The Sims 4: Acting Career (Get Famous)

With the addition of The Sims 4: Get Famous we were given a brand new acting career that is an active career like being a Scientist, Detective, or Doctor.

This career is pretty complicated, so we wanted to make sure to have a guide out there to help you get through the career with ease. You’ll need to learn how to get gold in your acting, how to make sure you nail the auditions, and choosing the right agency.

The acting career is tied heavily into the fame system in the game and is one of the easiest ways to gain fame perks that you can use to make your sim have a better time with their career.

Since this career goes right along with the acting skill you may find it helpful to start gaining that skill right off the bat so you aren’t running behind trying to get better.

Official Sims 4 Render for the Acting Career

Aspirations for the Acting Career

Master Actor

Of course, the master actor aspiration is the best choice for someone who is going through the acting career. This aspiration will help walk you through things that can help with the career and will get you moving quickly.

The biggest bonus to this aspiration is that if you finish it you’ll get the world-renowned actor reward trait, which makes it so your sim will never fail an acting action again.

Traits for the Acting Career

Self Assured

A self-assured sim is going to get random confidence moodlets throughout their day and confidence is key during an acting gig. Your sim will perform better at the risky actions and will have a better chance of success


Part of the active career for acting is talking to your coworkers and getting to know them, you’ll also need to spend time with your fellow actors often, so outgoing is an awesome trait decision so you sim will enjoy these interactions.

You wouldn’t want a loner sim to be in the acting career because they’ll start feeling tense when around that many people!

Acting Agencies

There are 4 agencies that your sim can join that will send them gigs. Each agency has different pros and cons and will unlock different things for your sim.

You’re able to change your acting agency at any time to gain the different benefits, but it won’t change a ton for your sim.

When you first start in the acting career, your sim won’t be able to join every agency. They’ll have access to the A.I. Staffing Agency and Everyday Extras. You’ll unlock the others later on.

Agency NameA.I. Staffing Agency
Agency DescriptionConsider A.I. Staffing. [applicantName]! Our agents look forward to booking your unproductive time with work. Please enable notifications to stay informed on the latest [jobField] opportunities.
Benefits Just like in the name, you’ll get great automated reminders for work opportunities.
Agency NameEveryday Extras Talent Agency
Agency DescriptionOur team has put faces into every wide angle crowd shot this town has ever filmed. We will find you work, no matter how small the role.
Benefits This agency will unlock more auditions for commercial gigs as well as daytime TV.
Agency NameG.R.A.N. Talent Agency
Agency DescriptionJoin the Goldie Ruthfield family. Our team will provide you with the same care and guidance that Goldie provided to Silver Screen Legends such as Chesterfield Cupola and Ann Chaplet
Benefits This agency will unlock more historical and musical roles for your sim to lower level actors, and will give you extra comfort including flowers when you do well.
Agency NameWell Suited Talent Agency
Agency DescriptionWell Suited Talent represents only the best, who perform their best, and expect the best. You don’t become an icon without the sweat, some tears, and more wardrobe changes than a storefront mannequin during fashion week.
Benefits This agency will get your higher pay for prime time TV, drama, and action gigs.

Choosing a Gig

The acting career is extremely different from most careers in The Sims 4 because it doesn’t have any set hours. You won’t have a 9-5 type job where you will be at work, your schedule is going to vary a ton.

Your sim will need to choose a gig to go on by clicking on the clip board button in the career panel. This will open up a box where your sim will be given some options for different gigs to choose, but they need to make a smart decision.

Each gig will have its name, the possible pay, the audition and gig time, as well as the necessary skills your sim will need to get the job. Make sure that you’re choosing gigs that your sim already has the necessary skills for, or can gain the skills before the audition occurs or it will be a waste of your time.

Going to Auditions

The actual audition in the game is just like going to a regular job, where your sim will disappear into a rabbit hole for a few hours while they’re at the audition.

You should make sure that your sim is feeling confident as it can help their probability of getting the job and also make sure they have the required skills.

If your sim manages to fail their audition, they’ll need to choose a new gig and try again.

Using a Perk to Skip Auditions

Going to auditions in the game can be a real pain, but thankfully one of the fame perks you can earn will stop you from ever having to go to an audition or get into hair and make up again!

If you get the established name perk your sim will be able to completely bypass the audition process and go straight to the gigs, which will give them more free time to develop their acting skill.

Also, when you arrive at the gig your sim will no longer need to get into hair and make up allowing you to finish the gig much easier and skip these tedious and repetitive actions.

Attending Your Gig

If your sim manages to to pass their audition, they’ll now be given a time for their gig and you have the choice to either attend the gig as an active career, or go to the job like a rabbit hole. If you want to get through the career quickly, you’re better off playing active because you’ll get more job performance.

Your sim will also be given preparation tasks that they need to complete before they attend their audition. This is going to affect their overall job performance. They will be things like increasing skills and practicing scenes.

In the top right hand corner of the screen when you’re at the gig, your sim will have tasks to complete before they are allowed to leave in the same UI that we have for parties and events.

You’ll need to do prep tasks like getting into hair and make up, chatting with your coworkers and more.

Once you’ve finished all of the preparation tasks you’ll be told to tell the director that you are ready, you’ll need to go in front of the stage to the director’s chair and hover over the people until you see which one is your director and tell them you are ready.

Once this is done, the lights in the room will go down, and the lights on the stage will illuminate. You’ll now be able to start doing your acting tasks.

There will be various props for you to click on and you can choose to do the risky or safe version. If you choose to do the risky one, you have the chance of failing which can hurt your job performance, this is influenced by your sim’s current mood as well as their acting skill level, and of course the preparation tasks that you were given between the audition and the gig.

After The Gig

Once you’ve completed all of the required tasks for your gig, your sim will stand around for a few minutes and the work shift will end soon.

When you finish your work shift you’ll have a pop up that shows how much money and fame your sim has earned. Hopefully a lot of money, and a lot of fame!

You’ll be given the chance to go home immediately, or to hangout on the lot for a while. Hanging out on the lot is fun if you’re trying to make friends with your coworkers but doesn’t have any real bonuses or effect on your job performance.

Acting Career Levels

The acting career has 10 ranks and is a lot different than regular careers, since it is an active career. There is no daily pay in the following charts like we’d normally have because each gig pays a different amount.

In the acting career you won’t get the best unlocks like build and buy items, it’s mostly just stages and costumes, which aren’t fun in the long run.

Job TitleUncredited Extra
Job DescriptionMany aspiring actors/actresses move to the Del Sol Valley with a dream to act professionally. X seeks to see his/her name in lights as a star in the latest summer blockbuster. That is a long way off. For now he/she must be happy walking briskly in the background as a uncredited extra.
Promotion BonusN/A
Promotion Unlocks Go to Auditions
Job TitleBackground Actor
Job DescriptionX is now reputable enough to have a reoccurring role serving coffee, being classmate #7 or some other role that will eventually be replaced by CG or robots. This is the background actors [sic] life though. X should keep working on that acting skill incase [sic] his/her big break comes.
Promotion Bonus§200
Promotion Unlocks Voidcritter Stage, Voidcritter Costume
Job TitleCommercial Spokesperson
Job DescriptionX has cemented himself/herself as a trusted brand. He/She is a commercial spokesperson. His/Her agent may send more daytime T.V. auditions his/her way to advance his/her career.
Promotion Bonus§250
Promotion Unlocks Camping Adventure Stage, Family Home Stage
Job TitleGuest Star
Job DescriptionWhen a daytime T.V. show is starting to hit a ratings slump they call in a guest star. Not any guest star, but X. His/Her talent, skill, and stardom will bring that something special to any show.
Promotion Bonus§350
Promotion Unlocks Pirate Costume, French Court Costume, Pirate Ship Wheel, Pirate Ship Stage, New Acting Agencies
Job TitleSupporting Actor
Job DescriptionA Supporting Actor/Actress is the unsung hero/heroine in any star’s path towards a Starlight Accolade. Now X is that hero/heroine. New stages have been unlocked to practice on at home.
Promotion Bonus§400
Promotion Unlocks Hospital Drama Stage, Police Drama Stage
Job TitleSitcom Star
Job DescriptionSometimes the small screen has greater reach than the big screen. Here, the Sitcom Star reigns supreme. X has added his/her name to list of greats.
Promotion Bonus§600
Promotion Unlocks Apocalyptic Costume, Apocalyptic Stage
Job TitleRising Star
Job DescriptionX is a Rising Star! From commercials to movies, X is the name on the lips of all the casting agents. His/Her choice of next gigs may determine if this star keeps rising, or if it burns out in flames.
Promotion Bonus§800
Promotion Unlocks Western Stage, Victorian Stage
Job TitleSeasoned Thespian
Job DescriptionFake tears, costume changes, and partial blindness due to stage lights have all lead here. X is now a seasoned thespian. The toughest roles are available to be auditioned for.
Promotion Bonus§1200
Promotion Unlocks Medieval Stage, Medieval Costume, Alien Costumes
Job TitleSuperstar
Job DescriptionSuperstar! X is the talk of the town. His/her name gets top billing in all the advertising. When he/she signs up for a project, that project gets immediately moved to the prime summer release slots.
Promotion Bonus§1500
Promotion Unlocks City Street Stage, Romantic Garden Stage
Job TitleSilver Screen Icon
Job DescriptionX’s name will forever been known in film history. His/her projects will be reviewed by film students for decades to come. His/her subtle facial movements to portray complex emotions will be diligently studied by novice actors everywhere. Also, X will make a lot of money.
Promotion Bonus§1800
Promotion Unlocks Super Hero Costume, Sci-Fi Costume, Super Hero Stage

Cheating the Acting Career

Each Career in The Sims 4 has a cheat that will allow you to get promoted without actually doing the work, you can check out the full list of career cheats here.

To cheat the actor career, you need to hit ctrl + shift + c on your keyboard, then type in testingcheats true and hit enter. Then use the careers.promote actor cheat and hit enter, and you’ll get a promotion without the work!

Final Thoughts

The acting career is a really fun one, and can be super fun to do as an active career. Your sim will gain some fame and become a world famous celebrity in time, so be patient and keep working on your acting skill and you’ll be famous in no time!

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