50+ Sims 4 Gameplay Mods You Must Try

We are all lovers of The Sims but the real heroes of the community are the ones who are creating sims 4 gameplay mods. These creators are able to add so much to our games with many of them not having any traditional coding knowledge so what they are able to do is amazing.

The gameplay mods on this list are going to completely change how you play The Sims 4 and make the experience much better. There are mods for children, mods for finances and even mods for pregnancy that make that whole experience so much more interesting. Definitely something for everyone!

Sims 4 Gameplay Mods

1. The Life Decider

First up on our list of sims 4 gameplay mods is The Life Decider that does just what it says, decides your sim’s life! This mod is going to allow you to randomly generate your sim’s skills, career, enemies and friends, bonus traits and more.

This is an incredible thing to have because sometimes you just can’t come up with anything interesting to do with your sim’s and having this can improve your ideas for gameplay. My favourite part is that you’ll get randomized skills which is great because it sucks when sims are young adults with zero skills to show for the first half of their life.

the life decider is a great sims 4 gameplay mods

2. Slice of Life

One of the most popular mods for The Sims 4 has always been Slice of Life and for good reason. This mod really changes so many aspects of your gameplay in the game.

There is too much in this mod to talk about in this list of sims 4 gameplay mods but some of the highlights include a memories system, an actual response to drinking alcohol, a menstrual cycle and a system that allows your sims to have realistic sickness.

An interesting thing that has been done with this mod is Stacie has given us the option to only download specific sections if you aren’t interested in individual pieces so you can have My Memories but not download My Cycle if that’s not something you’re interested in.


3. Meaningful Stories

When The Sims 4 was released they had a lot of their marketing material focused on smarter sims and especially on this emotions system that seems to be a flop a few years later. With the meaningful stories mod you can have a completely redesign this emotions system that make your sim’s feel more human.

The way it works currently in the vanilla game is that the emotions are constantly flopping just because your sim entered a well decorated room or walked in on someone using the bathroom but this isn’t how emotions work IRL. You aren’t going to be embarrassed for 8 hours after seeing someone on the toilet.

Meaningful stories will add meaningful moods where your sims are going to have their emotions be more varied and much more subtle and specific moods are able to boost others. For example, a sim with an uncomfortable moodlet may have this boosting their sad moodlet and making that worse for them.

The happiness moodlets also behave differently because happy isn’t an emotion that humans feel each day and your sims will only feel truly happy when something great happens. It’s a really amazing system for you to try out!

a happy moment moodlet for the sims 4

4. Life Tragedies

If you’re looking for a mod that will add bad things to your game you absolutely need to have Life Tragedies in your mods folder. Why? Well, this mod will literally make tragic events happen to your sims!

There are some things that will happen to a lot of people like bullying in school and fatal illnesses or car accidents but there are also things that you wouldn’t expect to happen like serial killers and armed robberies.

The fatal illnesses are oddly the thing that excites me the most about this mod because it isn’t a death sentence, you have a small chance of being able to get life saving surgery but it doesn’t work every time. Definitely a must try sims 4 gameplay mod if you don’t love how sunshine and rainbows The Sims 4 can be.

sims 4 gameplay mods life tragedies

5. Memorable Events

Next up on the list is the Memorable Events Mod which will give you 40+ new events that you can throw in your game and some of these are really amazing. We don’t have enough events in the game as is and I’m so happy to have a mod like this to play around with.

Some of the events you’ll get to experience include things like:

  • Meet The Baby
  • Easter Egg Hunt
  • Honeymoon
  • Housewarming Party
  • Meet My Partner
  • and more!

There are specific events that will give your sim’s strong emotions too, like sims having different reactions at a meet my partner event or sims being sad to see you leave at a moving out event.

These are really amazing to have so you can make your sim’s feel so much more well rounded and get them hanging with their friends and family really often.

memorable events mod for sims 4

6. Realistic Reactions

One of the biggest issues that many players have with The Sims 4 is that reactions to events are just all over the place or entirely non existent. A sim can witness their parents cheating on each other and will not even be phased by it!

With the realistic reactions mod you are finally going to have real reactions to wild events that happen in the game. A sim who cheats on their spouse will have any other sims around them have negative reactions too, kids will have better reactions to seeing their parents do cheating interactions and all of this means a lot to me!


7. Faster Eating and Drinking

This may not be what you were looking for when you searched for sims 4 gameplay mods, however, the faster eating and drinking mod is great because it will open up way more time for you to actually play the game.

In the vanilla game your sims take so long to eat their meal and it can be extremely frustrating. Without using sims mods you are going to have them standing up, chatting, and taking hours in-game to eat and we just don’t have time for that.

With this mod you are going to have your sims sit down at a table and focus on eating which will take around half the time now and will open up so much more time to visit woohoo locations or work on their skills.


8. Funeral Mod

We desperately need new events in The Sims 4 and a funeral is one of those things that we absolutely need. The funeral mod is going to allow us to actually grieve a dead sim. There is no end to a sim’s life since we don’t have this naturally but now you can have your sims dress in all black and really feel their emotions to their fullest.

9. No Empty Venues When Arriving

When you first arrive at a venue in the game there is usually a sim or two hanging out but most of the time the venue is pretty empty until a few minutes in which feels odd. With the no empty venues when arriving mod you’re going to walk into a building that actually has people inside of it.

This is going to be great if you’re looking for someone to flirt with, or if you need to mentor sims at a gym with your fitness skill but don’t want to wait for someone to show up. This is game changing!


10. Showtime Mod

When we got The Sims 4: Get Famous we really should’ve gotten a singer or dancer career as other ways to get your sim’s famous, but the Showtime Mod will unlock these possibilities for you.

With this mod you’re able to join a whole new career where you can start out playing gigs as a singer and can wear costumes, earn money from gigs and put on performances.


11. Explore Mod

The next up on our list of sims 4 gameplay mods is the explore mod where you can have dozens of new rabbit holes for your sims to go. These types of things include going for takeout, going to events, going shopping and more.

For some of these events, like going for ice cream, your sims will actually come home with that item in their hands adding a sense of realism to the adventure.

This mod also adds a whole gambling system where your sims can choose to gamble at home with a card table or go off to a rabbit hole where your sims can make up to 10,000 simoleons and have the opportunity to lose money.


12. Life’s Drama

Are you looking to make your sim’s experience 100x more dramatic? Look no further than the Life’s Drama Mod. The best part of this mod is the social popularity system where your sims are able to increase this metric, gain trust and expose the secrets of anyone they want.

This mod adds so many other fun features including a burn book, plastic surgery, dirty secrets and more. There is even events for social justice where your sims can go to a rabbit hole to fight really important issues like animal abuse, racism and LGBTQ+ rights.


Sims 4 Gameplay Mods for Careers & Money

13. 50% Lower Career Salaries

There is a whole group of players who absolutely want to have their sims struggle and make the game harder and I’m definitely a member of that group. With the 50% Lower Career Salaries mod you can have your sims struggle to earn a good income and make them live in squalor a little bit more.

With this your sims are going to earn half of the money they would normally earn, which makes the game so much harder at the beginning and might make it more fun to play multiple generations in a legacy challenge format since you won’t be super rich after one generation.


14. Sim City Loans 2.0

There are times in the game when we just want to have money without working for it and SimCity Loans is an amazing choice for allowing us to have money. Only downfall is that we have to pay it back with 5% interest.

When you take out a loan your sim is going to get a loan packet into their inventory where they can see how many payments they have left to make so you can always keep track. This is super fun and if your sim is late at making a payment they are going to start getting late fees deducted from their family funds.

You don’t even lose the loan when your sim dies, another sim has to take over loan and keep paying it back but you do have the option to apply for loan forgiveness and hope for the best. This system is so realistic and a much more fun gameplay option than just using your money cheats.


15. SNBank Mod

The way that banking works in The Sims 4 is so communal that it makes it hard to see how much money each sim has individually. With the SNBank Mod you are going to be able to have individual accounts for each sim.

Any money that your sim earns will get deposited into an account for themselves which is an incredible thing to have. There is also ways to send money, and support for money aspirations like fabulously wealthy.

There are so many amazing systems in this mod that will make your sim’s lives so much harder including an alimony and child support system, but also things that make your sim’s lives easier like a bill autopay, a government benefit program and welcome home packages.

16. Hair Salon Mod

The next on our list of sims 4 gameplay mods is the Hair Salon Mod that allows you to both get your hair done and do other sim’s hair for simoleons! If you’re sims don’t have a gorgeous custom hair they might be needing a bit of help and a new look so a hair salon is the best place to go.

If you don’t want to get your sim’s hair done but prefer to make your sim the hair stylist you have the option to earn anywhere from 50 to 125 simoleons per style.

Your customers will behave like actual hair salon customers with different themes and reasons why they’re there like going to an ex’s wedding and these customers will let you know if they like what you did. They will even show signs of being impatient and can even leave if you take too long. Such a fun career option that we don’t have in the game.


17. ATM Cards

Having an ATM Card is a part of everyday life but doesn’t exist in the sims, until now! The ATM Cards Mod allows your sim’s to have individual cards so they can have their own money.

With these cards you also have the option to use them as a credit card where you can take out loans that need to be paid back and you will be charged interest on them!


18. Switch Streaming

Do you wish your sims could become a super famous, super rich Twitch streamer? Well, now they can with the Switch Streaming Mod. This is a really in-depth mod where you can stream, earn tips, read comments and have to follow rules to not get banned.

You can get to know NPC streamers like @KBunnie or @SashaGaming and become friendly with them and even do collaborations with these streamers! There is even a switch streaming aspiration you can play through which is exceptionally fun!


19. Resorts & Hotels

A few years in and we are still waiting to be able to go to and own resorts in The Sims 4 but with this Resorts & Hotels Mod you can! To attend a resort you just need a lot in one of your worlds to have the hotel/resort lot trait and you’ll be able to go there and get charged for the day, eat whatever you want and do whatever you want that day.

You also have the option to own a resort by starting a resort & hotel event. As an owner you’ll get to earn a lot of money, earn skills and command your staff to do things for you. You’ll want to have a high charisma skill so that people are happy with you as you chat with them at your resort.


20. Live in Business

Ever since we got The Sims 4: Get to Work we have been able to own businesses like a retail store, a flower shop, or even a veterinarian clinic but none of these were able to be businesses you ran out of your home. With the Live in Business mod your sim’s are now going to be able to run a business from their home!

The biggest thing you need to do before opening your business for the day is make sure to lock doors for rooms you don’t want your sim’s in because those pesky customers will come into your home!

sims 4 gameplay mod for in home businesses

21. Higher & More Realistic Overmax Pay

When your sims are able to get to the top of their careers their isn’t much room for improvement. When you use the higher & more realistic over max pay mod your sims now have a reason to continue to work hard at work so they can earn way more money.

higher and more realistic overmax pay mod

22. Realistic Bills

One of the biggest reasons why many players don’t bother playing without money cheats is because of how unrealistic the bills can be when you get a larger home. All of sudden your bills go from 300 to 3000 and you don’t even know how to pay for it.

With the realistic bills sims 4 gameplay mod you are now able to have your bills cut down by almost 90% so you can afford to have a nicer home without worries.

realistic bills

23. Unlimited Jobs+

Have you ever wanted your sims to be able to have as many jobs as they can possibly handle all at once? Well, with Unlimited Jobs+ your sims are now able to get hired to multiple jobs all at once, as long as they have the time.

This means your sims could have a full time job from Monday to Friday, while also working a part-time job on weekends or having a freelance career too which gives you so many opportunities to earn an income.

sim stressed from unlimited jobs

Sims 4 Gameplay Mods for Romance

24. Simda Dating App

Are you sick of your sim’s meeting the same townies over and over again and romancing with the same 3 people? With the Simda Dating App your sims are going to be able to meet brand new sims!

With this sims 4 gameplay mod you are going to be able to not only go on specific dates, but also go on blind dates or set up a one night stand and just have some fun. You’ll finally be able to find love with new sims!

sims 4 dating and romance mod

25. Road to Romance

The next mod on the list is Road to Romance which makes the romance system in the game so much more interesting for you.

This mod adds a whole romance skill for your sim to learn which will give you new interactions that you can use which is incredible. They can even get a brand new emotion, affectionate!

There are new rabbit hole dates for your sims to go on and they can even go to couples counselling and learn more about each other and grow that relationship.

road to romance mod

26. Romantic Slow Dance

Slow dancing together is a very romantic interaction and we’ve had this in past versions of the game and dancing together is just something I miss in The Sims 4. The romantic slow dance mod lets you have your sims dance together and just look so in love during the process.

27. Autonomous Proposals

Have you ever had your sim’s be in a romantic relationship with someone and just wanted them to propose to you instead of your sims doing all the work? Well, with the autonomous proposals mod you can have sims who have a romantic relationship with your sims actually propose to you which can be welcomed or not depending on their relationship.

sim autonomously proposing

28. Passionate Romance

There are so many ways we can improve the romance system in the game and Passionate Romance is able to do a lot of it.

This sims 4 gameplay mods adds some great romantic interactions like goose, snuggle, romantic hug and make out which are all things we had in past games. It adds the ability to take a romantic selfie with your love and you can even take these in a hot air balloon!

passionate romance mod sims 4

29. Romantic Skygaze

One really cute interaction in the game for friends or family is stargazing or cloud gazing but there is no romantic version of this where the sims may actually cuddle. The Romantic Sky Gaze mod will let your sims do these interactions and improve their relationship while cuddling in the cutest way.

30. Pillow Talk After Woohoo

There are a whole bunch of woohoo mods for the game that will totally improve your experience and make it feel so much more real and one of the most simple options is Pillow Talk After Woohoo.

For whatever reason in the game sims do one of two things after woohoo, they’ll get up out of the bed and go about their day or they’ll go to sleep. There is no real interaction between the pair and this is a great time for your sim’s to actually interact and get to know each other even better so pillow talk is a must have.

sims 4 pillow talk romance

Sims 4 Gameplay Mods for Pregnancy

31. Baby Shower Event

When a person IRL gets pregnant one of the things they’re excited to do is throw a baby shower, but this isn’t possible in The Sims 4. With the Baby Shower Event mod your sims are now going to be able to celebrate their future baby with their friends and family and just have the best time.

This event is going to cost your sim’s 100 simoleons to throw and can happen at your sim’s home or at another location. The event comes with a bunch of custom interactions for you to do with the pregnant sim and can be a really fun time.

baby shower romance sims 4 mod

32. Menstruation and Fertility

We love when The Sims 4 is more realistic and has aspects that make you feel more connected to your sims and their experiences and the Menstruation and Fertility mod can definitely do this.

With this mod your sims are now going to get their period and all that comes with that like negative moods and stress. This mod allows teenagers to get pregnant if they aren’t careful and use the mess around interaction too often and there is now condoms, birth control pills and pregnancy tests to use.

sims 4 gameplay mod

33. Ultrasound Scan

When you have a pregnant sim you definitely want to have memories of what it’s like to be pregnant and get to see the baby for the first time. With the Ultrasound Scan mod you’re going to have your sims hop into a rabbit hole and be gone for a few hours at the doctor where they will return with a scan of their baby in their inventory and you’ll be able to see how many babies you’re having.

sims 4 ultrasound mod

34. Pregnancy Overhaul

If you’re looking for a single pregnancy mod to completely change the experience look no further than the pregnancy overhaul mod. This mod is going to make your pregnant sims be able to participate in so many more activities that are restricted for pregnant sims like yoga, exercise, taking mud baths, and using the steam room.

In addition to allowing them to do so many more interactions your sims will have more realistic pregnancy bellies, will no longer have the weird walk style and you have the option to add a mechanism where they have a 3% chance of dying during childbirth.

sims 4 pregnancy mod

Sims 4 Gameplay Mods for Toddlers & Kids & Teens

35. First Love

Have you ever wished your children could have the experience of a first love in The Sims 4? If so, you need the First Love Mod in your game.

With this mod when your children have a relationship with another child that’s over 75% you’ll find a new menu popping up called first love where they can confess to having a crush, hugging the other sim and more. You can exchange phone numbers with your sim and start calling or texting your crush and all of this is just the cutest ever.

sims 4 gameplay mod for first love

36. After School Activities

If you’re anything like me you’re so sick of your sim’s kids being bored at home after school and having the after school activities mod can completely fix this. With this mod your children are able to go learn skills and make friends at different activities after school.

Some of the activity options include things like anime club, yoga club, baseball, debate club and more. There really is something for any type of kid or teen and you can definitely use these for storytelling.

after school activities

37. Education System Bundle

The education system bundle is a great choice for making your sim’s experience in school so much more interesting. This actually applies to all levels of kids and even has a preschool mod for toddlers!

The best parts about this mod are that your sims will now start to gain skills while at school so the time they spend there feels more valuable than before, and they can even build skills while doing homework. You can even choose to have your kids attend online school!

education system bundle sims 4 mods

38. Deadly Toddlers

Are you looking for a sims 4 gameplay mod that adds a bit of darkness to your game? Well, deadly toddlers is such a fun and kinda messed up option. This is an entirely base game compatible mod that will allow you to have little evil toddlers who will eliminate other sims any way they can.

deadly toddlers mod

39. Private School Mod

A really fun thing in The Sims 2 was the ability to invite over the headmaster and see if you could get your kids into school, this isn’t an option in The Sims 4 as of now so the Private School Mod is a great way to make it happen.

With this mod you’re able to invite over the Headmaster of Simston Private School and trigger an event with different goals and try to impress the headmaster to get your sims into private school.

sims 4 private school mod

40. Start an Event (All Ages)

Why can’t children plan their own birthday parties in The Sims 4? With the start an event (all ages) mod you are going to be able to have sims of any age plan a party meaning they will actually be able to invite over their friends for their events!

start an event mod

41. Go to School Mod Pack

There is a huge group of sims players who are desperate to be able to go to school with their sims instead of them just walking off into a rabbit hole and the best way to do this is through the Go to School Mod Pack. This actually allows you to head over to a school location where you can actively participate in school with your kids.

Your sims will be able to listen to lectures at functional classes, learn subjects like personal development or health and fitness, and take a lunch break where you can interact with other sims.

42. Graduation Event

As it stands in The Sims 4 base game there is nothing that happens when your teenagers graduate from high school, it doesn’t really happen they just age up. This is pretty disappointing and finishing school should be a bigger deal.

With this graduation event mod you can finally throw fun events for your teenagers to get excited about completing high school and moving on to the rest of their life.

a sim graduating from high school

43. More Traumatic Divorce

The next mod on our list of sims 4 gameplay mods really isn’t for everyone, because some players want sunshine in their game but for many of us we want consequence. The More Traumatic Divorce mod is going to make your younger sims have a stronger reaction to the break up of their family.

more traumatic divorce sims 4 mod

44. Sleepover Mod

Having sleepovers is such a huge part of your childhood and the Sleepover Mod is going to make this possible in the game. You’ll be able to invite kids over and stay up all night with their friends, chatting and hanging out which is so much better than kids leaving super early in the evening.

sims 4 sleepover gameplay mod

45. Toddler Creativity Pack

We are really lacking with good toddler toys in the game and there are so many basic toys we are missing and it just makes me sad.

Having items like the Toddler Creativity Pack is going to give your toddlers so many new toys to play with including a stacking toy, a xylophone, and even items to draw on the floor. With all of these your sims can get positive moodlets and will be so excited to play with these things and its just so precious!

Sims 4 Gameplay Mods for Occults

46. Zombie Apocalypse Mod

A lot of the mods on this list change small things about the game but the Zombie Apocalypse Mod is an immersive experience for you. This mod is going to give you so much hilarious gameplay all starting when zombies start coming out of the ground and you need to protect yourself.

You’ll be able to shoot the zombies, or try to cure them and bring them back to life. It’s a wild ride but you’ll love it.

47. Become a Sorcerer

If you were disappointed in The Sims 4: Realm of Magic you may want to try out the become a sorcerer mod. This is a mod that has been around for a few years and is a super in-depth experience. It originally came out before ROM but has been updated since to involve some aspects of that pack.

You’ll be able to become a sorcerer, figure out magical connections, discover black magic and learn a whole bunch of spells and just have a good time!


48. Expanded Mermaids

Why did EA think it was a good idea to release the most dry and uninteresting mermaids? Thankfully, with the expanded mermaids mod you’re finally able to have a more interesting time with this occult.

This mod adds an aquatic energy need at the top just like the vampire energy need. The mermaids are able to read books to learn more about being a mermaid and can even offer spell contracts with other sims.


49. Familiar Interactions

With The Sims 4: Realm of Magic we have the ability to bind a familiar to our spell caster and have them follow us around all the time. These creatures can do a few things with us but we aren’t really able to interact with them the way many players would have liked.

You’ll be able to do interactions like conversing about magic or asking for a random magic tip so you can learn things from them which is super fun!

new familiar interactions for realm of magic

NSFW Sims 4 Gameplay Mods

50. Hoe it Up

The Hoe it Up mod allows your sims to… well, hoe it up! The mod will let your sims get more intimate with others and give and get lap dances for money. There is a lot you can do with this one and its just a wild ride from the start.


51. Basemental Drugs

Drugs are a part of many people’s lives and they can create very interesting storylines for your sims and this basemental drugs mod is the best one out there. This mod adds a collection of completely functional drugs for your sims to partake in that cause them to behave differently with altered moods, needs, walk styles and more.

There are definitely negative consequences of this as well with your sims getting comedowns, hangovers, and everything else you’d expect from prolonged drug use.

basemental drugs logo like GTA

52. Wicked Whims

Wicked Whims is the most popular sim 4 sex mod out there and will have just about everything you need in your game. This mod changes so many things in the game like adding more nudity, giving your sims pubic hair, the addition of STDs and even the ability for your sim to visit a strip club.

There are also more safe for work things in this mod like a menstrual cycle, an attraction system, birth control and gender preferences. If you just want the safe for work parts of this mod you can also download wonderful whims which takes out any inappropriate aspects.

53. Extreme Violence

Are you looking to turn your favourite sim into a serial killer? Oh, no? Oh, YES! With the extreme violence mod you can completely change your sims into the evil person of your dreams. This sims 4 gameplay mod has so many moving parts including weapons, gangs, the ability to poison food, and so much more for you to try out.

the sims 4 gameplay mod extreme violence

Final Thoughts

Gameplay mods may be the single best way to improve your experience in The Sims 4 if you’re looking to have more fun. Filling your mods folder with a bunch of sims 4 gameplay mods will let you add new mechanics that you’d never be able to get with just the vanilla game. Happy playing!

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