The Sims 4: Flower Arranging Skill and How to Cheat It (Seasons)

Everybody loves the look of a beautiful flower arrangement on a nice spring afternoon, and The Sims 4: Seasons brought a brand new flower arranging skill to the game.

With this skill your sims are able to create beautiful flower arrangements to either sell, gift, or decorate their homes with.

How to Gain the Flower Arranging Skill

There are two ways for your sims to gain the flower arranging skill. The first way is to purchase a flower arranging skill book on the computer or a bookcase and read those. However, reading skill books in The Sims 4 is the slowest way to gain any skill, so you’re better off just creating flower arrangements.

The best way to gain the skill is to actually create those arrangements on the violets are blue flower arranging table. This can be found in the activities section of build buy mode to put in your sim’s home.

How to Use the Flower Arranging Table

Once your sim owns a flower arranging table on their lot, you can actually use it as flower storage if you have a garden on your lot where you are growing the flowers you are using.

You can drag flowers from your sims inventory to the flower arranging table and any time you go to make an arrangement. You can also just have them in your sims inventory.

To craft a flower arrangement you want to click on the table and you’ll be shown a menu where you can choose which type to create. It will cost you money depending on how many of the flowers you already have and how expensive the flowers inside are.

Once you choose one you’ll be able to watch your sim work on the flower arrangement and when it is done it will just hangout on the table. You are able to add a different vase to the arrangement if you want too!

Levels of the Skill

There are 10 levels of the flower arranging skill and as your sim gains the skill they will unlock new abilities like new types of arrangements and the ability to scent them.

Flower Arranging Level 1

When you first start gaining the flower arranging skill your sim is able to make the following arrangements: tulips, holly, daisy, dahlia, bluebell, begonias, and chrysanthemum.

Flower Arranging Level 2

When your sim hits level two of the skill they can make the following flower arrangements: snapdragons, crocus’ and roses.

Flower Arranging Level 3

When a sim reaches level 3 of the skill they can start scenting the arrangements with snowdrops and crocus flowers. They will also unlock arrangements made with begonias, dahlias and tulips.

Flower Arranging Level 4

At level 4 of the skill your sim is able to scent with daisies and bluebells and can now make arrangements with the following flowers: christmas roses, lilies, and snowdrops.

Flower Arranging Level 5

When your sim hits level 5 of the skill they are going to unlock arrangements made with orchids and birds of paradise. They can also scent flower arrangements with roses and dahlias.

Flower Arranging Level 6

A sim with level 6 of the flower arranging skill will unlock the ability to scent with snapdragons and chrysanthemums.

Flower Arranging Level 7

At level 7 your sim will unlock the ability to now scent with tulips and Christmas roses.

Flower Arranging Level 8

When your sim hits level 8 of the skill they will be able to scent their arrangements with birds of paradise and begonia flowers.

Flower Arranging Level 9

When your sim gets close to mastering the flower arranging skill at level 9 they are going to be able to scent their arrangements with lily flowers and death flowers.

Flower Arranging Level 10

A sim who maxes the flower arranging skill will be able to scent their flower arrangements with orchids.

How to Cheat the Flower Arranging Skill

If you don’t want to gain the flower arranging skill on your own, you have the chance to cheat the skill instead! First you want to enable cheats by hitting ctrl + shift + c on your keyboard and typing in testingcheats true and hitting enter.

Then you’ll type in stats.set_skill_level major_flowerarranging X and switch that X for whatever level of the skill you’d like to have. For example, if you want to have level 6 of the skill you’d type in stats.set_skill_level major_flowerarranging 6 and hit enter.

Making Money with Flower Arranging

Flower arranging is actually an awesome way to make money. If you don’t have Get to Work or Nifty Knitting, your only option is to sell the flower arrangements directly like you would with painting or if you have the marketplace table from packs lie City Living or Eco Lifestyle you can sell it like that. However, if you do own one of those packs, you have more intense options to earn higher incomes.

Owning a Flower Shop

If you have The Sims 4: Get to Work installed in your game you have the option of opening up a retail flower shop. You’ll be able to create flower arrangements for sale at this store and use the awesome retail system to sell your arrangements to other sims who can afford them. You’ll be able to mark up your prices to earn a way higher income than just selling directly.

Using Plopsy

If you have The Sims 4: Nifty Knitting installed in your game you have the ability to sell items on plopsy. You’ll want to put your flower arrangements on plopsy by clicking on it and choosing to list on plopsy for five simoleons. Then it will go into your sim’s inventory and you can wait for it to be sold. It works extremely similar to Etsy in real life!

Scenting Arrangements

A fun thing that your sims can do when they reach level 3 of this skill is scent their flower arrangements. This allows you to get some new moodlets or effects from different flower scents and even leads to possible death or a turning back of the clock.

To scent an arrangement you can click on a finished flower arrangement on the table and choose to scent and choose which flower you have to scent with. There are 15 different kinds of scents that your sims will unlock as they continue to gain the flower arranging skill.

1. Begonia

If you scent a flower arrangement with a begonia flower it will become a fun cursed gift. This means that when you gift it to a different sim they will get a +3 dazed moodlet that will last an entire day.

2. Birds of Paradise

Scenting with a birds of paradise will give the option when you click on it to be magnificent which means your sim will get a +2 confident moodlet that will last a few hours.

3. Bluebell

Scenting a flower arrangement with a bluebell flower is a great option because it will stop the decay process allowing you to keep them for longer. Scenting with the bluebell flower is great if you want to run a flower shop because sometimes if something doesn’t sell it can go bad and be wasted.

4. Christmas Rose

The Christmas rose scent will add a feeling drowsy interaction that makes any sim near there get themselves to a bed or couch immediately and go to sleep.

5. Chrysanthemum

Scenting with a chrysanthemum will give you a new interaction with the arrangement for full friendship with +2 happiness for a few hours.

6. Crocus

The crocus flower scent works in conjunction with beekeeping from The Sims 4: Seasons. You’ll be able to put it near the beekeeping box and it will keep your bees calm until it wilts.

7. Dahlia

When you scent with a dahlia it will create the mourning scent. There will be an interaction when gifted giving sims a sad moodlet for a few hours.

8. Daisy

When you use a daisy to scent it you’ll get an interaction with it called joy and sunshine that will give you a +2 happiness moodlet for a few hours.

9. Death Flower

If you scent with a death flower you can gift that flower arrangement to sims for bad effects. Most sims will be immediately aged up to the next stage of their life and if you gift it to an elder they are going to immediately pass away.

10. Lily

Scenting with a lily will give your sims ab inspired moodlet for a few hours.

11. Orchid

The orchid is the coolest one because it has a life scent. You can scent with this then click on the inhale life essence option and you can have your sims current age reset to the beginning of their current stage.

12. Rose

When you scent with a rose it will make it romantic! If you gift this to another sim they are going to be filled with passion and get a +2 flirty moodlet.

13. Snapdragon

A flower arrangement scented with a snapdragon will cause disrespect. This means that they get some new interactions like shut up and rude news causing sims to get angry.

14. Snowdrop

When you scent with a snowdrop you’ll be able to click watch wisps on the flower arrangement. This causes some wisps floating around the flowers and will give your sim an inspired moodlet.

15. Tulip

The tulip flower scenting is a pretty boring one and will just give sims a +2 happy moodlet.

Flower Arranging and Death

One of my favourite things in The Sims 4 are the death types that are in a bunch of different packs. With the flower arranging skill we actually got a whole new death type from scenting flowers.

If you scent a flower arrangement with the death flower you are able to give this as a gift to any sim and they will age up to the next life stage. However, if you give this to an elder they will pass away.

Final Thoughts

The flower arranging skill is a good one from The Sims 4: Seasons because you can make a really good amount of income and just have beautiful fresh flower arrangements around your home to decorate with! I love it! Happy playing!

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