The Sims 4: Snowboarding Skill (Snowy Escape)

Snowboarding is one of the brand new skills that we got with The Sims 4: Snowy Escape where your sims will jump on a snowboard and go shred on the mountain. Sims can also join the extreme sports enthusiast aspiration and get into rock climbing or skiing as a hobby as well.

As your sim gains the skill they will unlock the ability to go on different slopes, do fun tricks, and have more success when trying to go snowboarding so they won’t get injured nearly as much.

How to Get a Snowboard

For your sim you have two options for snowboarding, you can actually just jump on the slopes without purchasing a snowboard and your sim will be given a loaner board. It is important to note that these boards are less effective and will cause your sims to get hurt more often.

If you want to have a better chance with snowboarding you should probably purchase a snowboard. You can do this on the computer at your home, or you can go to one of the bits and bobbles vending machines in the world and choose to purchase one from there.

The snowboard will appear in your sim’s inventory and you can click on it to make it your preferred snowboard so that your sim uses it each time they go up on the slopes.

How to Gain the Snowboarding Skill

There are three ways to gain the snowboarding skill, the first way is to read snowboarding books, but reading skill books in The Sims 4 is the slowest way to gain skills in the game. I’d suggest just actually going on the slopes and doing some real boarding.

Once you get yourself a new snowboard, or decide to use a loaner, you can head up to the slopes. The ideal place to start is on the bunny hill where you can do low-intensity snowboarding continuously to gain the skill.

As your sim gains the skill you can start going on the bigger slopes that have options for intensity. You can do low, medium, or high intensity snowboarding with the higher intensity ones having a higher chance of failure or injury.

Snowboarding is a pretty slow skill to gain because your sim has to spend a lot of time walking from the bottom of the slope, to the ski lift, and then getting ready to actually snowboard. It can take quite a while, but its super fun to get this skill.

The final way to gain the snowboarding skill is to research snowboarding techniques on your sim’s computer, but this isn’t unlockable until you reach level 4.

How to Cheat the Snowboarding Skill

Sometimes when you play The Sims 4 you want to get skill without doing the work. Thankfully there are tons of skill cheats for you to use and one for snowboarding!

To use this cheat you want to first enable cheats by opening up the cheat box with ctrl + shift + c and then typing in testingcheats true and hitting enter. The game should let you know that cheats are enabled.

Then you want to type in stats.set_skill_level major_snowboarding x and then you can fill the x in with whatever level of the skill you want your sim to have. For example, if you want to get 5 levels of the skill you’d use stats.set_skill_level major_snowboarding 5 and you’ll get 5 levels.

How to Change Your Snowboarding Style

There are actually snowboarding stances that your sim can choose from. You’ll automatically have a normal stance making your sim look pretty normal while they are snowboarding, or they can use the goofy stance.

Levels of the Snowboarding Skill

There are 10 levels of the snowboarding skill for your sim to gain while they are on the slopes. Each time you raise your level you’ll unlock new interactions or abilities while snowboarding.

Snowboarding Level 1

When you first start gaining the snowboarding skill your sim will be able to snowboard on the bunny slope either one time, or continuously. They can also go down the easy slope on the mountain at all intensity.

Snowboarding Level 2

At level 2 of the skill your sim will unlock a new pair of pants that they can wear while snowboarding that they can find in create a sim. They are also able to ask someone to become their snow bro.

Snowboarding Level 3

When a sim reaches level 3 they are going to unlock the snow bro high five that they can do with someone who has become their snow bro. They can also now go down the intermediate slope on the mountain.

Snowboarding Level 4

At level 4 of the skill your sim now has the ability to get hyped before snowboarding. They can also do harder runs on the intermediate slope and attempt to try and the expert slopes. You’ll also unlock the ability to research snowboarding techniques on the computer which can help them gain the skill.

Snowboarding Level 5

When at level 5 you will unlock a new athletic shirt on create a sim, as well as gain the ability to mock skiing. You can also do more tricks on the slopes.

Snowboarding Level 6

When you reach level 6 you’ll be able to find a new snowboard, the freestyle ultraboard, appears in build. You’ll also unlock a new trick to do on the boards, as well as get a new interaction endure the burn.

Snowboarding Level 7

When at level 7 your sim can now brag about shredding to other sims as well as stretching it out which can help your sims avoid injury and recover from current injuries quicker.

Snowboarding Level 8

At level 8 your sim can try and dare to attempt a risky slope and they will also unlock some new tricks to do on the slopes.

Snowboarding Level 9

When at level 9 you won’t get much, just a new chat about rad slopes interaction.

Snowboarding Level 10

When your sim maxes out the skill they actually unlock quite a few new things. They are now able to coach snowboarding to other sims, or provide snowboarding tips. They will also unlock the new gnomeboard X snowboard in the build catalog. Finally, they can record snowboarding videos that they can upload on a computer to earn royalties.

How to Become Snow Bros

When a sim reaches level 2 of the snowboarding skill they will unlock the ability to ask someone to become snow bros which is a weird one, but sure! Being snow bros with another sim is fun and you can go snowboarding together and have a good time.

At level 3 of the skill you’ll even unlock a snow bro high five which can help you gain relationship pretty quick with your snow bro.

Recording Snowboarding Videos

Since there is no real way of making money with snowboarding (i.e., no career or anything) the team added a way that you can record footage of your snowboarding when you reach level 10 of the skill.

Your sim is able to upload these videos on the computer and actually earn daily royalties from these videos, allowing you to make your sim feel like a professional snowboarder.

Final Thoughts

Snowboarding is a really fun skill for your sim to gain and there are so many fun experiences to be had with the new extreme sports in The Sims 4. I’m glad they added 3 new skills to the game, it really added some interesting gameplay for simmers to enjoy!

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