20+ Sims 4 CC Toddler Bedroom Sets To Make the Cutest Toddler Room

There are so many options for adorable toddler furniture out there but my favourite way to get it will always be to grab sims 4 cc toddler bedroom sets so you can have a whole collection of things that match. This is awesome because you’ll get a cute toddler bed, a dresser and even toddler toys that all work amazingly well together.

You really have dozens of these bedroom sets to choose from and you can get some that are super modern, extremely neutral or just go all out with rainbows, butterflies and bright colours if that’s what you’re into. There’s definitely something for everybody!

The Sims 4 CC Toddler Bedroom Sets

1. Toddler Delight

The first on our list of sims 4 cc toddler bedroom sets is Toddler Delight which is a set with 10 different items available for you. The first two, and arguably most important, items on the list are the toddler bed and the matching bassinet. This is awesome because you can use this set when your child is a baby and then just transition from bassinet to baby bed.

There are even really adorable decorative pillows to make both the bassinet and toddler bed look more adorable and your toddlers will look so cute in this bed. Add the beautiful curtains to either the baby bassinet or the toddler bed and this is fit for a prince or princess.

There are also adorable decor items in this little furniture pack including a gorgeous round rug and some decorative angel wings for the wall! There’s even a simple toy box for all of your sim’s favourite toys.

sims 4 cc toddler bedroom sets

2. Melina’s Nook

Melina’s Nook loosely fits on this list because it doesn’t actually come with a toddler bed. However, the rest of this gorgeous toddler furniture fits so well in any toddlers room and can look great with a simple bed that comes in the base game.

This little set of furniture comes with so many goodies starting with a beautiful love seat and even decorative star pillows to decorate it. You also get a gorgeous chair and side table set, a bunch of decorative shelves that look like mountains in the cutest way and so many little decor clutter items.

melina's nook bedroom furniture with star pillows

3. Jojo Toddler Bedroom

The Jojo Toddler Bedroom is great for a very minimal but adorable bedroom set. This set has an adorable shiplap bed with small cut outs on the side for your toddler to climb in and the comforters are really adorable.

The large dresser is really beautiful with cut outs for handles and a cascade of stars coming down the one large door. The theme of this room is definitely cute animals with adorable art work with either farm animals, zoo animals or dinosaurs depending on the swatch.

With this option for sims 4 cc bedroom sets you’ll even get a very popular cube shelf with one shelf being open to add your favourite toddler clutter!

jojo toddler room with stars on the dresser

4. Lenny Furniture

When creating this list the Lenny Furniture set was definitely going to make the cut because of that adorable toddler bed. The bed in this set is so cute and will make your toddlers feel like they’re camping with wood boards making a little nest for your tiny ones.

The other star of this is definitely the shelves but with the airplane wall shelf being the best, the little airplane shelf can hold the cutest clutter and is definitely a musth ave. They even have a matching child’s bed so you can have this stay with your child until they grow up!

lenny toddlers room with

5. Stibium Toddler Room

The Stibium Toddler Room is a really beautiful option that just makes you smile when you look at it. The first item of note is the adorable toddler bed that looks as if it was once a crib that turns into a toddler bed which is a cute detail.

With the bed there is a gorgeous hanging detail you can add to make the bed feel even more magical, add a cat clock, rainbow pillows and an adorable dresser and you’ve got a beautiful option for sims 4 cc toddler bedroom sets!

This furniture set even has a custom potty chair for all of your toddler’s adventures in potty training which is amazing.

sims 4 cc toddler bedroom sets

6. Naturalis Kids Room

If you’re really into a boho style for your toddler’s bedroom the Naturalis Kid’s Room is the best option for you. This bedroom set has 16 creations meaning you’ve got so many items to decorate with.

The first item is the gorgeous bed with lattice detailing on the headboard and some really adorable bedding options. This bed comes in both toddler beds and kid’s beds so you have options for when your toddler grows up.

With this there is also a gorgeous natural textured rug, a beautiful burst of fun in the chair, and a gorgeous floral mirror. Plus, the dresser is huge but looks so amazing and matches the bed so perfectly.

cool kids room for sims

7. Sloraki Toddlers Bedroom

If you want an extremely themed bedroom for your toddlers you need to check out the Sloraki Toddler’s Bedroom. This one is so fun and has an option of adding a giant ball above your toddler’s bed to make it look like its floating with a hot air balloon in the cutest way.

The bookshelves for this set are shaped like small houses with cut outs for clutter and all of the furniture matches so perfectly. There’s even a toy box and an adorable cloud rug, can’t get cuter than that!

sims 4 toddler room with air balloon bed

8. Bambino Children’s Room

Next up on the list of my favourite sims 4 cc toddler bedroom sets is the Bambino Children’s Room. This room is great for an adorable look but a little less stylistic than the Sloraki room.

This set has a bed for both your children and your toddlers so they can grow up with this bedroom set which is awesome. The bed has a roof and detailing to make it feel like a home which is so darn cute.

There is an adorable little rocking horse, a beautiful peg board to put above a desk for a unique look and the furniture is so gorgeous and looks great in game!

There is even a small dog house that you can use as decor which is a super fun and adorable detail.

bedroom set for toddlers

9. Dakota Decor

The Dakota Decor Set doesn’t actually have a bed included in it, but its too cute to not be added to this list and it can pair nicely with any other custom content bed you can find.

This set has a bunch of adorable clutter options to decorate your favourite kid’s room with. The furniture you see isn’t included but the tiny tent, the mountains, the art work and more is included and can really decorate your toddler’s room in the best way.

dakota decor with shelves and mountains

10. Scandi Bedroom

The next set absolutely hates straight lines and modern designs and that’s why we love it. The Scandi Bedroom is so adorable and has bumpy textures in everything.

There is both a toddler bed and child’s bed so works great for kids sharing a room or when your sim’s are growing up. There are adorable small chairs and a little table that look like tiny clouds and the small decor items are so precious!

One of my favourite items in this set is definitely the toddler dresser because it is a double door with glass and curtains, has a roof and looks like a tiny little gingerbread house. Too cute!

adorable toddler bedroom set with clouds

11. Magic Forest

Have you ever wished your toddlers could live inside of a magical forrest filled with mushrooms and tiny little elves? Well, look no further than magic forest.

This set has so many cute decor items that are decorated with mushrooms and elves even with a bedside table that has an elf as the top. So cute!

magic forest toddler room with elves

12. Lily Nursery

The Lily Nursery is a beautiful option for your mods folder category of sims 4 cc toddler bedroom sets because its just so beautiful and those tiny chairs bring too much joy.

The two types of chairs you can have in this set either have bunny ears or deer antlers at the back which is genuinely one of the cutest things ever.

The couch in this pack is super stylish and looks extremely comfortable and matches all the colours you can get in the bed and chairs too!

sims 4 cc toddler bedroom sets

13. Noonie Toddlers Bedroom

We all wanted to have a race car bed as a child, don’t even lie, you did too! This Noonie Toddler’s Room is super fun and has an adorable toddler bed with heart wheels and an adorable face. All of the furniture has gorgeous hearts all over it making your toddler feel extremely loved.

There is a bunch of Hello Kitty themed items in this as well as beautiful art for other animals and even a fun lava lamp!

toddlers noonie bedroom for kids

14. Cute Children’s Dormitory

There are definitely different types of sims players with some wanting super colour and wild furniture and others want something a little more tame like the Cute Child’s Dormitory. This set is really great because it manages to be neutral while still bringing in a specific colour to parts of the furniture.

This one has a gorgeous bed with draping blankets which adds a bit of fun, and also includes a nice high chair and a few clutter items to decorate with.

There is even a super realistic set of accessories with Pampers Diapers boxes and branded baby lotions that would be in every toddler’s bedroom IRL!

cute child's bedroom for toddlers

15. Clark Toddler Bedroom

Next up on our list of sims 4 cc toddler bedroom sets is the Clark Toddler Bedroom that was featured in the retro reboot! This bed is one of my favourites on the list because the bed frame feels grown up but the small sunburst details on the side make it feel super cute.

There are a bunch of cute decor objects in this one including a wall shelf unit, a beautiful set of art work for the wall and an adorable rug. You’ll even get a set of dresser, bedside table and armoire that all look so good together and bring in a pop of colour while still being mostly neutral.

clark toddler bedroom

16. Tarva Bedroom

If you’re a huge fan of wood furniture you definitely need the Tarva Toddler Bedroom that has some really great natural wood detailing. This one comes with both a toddler and child bed option so you can grow with this or have siblings share a room.

There is a bunch of cute decoration for this room including an adorable tiny kitchen set, a tiny tent, and a gorgeous wall art option for your next toddler room.

tarva bedroom set for sims 4

17. Aura Toddlers Room

Do your toddlers want to live in the jungle? Well, with the aura toddlers room you can definitely make that happen.

This set is definitely wild, get it? Wild? Like animals? Anyway. The cutest items in this include the jungle bed and adorable jungle bookcase. There is even a hanging rocking chair and adorable decor objects to use in any toddler rooms, not just ones that feel like you’re hanging in the actual jungle.

non neutral toddler bedroom set

18. Nagoya Set

The next up is the Nagoya Set that doesn’t actually feature a bed, but is great for random decor objects for your toddler room. The best creations in this set are definitely the chair and poof that would be a great place for late night cuddles with your sim’s parent.

There is a gorgeous cube shelf where you can act like your sim stores all of their clothing and their favourite toys and some gorgeous wall items like a nice mountain shelf, and some gorgeous rainbow lamp.

animal and neutral bedroom decor

19. Unicorn 2

What toddler doesn’t love unicorns? This Unicorn Set is the perfect decor set for your next toddler bedroom!

This set is just filled with small decor items to use as clutter objects in your room. It includes items like a beautiful unicorn decal, a clock with rainbows, some beautiful unicorn bookends and even a unicorn riding a rainbow. Everything unicorn related you’d ever need!

magical unicorn bedroom decor

20. Rinehart Toddler Bedroom

Any simmer who is a fan of mid century furniture and want their toddler’s room to have this style you’ll need the Rinehart Toddler Bedroom in your game.

This set has a gorgeous toddler bed with rails on the side to keep your toddlers safe, comes with a gorgeous bedside table that matches perfectly and even the best piece of cube furniture to decorate your sim’s room.

You really can create a beautiful bedrooms with all this decor!

toddler bedroom with giant teddy bear

21. Diego Nursery Furniture

There are so many amazing creators out there who come up with the most creative options for decor.

This Diego Nursery Furniture is extremely fun because it has small pieces that you can use to create a super interesting bed with shelves, little cut outs and so much cuteness.

22. Sweet Toddler Bedroom

The sweet toddler bedroom is an extremely sweet option for your toddler’s room and features some really traditional furniture. The bed has the typical bed rails you’d see and you can have gorgeous wood furniture to match.

The different pattern options are fun with one having horses, one with polka dots and my favourite being the one with butterflies!

sims 4 cc toddler bedroom sets

23. Magical Place

Next up on our list of sims 4 cc toddler bedroom sets is the magical place set that has everything you’d need for a toddler even including a custom potty chair.

This set has a really adorable item that you can put above your sim’s bed that just makes it look like a small treehouse. There is a gorgeous chair, an activity table, a plant, and so much more. You can really decorate the entire room with this set!

magical place bedroom with crab pillow

24. Childs Play Bedroom

The child’s play bedroom unfortunately doesn’t feature a toddler bed, however, all of the items are perfect for decorating a toddler bedroom. There are gorgeous dressers, shelves, a desk and a beautiful sunburst mirror that can grow with your kids.

child's play bedroom for toddlers

Final Thoughts

These adorable sims 4 cc toddler bedroom sets are some of my favourites to add to my game and can really help you decorate without too much fuss. You can mix and match your favourite furniture pieces and make the absolute best rooms ever. Happy playing!

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