party Dress

The next option we have for adults is this really fun black and red dress with a corset body and super interesting pattern. This dress can definitely be dressed up or down depending on how you feel like accessorizing it for sure.

A sim wearing a black and red corset dress with skull, bones, and snake patterns on their dress

Frilly Party Dress

The next dress on our list is a great dress for your sim to wear to their next halloween party and can easily be turned into a halloween costume. This dress has a sweetheart neckline with a black base, a layered frill bottom with alternating black and colourful layers and a bow around the waist.

Two sims wearing halloween frilly party dress cc. This dress has a black sweetheart neckline with a layered frill going down and a bow across the waist

One Shoulder Halloween Dress

The next dress on our list is a one shoulder halloween dress that has an asymmetrical hem at the bottom. This one comes in so many different halloween themed patterns where you can find cats, pumpkins, skulls and more. This is a fun one because it’s extremely unique and will make your sims look awesome.

Two sims wearing a one shoulder Sims 4 CC Halloween Dress with an asymmetrical hem at the bottom.

Bat Print Dress

If you’re looking for something that’s a little more subtle but still has spooky vibes this dress may be the one. The top of this dress is simple with a square neckline, and a nice belted waist going around your sim.

The bottom of the dress is covered in bats and trees which makes it feel spooky but its in more subtle colours which allows your sims to wear fun clothes without their looks being too out there.

Two sims wearing a dress with a plain boxy top and a bottom with trees and bats

Sims 4 CC Halloween Dresses for Kids

Kids are definitely the age group that has the most fun on Halloween, getting dressed up and getting candy really is the best. These Sims 4 CC Halloween Dresses are the absolute best way to celebrate the days leading up to the big day and really getting your sims kids pumped up!

Kid’s Spider Sims 4 CC Dress

If you’re looking to make your kid in The Sims 4 look exactly like an adorable witch, look no further. This dress feels so witchy with a perfect mixture of fun patterns with spiders and webs and fun details like an adorable vest. I can just imagine all the future spellcasters in the game playing around with this dress!

The same sim 3 times wearing Sims 4 CC Dress with a corset vest and puffy bottom with spider webs and spider patterns

Layered Halloween Dress

The next dress on our list of Sims 4 CC Halloween Dresses is an adorable layered dress for kids. This dress has puffy sleeves, a square neckline and a layered skirt. The swatches on this let your sims look like a witch, a pumpkin, and even a vampire. It is a very versatile look!

Five sims with different halloween makeup or hats, wearing fun CC dresses in The Sims 4

BOO Halloween Sims 4 CC Dress

Our next dress may not be great if you live in a cold climate since it has short sleeves, but it sure is cute. This dress has an adorable ghost on the chest with the word BOO in bright orange letters. Around the dress there is a cute orange ribbon that separates the top and the skirt.

On the skirt you’ll find some adorable skulls with stars for the eyes and little grey stars in between. It’s just such a cute look for your kids!

A sim with straight blonde hair wearing a dress with a ghost on the chest that says BOO across it. The bottom of the dress is covered in skulls

Kid’s Halloween Dress

This next dress can be worn in so many ways, it feels like an old victorian look so you can dress your sims as a skeleton, or just have them looking like they’re from a different century. The dress is black as a base with white details like lace, bows and suspenders!

A sim with skeleton make up wearing a scary black and white sims 4 cc halloween dress

Fun Sims 4 CC Halloween Dress

If you want something that is wild colours and patterns, look no further. This seems like the type of halloween dress that a child would pick out for themselves, for sure. It has long sleeves, with the chest having a fun graphic on it with things like cats, owls and ghosts.

The skirt is where this one shines, there are so many shiny details and wild fabrics happening on the skirt that you’ll love this one.

The same red headed sim 4 times, she is wearing a lacey, glittery halloween dress with long sleeves and fun graphics on the chest.

Colourful Halloween Dress

This next Sims 4 CC Halloween Dresses option makes your sim’s kid look like a fun toy doll. These halloween dresses have dots, stripes and layered that just brighten your smile and makes the sim look so darn cute. You can dress this up with fun doll-like hairstyles, and cute sandals!

Four sims wearing bright coloured dresses with bright tights

Sims 4 CC Halloween Dresses for Toddlers

The best thing about having toddlers in The Sims 4 is that their clothing has potential to be so darn cute. The options that are available for toddlers for Sims 4 CC Halloween Dresses are so adorable, making them look like pumpkins, witches, and just having the cutest patterns!

Puffy Sims CC Halloween Dress

Toddlers are able to have such adorable outfits and this pumpkin dress really covers all the bases for me. It starts with a t-shirt top with puffy sleeves and around the neck there is a little green detail making your toddler look like a pumpkin. The skirt puffs out and looks like a jack-o-lantern and it’s just so darn cute!

Three toddlers wearing a dress that makes them look like a pumpkin in The Sims 4. Great sims 4 cc.

VooDoo Doll Dress

A very popular thing to mess around with in the game is the voodoo doll and now your toddlers are able to dress up as a voodoo doll too! This dress has a base that almost looks like a potato sack look.

The dress has small puffy sleeves, a dark black bow around the waist, and there’s even a broken heart on the left side. It really shows off all the ways your sims are able to torture others with voodoo.

A group of toddlers wearing a Sims 4 CC Halloween dress that makes them look like a voodoo doll with cuts, bows, and a broken heart.

Pumpkin Halloween Sims 4 CC Dress

Pumpkins are such an adorable and perfect way to show off your spooky day spirit. This dress has a black base with a small border at the very bottom in bright orange. There is an orange round collar at the very top and a bright orange pumpkin with a green bow on the pumpkin!

The same sim 3 times wearing a Sims 4 CC Halloween dress. The dress is long sleeve and black, with orange at the bottom. It has an orange collar and a pumpkin on the chest.

Adorable Toddler Dress

This next adorable dress is so cutesy and fun. The dress is a t-shirt top with a thin peter pan collar, there is a waist belt around the middle of the dress and the skirt is short and flairs out a bit at the bottom. The patterns are so much fun with things like ghosts and BOO to pumpkins or black cats.

Two toddlers wearing a sims 4 cc halloween dress. This dress has swatches that the chest looks like a pumpkin, or a witch, or a ghost

Halloween Button Sims 4 CC Dress

This next dress for toddlers will make your toddlers look like a little doll. It is covered in fun colours, buttons and frill letting your characters look so adorable. It makes them seem like a hilarious little real life doll. Build them a dollhouse and go for it!

Two sims dressed like dolls

Toddler Dress Collection

The next dress on our list of Sims 4 CC Halloween Dresses is so perfect for your toddlers. The top half of this dress is so darn cute with it having a rounded neckline and long sleeves. The patterns on the swatches are so much fun with a large design in the middle like a pumpkin or a bat, surrounded in smaller pattern details too.

The sleeves have small little scrunchy-like detailing on the wrist and the skirt flairs out with a patterned detail right at the bottom.

A toddler wearing a patterned cc dress with halloween hats

Toddler Skeleton Sims 4 CC Dress

Do you want your toddlers to have the cutest little skeleton dress? Look no further! This one is so much fun for halloween and has all the bones you’d like to see. You can accessorize this with things that make your toddlers look alive, just to make it a little more creepy.

Three toddlers dressed as cute skeletons

Little Witch Dress

The next dress on our list is extremely simple but really gets the witchy look across so easily. This dress is all black, with a puffy sleeve look. There is a cute small faux corset across the chest with the dress going down and the hem being a scalloped look.

Pairing this dress with fun tights and a witch hat makes your toddlers look like the absolute cutest little witch!

Four sims dressed in witch dresses and hats

Adorable Long Sleeve Sims CC Halloween Dress

This dress is a great option for your toddler aged sims, with the top of the dress being an adorable long sleeve sweater with cut shoulder detailing. It cinches at the waist and goes into a fun skirt! The skirt has fun patterns like pumpkins and bats which will let your toddlers just have the cutest look!

Two sims posing with peace signs in halloween dresses

Final Thoughts

If you don’t want your sims to just wear a boring halloween t-shirt you can definitely have them in these super fun and gorgeous Sims 4 CC Halloween Dresses instead. These are so fun because they have quirky patterns, fun styles and just great vibes. Happy Playing!

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