The Sims 4: Singing Skill Guide

With the introduction of The Sims 4: City Living expansion pack, the singing skill was introduced. This is a skill that doesn’t have a ton of use, but can be fun to watch your sims participate in and can lead to a lot of fun interactions.

When you get your sim to the point of maxing out the singing skill, it is actually quite nice to listen to and can be really beautiful, but when they first start, it’s a mess and you may want to turn your volume down.

Ideal Mood For The Singing Skill

Each skill in The Sims 4 has an ideal mood that is associated with it and can make gaining the skill happen much quicker. The ideal mood to gain the singing skill, is inspired, as this is a creative skill.

To get your sim to feel inspired, you can get them to take a thoughtful shower which will give them a +1 inspired moodlet. The next option is to get a light blue plumbob lamp that will let off an inspired aura.

Traits That Help The Singing Skill

Music Lover

A sim with the music lover trait can get inspired when listening to music which can help you grow your singing skill, they also get happiness moodlets when playing instruments so if your sim is singing while playing the guitar or piano they will have a really great time!


Creative sims are much more likely to get inspired which is the ideal mood for growing the singing skill and can help them build their skill quicker.

How to Gain The Singing Skill

Your sim has a number of interactions available for them to practice the singing skill, and all of them will not sound the best at first if you have your volume up. Just like with playing instruments your sim will get better at singing as they grow the skill and it’ll make them sound much better.

Your sim can gain the singing skill through using the karaoke machine, clicking on a microphone and using that to start singing, singing in the shower, clicking on the sim and choosing practice singing, serenading other sims, and also if you have The Sims 4: Seasons, they can gain the skill when singing holiday songs (i.e., Winterfest).

If you have level 3 of the singing skill and level 3 of either the guitar or the piano skill, you can actually practice both at the same time to grow your skills in more than one area! Cool, right?

Singing Skill Levels

Singing Skill Level 1

When your sim is able to start gaining the singing skill they can now use the microphone to practice singing. You can also now sing a few solo songs on the karaoke machine: house, jazz, and pop music. And you have also unlocked the ability to sing a country duet.

Singing Skill Level 2

When your sim reaches level 2 of the singing skill they have now unlocked folk music on the microphone. They can also now rave about favourite singers with other sims. They have also unlocked solo rock and duet pop music on the karaoke machine.

Singing Skill Level 3

When you reach level 3 of the singing skill you can now click on your sim and click to sing pop songs and also start serenading other sims. You can now also sing pop music on a microphone and you’ve unlocked a country solo and a jazz duet on the karaoke machine.

Singing Skill Level 4

At the 4th level of the singing skill your sim has unlocked ballads as a duet using the karaoke machine and can now sing disco songs.

Singing Skill Level 5

At level 5 of the singing skill your sim can sing jazz music on the microphone, as well as sing jazz while also playing the piano or guitar. They can also sing jazz when you click on them and select sing song.

Singing Skill Level 6

There aren’t any unlocks at this level of the skill, however, you’ll notice your sim is becoming a much better singer.

Singing Skill Level 7

Your sim can now sing theatre drama songs using the microphone, as well as sing them while simultaneously playing the guitar or the piano. This is also unlocked in the sing song interaction.

Singing Skill Level 8

You are now able to start writing songs using the microphone as well as sing the songs that they have written.

Singing Skill Level 9

When you reach level 9 of the singing skill you are now able to start licensing your music once you have written a song and you do this buy clicking on the mailbox.

Singing Skill Level 10

There are no new unlocks at level 10 of the singing skill, however, you’ll notice a serious increase in the sound of your sim’s singing and you may actually enjoy listening to them at this point.

If you want to cheat your way to singing skill fame, you can always use cheat codes to get the job done. You just hit ctrl + alt + C and then type testingcheats true into the cheats box and hit enter, this will allow all other cheats to work. Then you need to type stats.set_skill_level major_singing X into the cheats box and fill the X with whatever skill level you want your sim to have.

Serenading a Sim With Your Singing

You are also given the opportunity to serenade another sim using your new singing abilities. You just need a microphone around to get this done. You should not try and serenade a sim you don’t yet have a romantic interaction with because they may get extremely embarrassed if the sim doesn’t enjoy the interaction.

When you serenade another sim, it will give you a flirty moodlet that lasts 8 hours and can really get your sim in a romantic mood.

Writing Songs With The Singing Skill

Just like with instruments (i.e., guitar, violin) your sim can use their singing skill to start writing and licensing songs they write. You’re able to unlock writing songs at level 8 of the skill, and when you hit level 9 you can now start licensing.

You’re only able to license one song at a time from singing (however, you can license one from singing, one from guitar, one from violin, etc, at the same time!) which means that you won’t make your sim extremely rich from just licensing songs from the singing skill.

It takes around 12 sim hours to write a song from start to finish, and it doesn’t need to be done in one go, you can click on the song in your inventory to resume. You’ll earn anywhere from $100-800 a day for a licensed song and you’ll receive the royalties each day at 10 am.

Reward Traits That Help With The Singing Skill


Shameless is a great option for a sim who has a low singing skill because performing singing in front of other sims can cause your sims to suffer from embarrassment. The shameless reward store trait makes it so your sim will never feel embarrassed which also means that your sims will never die from embarrassment.


This is a great option if you want to make another sim flirty before getting your sim to serenade them. This trait will give the other sim a +60 flirty moodlet, so they are definitely going to enjoy your serenading and any other flirty interactions.


Savant is a skill building reward trait that will give your sim a 25% boost in all skill building and make it so they can grow their skills faster.

Final Thoughts

The Sims 4 singing skill isn’t really going to make your sim rich and it isn’t related to any job in the game, so you can’t even use it to improve on your sim’s career. This skill is entirely great for a hobby and can be really fun to watch. Have you ever maxed out the singing skill in the sims 4? Do you like listening to your sims sing or do you just play with the sound off? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Doesn’t work on my computer
    It’s like the skill doesn’t even exist
    I even tried the cheat

    1. I’m pretty sure you need the Get Famous DLC or Seasons DLC to have the singing skill in your game

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