The BEST Sims 4 Murder Mod You Need to Try

For most players, The Sims 4 is a happy life simulator where they will raise families with 2 kids and a white picket fence. Well, since you’re here I assume you aren’t most players.

There are a lot of incredible mods out there that you can download and be able to completely change your game and make it a little darker than EA intended. You can even download a murder mod for The Sims 4, which is of course, the Extreme Violence Mod that was created by Sacrificial Mods.

Something that most mod creators do these days is create incredible trailers for their mods so you can get a real feel for what may be included and see if it’s something that you may enjoy. The extreme violence mod trailer is awesome and you can view it below!

Support The Creator

Although modders like Sacrificial do their work because they love it, they deserve to be paid by anyone who can reasonably afford it. They work hours and hours on this content that they release to the public for free and supporting these creators on Patreon can change their lives and allow them to do this full time.

If you have a few dollars to spare each month and feel like this murder mod is a great addition to your mods folder, consider supporting sacrificial on Patreon.

What Can This Murder Mod Do?

There are so many big things you can do with this mod that will be discussed in the next few sections, but I want to first talk about some of the smaller aspects of the mod that most players may overlook that are really good and add a lot to the gameplay.

The first thing is that the attack system is tied in with the reputation system if you have The Sims 4: Get Famous. If your sim has witnesses to the crime they are commuting they are going to lose reputation and probably end up with a horrible reputation.

There is even an interaction where you can go ahead and sabotage another sim’s reputation around the world making them lose reputation without doing anything wrong.

If you have The Sims 4: Seasons installed in your game, you are even able to add murder as a holiday tradition which will make it so your sims just go out and start killing each other. However, their families are (hopefully) safe if they have a good relationship because anyone with 15% positive relationship won’t be targeted.

After a sim has gone through with an attack and are covered in blood there’s a new shower interaction where they can wash blood off which is pretty gross and I wouldn’t want to clean that shower after that experience.

Another interaction in the mod is to ask a sim to become your partner in crime and this sim will no longer freak out when you participate in deadly interactions instead they are going to cheer you on.

Finally, if you go on and try to kill too many sims in a short period of time the Grim Reaper will get very annoyed with you. If you continue he may even attack you!

There are so many other options for things to do in this mod, I couldn’t possibly discuss every single thing so definitely check it out and play around for yourself.

Non-Deadly Interactions

The best thing about this murder mod is that you don’t just have to use deadly interactions on other sims, there are also hilarious non-deadly interactions for you to participate in. Below are some of the best non-deadly interactions that you’ll get in your game if you download the mod:

  • Punch
  • Beat Up
  • Steal Money
  • Slap
  • Slap Drag
  • Frame Sim
  • Kick Crotch
  • Snatch Weave
  • Kick Child
  • Slap Child
  • Punch Sims
  • and more!

Deadly Interactions

Of course if you were looking for a sims 4 murder mod, these are the interactions that you’re interested in. There are a whole bunch of options for deadly interactions with extreme violence but below are just a few of our favourites:

  • Run Over With Car
  • Throw Helicopter At
  • The Plunge
  • Super Kick
  • Super RKO
  • Tombstone Piledriver
  • Slash With Light Saber
  • The Choke Force
  • Rip Heart Out
  • Friendly Backstab
  • Spray with Machine Gun
  • Shoot with Shotgun
  • Crash Head With Booty
  • and more!

Self Defence

Something really fun that was added with an update to the mod is the whole Self Defence System. This allows the sim who is being attacked to have a chance of dodging the attack and surviving!

It is a small chance, since all murders and attacks have an 80% success rate. This is actually influenced by the sim who is being attacked’s Fitness Skill, if it is higher than the attacker sim they are going to have a better chance at dodging the attack.

A sim who somehow manages to escape a deadly-interaction that is done to them will have a few things they may do, the first is that they will run away which is the most logical but they also have the option to attack back or murder back.

What this sim does will actually be impacted by who they are and their relationship. If they have a positive relationship they will just run away, if they have a negative relationship they will be able to murder back and a sim who has the good trait won’t ever murder regardless of relationship.


The extreme violence mod even adds gangs to your game that each have a specific name and vibe. There are gangs with names like The Thotties or The HardWood that your sims are able to interact with and invite over to their homes if they want.

Other sims who are members of gangs are going to walk around doing some of the non-deadly interactions to random townies (sorry Landgraabs, you’re first) and you’ll really enjoy just watching that.

You can even go ahead yourself and join one of these gangs and your sims will start contributing in these behaviours. They will use non-deadly interactions on regular sims, and deadly interactions on members of an opposing gang.

Sacrificial went as far as to create awesome outfits for each gang to wear while they are in game so they really look like they’re going to mess people up.

A sim who goes and uses a non-deadly interaction on a gang member will make them marked for harassment by the gang where they will get attacked often. If your sim goes ahead and murders a gang member they are going to be hunted by that gang, watch out!

Finally, you are able to go out and ask a gang to kill a sim for you which will cost you §2500 which is a decent price to be honest, you can make that in just two decent paintings in the game. Doing this will get rid of the target sim while making it so the police aren’t focused on your sim at all.

Cops and Being Arrested

As of writing this, there are no real consequences in The Sims 4 and your sims are never going to be arrested in the game which is boring so thankfully this mod adds that ability for your crimes.

Having police in the game means that you need to be more aware of who is around when you are participating in murder because if there is a sim watching you kill someone they will call the cops on you and the cops will appear and there’s a high probability that you’ll get arrested.

When your sim is arrested they are going to go away to a rabbit hole prison for a 24 in-game hours where they will eventually return.

You’re even able to go ahead and frame other sims for murder with a non-deadly interaction where they will get arrested instead of you.

Final Thoughts

This is an honestly wild mod that every sims player needs to try at least once in their gameplay. It isn’t for the faint of heart because the interactions are pretty gruesome and scary so you may not want to participate, it’s really up to you. Happy playing!

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