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Sims 4 Parenting Skill Cheat & How to Use It

The parenting skill is one of those really important skills that let you raise better children. Using this skill to your advantage gives your sims great new traits and makes them better people. Using the sims 4 parenting skill cheat is great for getting your sims to have a high skill quickly.

The best things about the parenting skill are stuck in later parts of the skill like full parent mode and super efficient baby care, so gaining this skill is a must-have for me.

Two adult sims who are working on their parenting skill in The Sims 4, and their 3 kids learning new things without cheats.

How to Enable Cheats

When you’re playing the game you should always enable cheat codes before attempting to actually use cheats. Why? Well, the game can sometimes get confused when you try and use cheats without doing this, it’s annoying but necessary. You’ll want to first open the cheat box with the following commands:

  • PC: Ctrl + Shift + C
  • Mac: Command + Shift + C
  • Console: All Four Triggers

Once this box opens you’ll need to type in testingcheats true and hit enter, then you’re free to use any cheat codes you want.

How to Use Sims 4 Parenting Skill Cheat

Many players don’t know that there are actually two types of skills in the game. The first type is a minor skill that has five levels like the pet training skill, and the second type (where parenting falls) has ten levels and is a major skill. Since parenting is a major skill there are ten variations to the cheat.

The base of this skill is simple and goes along with the majority of the skill cheats, it is stats.set_skill_level Major_Parenting X where you’ll replace the X with whatever level of the skill you want your sim to have.

Level of The SkillCheat Code
Level 1stats.set_skill_level Major_Parenting 1
Level 2stats.set_skill_level Major_Parenting 2
Level 3stats.set_skill_level Major_Parenting 3
Level 4stats.set_skill_level Major_Parenting 4
Level 5stats.set_skill_level Major_Parenting 5
Level 6stats.set_skill_level Major_Parenting 6
Level 7stats.set_skill_level Major_Parenting 7
Level 8stats.set_skill_level Major_Parenting 8
Level 9stats.set_skill_level Major_Parenting 9
Level 10stats.set_skill_level Major_Parenting 10

Final Thoughts

If you’re a family gameplay simmer you definitely already own The Sims 4: Parenthood so you know everything about the parenting skill. That makes it so you may not want to spend your time earning it on your own, and may as well use the sims 4 parenting skill cheat instead. Happy Playing!

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