How to Use The Move Objects Cheat in The Sims 4

One of the most popular cheats in The Sims 4 for builders is the move objects cheat. This is a valuable cheat because it allows you to place any object off the grid in the game and allows you to raise and lower objects, alt place objects and so much more. It is a very useful cheat that so many players use each and every day.

This cheat allows players to really go in and use their creativity in ways that they couldn’t without it and create some of the most beautiful builds. Move objects is a must know cheat for all players, so let’s discuss all the things it can do.

How to Enable Cheats

With most cheats in The Sims 4, you need to make sure that cheats are enabled before starting to use it. Sometimes cheats like move objects will work without it, but sometimes they don’t so it’s just a good rule of thumb to use this before trying to use any cheats.

To enable cheats in The Sims 4 you want to first open up the cheat dialogue box. You can do this by hitting the following:

  • PC: ctrl + shift + c
  • MAC: command + shift + c
  • CONSOLE: all four triggers

When this works a thin white box will appear at the top of your screen and you can type cheats here. You’ll want to type testingcheats true or testingcheats on and hit enter. After hitting enter your game should let you know that cheats are enabled and this is when you can go ahead and use the move objects cheat.

How to Enable The Move Objects Cheat

Before being able to use this cheat, make sure you’ve enabled cheats with the last step. Then you’ll want to ensure that your dialogue box is open which you can do with ctrl + shift c if you’re on PC, command + shift + c if you’re on Mac, and all four triggers on console.

After you’ve enabled your cheats and the dialogue box is still open, you’ll want to then type in the move objects cheat. This cheat is bb.moveobjects but you can also use bb.moveobjects on as well, both will work.

What Does Move Objects Do?

The basics of the move objects cheat are that it allows you to place items without having to worry about the pesky grid that makes building less interesting. It allows you to place items anywhere on your lot, however, sometimes they may not be functional if you place them too close together so be careful!

Move objects also allows you to properly place items from the gallery, as well as raising and lower objects in your game and making objects bigger or smaller to make them more versatile.

Using Move Objects with The Gallery

Something that is super popular in the game is The Sims 4 Gallery, this is a place where players can go and download families or houses that they can then use in their game. These are created by other really talented players so you’ll never be disappointed. What does this have to do with move objects?

Well, a good rule of thumb when using houses from the gallery is to always have move objects turned on before you place them. Why? Well, most builders use this cheat when creating their homes so you’ll want to use this cheat when placing them so that all items place exactly where they were meant to be.

Raising or Lowering Objects

There are a bunch of objects that you may want to raise up onto shelving units or counter tops, and there is a way to do this when move objects is enabled. You can hit the 9 key on your keyboard to raise an item or the 0 key to lower an item. This can help you to decorate objects without a ton of decoration slots, or get that mirror on the perfect spot on the wall.

Resizing Objects

There are so many objects in the game that just don’t make sense size wise. There are stuffed animals that are too small and plants that are too big and the move objects cheat actually enables you to change the sizes on every object in the game. Just a note before we get into how, you don’t necessarily want to use this on functional objects (i.e., stoves, toilets, beds) because it will entirely break the animations. This is best used on decorative objects.

To be able to resize objects with the move objects cheat, you should first enable move objects. Then, with the item you want in hand you want to click on the square bracket keys on your keyboard. The [ will make an item smaller and ] will make an item bigger.

To do this on console you’ll want to be holding the item then press L2 + R2 on Playstation and LT + RT on XBox and then use the up and down buttons to make the objects bigger or smaller.

How to Turn off Move Objects

Sometimes you won’t want to have move objects on because an object may not be functional, or you’re trying out different things. Well, you can use the same system as before. Open up the cheat box with ctrl + shift + c on PC, command + shift + c on Mac, or all four triggers on console, then type in bb.moveobjects off and hit enter. This will turn off move objects and bring you back to adding items just within the grid.

Final Thoughts

The move objects cheat will be one of the most used cheats in your game, promise. You’ll use this every single time you decorate a home or add landscaping to the outside of your house to get those plants just close enough together for it to look awesome. Happy playing!

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  1. There is no mention here of how to rotate an object to an angle other than standard 90 and 45 degree pivots. That is something I’ve seen others have done but can’t find anywhere to learn how to do myself.

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