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All The Sims 4 Pregnancy Cheats You Need in 2023

Pregnancy is a very complicated time in the real world and can be just as difficult and complicated in The Sims 4. Your sims are going to suffer, so you may want to use some sims 4 pregnancy cheats to make their experience easier and more enjoyable for you, the player.

These awesome cheat codes are going to help you by letting you influencing the number of babies you have, speeding up your pregnancy and even sending your sims into labour immediately. They are definitely must-know cheats for me and will be for you too!

How to Enable Pregnancy Cheats in The Sims 4

Enabling cheats is incredibly important if you want your cheat codes to work properly so you need to make sure you’re doing this first. You’ll want to open the cheat box with whatever commands are needed for your circumstance:

  • PC: ctrl + shift + c
  • Mac: command + shift + c
  • Console: all four triggers

Once the box opens you’ll type in testingcheats true and hit enter and the game will let you know that your cheats are enabled.

A cheat box with showing testingcheats true that will enable cheats in The Sims 4

Must-Know Sims 4 Pregnancy Cheats

There is one super annoying thing about sims 4 pregnancy cheats… you can’t use them without a mod. I know, I’m sorry to console players but this is out of my control. These cheats used to be in the game but the sims team decided to disable these making them only able to function if you use TwistedMexi’s All Cheats Mod.

Speed Up Pregnancy

Pregnancy is hard in both the real world and in The Sims 4 so you may want to go ahead and speed it up so you can get through that chaos a little bit faster. These are really easy cheats to use to make sure that happens for you.

Requested TrimesterCheat
First Trimesteradd_buff buff_Pregnancy_Trimester1
Second Trimesteradd_buff buff_Pregnancy_Trimester2
Third Trimesteradd_buff buff_Pregnancy_Trimester3

Go Into Labour Now

If you want to just go ahead and skip all of the hard parts of pregnancy you have the option of using this cheat to go into labour. This will immediately send your sims into labour so you better already have a baby room ready and be emotionally prepared for crying if you play with sound on.

  • sims.add_buff buff_Pregnancy_InLabor

Guarantee Multiples

The first thing you’re going to need to do to cheat your sim’s number of babies is to find your sim’s Sim ID to input it into these cheat codes. To do this you’ll need to have a sim without a middle name, they can only have two names (a first and last) to make the sim ID cheat code to work.

You’re going to want to open the cheat console and type in:

  • sims.get_sim_ID_by_name {FirstName} {LastName}
A screen from The Sims 4 showing a mailbox with the cheat box open giving a Sim ID.

You’ll replace the end of this cheat with your sim’s actual name, for example, sims.get_sim_ID_by_name Eliza Pancakes and then you’ll hit enter and you’ll get a string of numbers given to you that you should write down for specific cheat codes.

Now that you have the sim ID you’ll be able to use the multiples cheat. This one has two input sections, you’ll want to replace SimID with the number you just got and the X at the end with how many babies you want to have between 1 and 3.

  • pregnancy.force_offspring_count SimID X

Using Mods for Sims 4 Pregnancy Cheats

Cheating is fun when its easy, so using a mod to make cheating pregnancy easier or change aspects of it is the best idea. The absolute best cheat mod for pregnancy is going to be MC Command Center. This mod allows you to change everything with just a few clicks so you can customize the experience entirely.

The open menu for MC Pregnancy, a Sims 4 cheat mod.

Some of the things you can do with this mod include

  • Risky Woohoo
  • Changing Pregnancy Length
  • Changing Number of Offspring
  • Mark Sims for Pregnancy and More

Influencing Sims 4 Pregnancy Without Cheats

Did you know that you can actually do a number of things in The Sims 4 to influence your sims pregnancy experience without cheats? You can influence both the baby’s gender and how many babies you’re going to have at once!

Influencing Gender

When you’re playing the game (and even IRL) you may want your baby to be a specific gender and you can actually influence this in The Sims 4. The key to this is to listen to specific music and eat specific produce when your sim is pregnant and you’ll almost guarantee what your baby is born as.

Desired GenderMusic Genre & Produce To Eat
FemalePop Music & Strawberries
MaleAlternative Music & Carrots

You are going to want to consume multiple pieces of produce to make sure that you’re influencing this properly and honestly just always have your sims multi-tasking with this type of music.

Influencing Multiples

When you’re playing through The Sims 4 you may want to have more than one baby at a time, for storytelling purposes or just to torture yourself when they’re all toddlers. Thankfully, this isn’t just left up to chance and you can actually do things to have a higher chance of multiples.

To influence how many babies your sims are going to have you’ll want to influence your sim’s fertility levels with a few simple tips and tricks to make your sims super fertile and almost guarantee that they’ll have tons of babies.

How to Influence Fertility

If you’re having trouble getting your sims pregnant in The Sims 4, don’t worry any longer! There are so many ways you can impact the levels of your sim’s fertility and make sure that they get pregnant quicker. The very first thing you need to do is get your sim some satisfaction points so you can purchase a reward trait.

If you want to earn these yourself you can do things like finishing aspirations, completing whims, doing scenarios, etc. You also have the really great option to cheat your satisfaction points instead which is definitely what I would do.

Once you have 3,000 satisfaction points you’ll want to purchase the Fertile reward trait. This reward trait is going to make your sims more likely to get pregnant and more likely to have multiples! You can even give this to both parents and stack these together to almost guarantee that your sims are going to get pregnant every time.

Influences From DLC

There are so many small things you can do if you have downloaded specific packs to make your sims more likely to get pregnant which are all super fun to play with. These are simple tasks that you’ll absolutely want to know about to get pregnant quick!

Expansion PackFertility Influence
Outdoor RetreatDrink The Elixir of Fertility
VampiresAdd The On DARK Ley Line Lot Trait
City LivingAdd The On Ley Line Lot Trait
Spa DayGet Your Sims a Fertility Massage

How to Have Male Pregnancy

The Sims has done a really great job adding different settings in create-a-sim to let you truly customize your sim’s experience and you can even add things to let your male sims get pregnant too. This allows you to make transgender sims have a true experience or if you just want to recreate the curious family from The Sims 2!

To do this you’ll want go to to the little extra settings menu underneath the gender options and you’ll have a small menu pop-open. This is going to allow you to change a bunch of smaller things about your sim’s gender expression like:

  • Your Sim’s Physical Frame
  • Your Sim’s Clothing Preferences
  • Your Sim’s Ability to Use The Toilet Standing or Sitting

With this you’ll be able to choose if your sim can get pregnant, get others pregnant or have neither be possible for this specific sim. Having a male sim and giving them the option to become pregnant will allow you to get this sim pregnant, and having a female sim who can get others pregnant changes things too!

This lets you have LGBTQ+ couples who are able to become parents with adoption in the game too, which is awesome because the kids will have their sim DNA!

Final Thoughts

There you have it friends! It’s really disappointing that these awesome sims 4 pregnancy cheats aren’t able t be used without a mod. Hopefully someday in the future the developers are going to put these back into the game proper so we can use these on console too. Happy Playing!

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