The Sims 4: Party Animal Aspiration

The party animal aspiration is one of the original aspirations that came with the base game and is a fun one for any player who loves to throw parties and bring their friends over to hangout.

This aspiration focuses on throwing good parties and earning silver and gold, as well as going to parties at cool destinations.

Traits That Can Help

There are certain traits that are going to be helpful to sims in every different aspiration and there are a few that can help with the party animal aspiration.


Since these sims are going to be attending a ton of parties, they might want to be outgoing. These sims are going to have more fun being around other sims and will enjoy the party atmosphere more than a is who may be a loner.

Dance Machine

Dance machine was a trait that came with The Sims 4: Get Together and is a fun one for sims who want to be a party animal. A lot of parties need to have different sims dancing, and a dance machine sim will have more fun when dancing.

Reward Trait for the Party Animal Aspiration

A sim who completes the party animal aspiration will be given the perfect host reward trait.

This reward trait makes it so that these sims will get a boost to the score of any of the social events they are throwing allowing them to get gold easier, and earn rewards easier as well.

Stages of the Party Animal Aspiration

Level One: New in Town

  • Introduce Self to 10 Sims
  • Have 3 Friends

The first part of this aspiration is quite easy and can be done in the first few days of gameplay. You’ll need to go around town and meet other sims and introduce yourself to 10 sims around the neighbourhood.

Then, you’ll need to make 3 friends. These can be anybody including your family members. To make friends you just need to spend time doing friendly or funny interactions with other sims.

Level Two: Welcoming Host

  • Throw 3 Parties
  • Earn Silver on 3 Social Events

Next, you’ll need to throw 3 parties and try your best to earn at least silver on these events. These parties can be birthday parties, house parties, dinner parties, etc. You can even do these on things like a toddler playdate, weenie roast, and more.

These two aren’t connected, so you could throw 3 parties without earning silver and then earn silver later, so don’t stress too much about having a great party every time.

To earn silver on these social events you just need to follow the directions in the top left hand corner of the screen. Social events will have things like tell jokes, or mix drinks and when you complete these tasks you’ll get closer to earning silver.

Level Three: Sir Gala Had

  • Earn Silver on 3 Thrown Parties
  • Attend a Social Event at 5 Different Locations

The third section of this aspiration is to earn silver on 3 thrown parties. This has to be a dinner party, birthday party, or house party. Things like weenie roasts from get together won’t count!

To earn silver on these events you need to follow the tasks that are given to you in the top let hand corner of the screen when the event is happening. They will be things like eat cake or have drinks and can be completed easily.

You’ll also need to attend a social event at 5 different locations, you can host these yourself, or go to friend’s parties when they invite you. If you have The Sims 4: Get Together, you’ll get invite to events at places like The Chalet or The Bluffs that will count toward this as well!

Level Four: Party Animal

  • Throw 10 Social Events
  • Attend 15 Social Events
  • Earn Gold for Two Parties

In the final part of this aspiration you’ll need to have thrown 10 social events of your own, with your sim as the host. This counts as any of the events that are going to appear under plan a social event.

You’ll need to have earned gold on at least two parties that you throw, which can be done by focusing your time on the tasks that are given to you during the event.

Finally, you’ll need to attend 15 social events that are thrown by other people. This can be parties thrown by people in your household that you just attend, or parties thrown by other townies. When you have a lot of friends you’ll get invited to birthday parties often, so this can be done easily.

Final Thoughts

The party animal aspiration is an easy one and is pretty straight forward. It may take a lot of time, since you’ll need to be constantly throwing and attending parties. Just focus on the event goals and get it done! Happy playing!

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