The 6 BEST Cheat Mods For The Sims 4

There are dozens and dozens of cheat codes for you to try and remember in The Sims 4 and that’s just not something that’s obtainable for many players. This means that many players are bookmarking cheat code lists that they can reference at any moment but wouldn’t it be nice if the cheats were just simple clicks or certain cheats were always on? Well, with cheat mods you can actually make this happen and completely change how you interact with the game and get those cheats going in your gameplay.

1. MC Command Center

The first mod on our list is MC Command Center and it has been around for years and lets you cheat so many things in the game, with some of my favorites being the pregnancy cheats. To use MC Command Center you can click on sims, or the mailbox and there will be a new box to click that says MC Command Center and when you click this you’ll be given tons of options.

Under the pregnancy section you can see if you’re sim is pregnant, from who and with how many babies and actually control what stage of pregnancy they are in to speed up pregnancy if you’re sick of a sim being pregnant.

There are cheats for just about everything from being able to kill your sims with the many death types in the game or even being able to completely shut off the monster under the bed which is a super annoyance for so many of us.

With MC Command Center you’ll find that you don’t have to download every part of the mod if you don’t want, there are certain pieces like MC Woohoo that you may not be interested in. MC Woohoo adds things like risky woohoo making it so even if you just woohoo instead of trying for a baby you have a chance of pregnancy.

The best thing about MC Command Center is that you will see that they have constant updates and are updated after each update to the game so you’ll never be without MCCC for more than a few hours after an update.

2. UI Cheats Extension

Do you miss the old conveniences of being able to click to cheat needs in past sims games? Well, UI Cheats Extension will give you back that option as well as so many other places to click to make your game completely cheatable. If you’re looking to a super straightforward and easy to use cheat mod for the game than this one is for you.

Some of the things that UI Cheats allows you to click on to cheat are your sim’s household funds. You can click to add money immediately, or you can right click to choose an exact amount of money to have in your sim’s household funds.

You can cheat everything with The Sims 4: Seasons, including changing the season you’re currently in, changing the current weather and more which makes it awesome to control things for screenshots.

You can even cheat your sim’s skills, aspirations, and their needs all with just right clicking on what you want to change. Just be careful if you cheat their hunger down because you can immediately kill a sim with a simple click using this mod.

UI Cheats Extension is constantly updated and is always updated after a patch to the game usually within the same day if not the day after.

3. All Cheats

A few years ago when we got The Sims 4: Seasons, EA decided to get rid of our access to a lot of cheat codes which was devastating to a lot of players. For whatever reason they decided to just turn them off and no longer let us play with them which felt like a friend being ripped from your arms and never getting to hangout with them at recess again.

Thankfully, a wonderfully talented modder named Twisted Mexi went ahead and created the All Cheats Mod that enables all of these cheats again in the back end for the game which brings back some awesome cheats you didn’t even know you missed.

4. Always Full Edit Mode

One of the most popular cheats in The Sims 4 is the cas full edit mode cheat that allows you to go in and edit townies entirely if you want which we all know the game needs. With the Always Full Edit Mode Mod created by, once again, Twisted Mexi, you can have this cheat automatically enabled in your game at all times so you never have to type it in again.

5. Always Move Objects On

Along the same lines as the last mod listed, the always move objects on mod will enable the best cheat code in the game at all times. The move objects cheat allows you to place any objects without the grid stopping you from being able to place things close together. It also allows for alt placing of objects so you can place things in whatever direction you want. This mod by Twisted Mexi will go ahead and make it so this cheat is always on which is so useful if you’re a frequent builder.

6. Always Testing Cheats On

To use any cheats in The Sims 4 you have to first enable cheats in the game and you do this with the testing cheats on cheat code. This is an annoying thing that many players simply forget to do in the moments before typing in their favourite cheat code. With Twisted Mexi’s next mod, Always Testing Cheats On, you’ll have testing cheats always on and it is awesome and helps you never forget to turn this on.

Final Thoughts

These mods are going to seriously impact how you are using cheats in your game and the frequency with which you’ll actually use cheats when playing. Adding these to your game will seriously change your gameplay and make The Sims 4 so much more fun. Happy Playing!

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  1. is there another mod that can replace ui extension as the mod is broken and has not been updated in months

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