Sims 4 Wildfangs Wolf Pack & How to Join It

In the new werewolves expansion there are two wolf packs that you can join, the moonwood collective and the sims 4 wildfangs. The wildfangs are the group that is focused on embracing being a werewolf and having the best time with it. In this guide you’re going to learn how to join the wildfangs, and even how to take over the group and become alpha.

Who are The Sims 4 Wildfangs?

“The Wildfangs are a scrapy, free-spirited group of Werewolves. They believe the werewolf lifestyle is the ultimate gift, and they’re going to make the most of it. The world is The Wildfangs’ playground. While exploring the vast world to expand the pack’s influence, members are also expected to commit to ongoing self-improvement, aiming to become the best werewolf possible.”

The sims 4 wildfangs are a wolf pack that appears in Moonwood Mill that is run by Rory Oaklow. Rory is the adoptive daughter of the pack leader for the opposing group and wanted to go out on their own and start a group that really embraces the werewolf experience.

These werewolves are focused on participation in the group, expanding your horizons and improving as a werewolf.

sims 4 wildfangs community board description

How to Join The Wildfangs in The Sims 4 Werewolves

Become Friend of the Wildfangs

The first step toward joining a wolf pack in the game is to become a friend of the pack by socializing with the members but especially the leader. You’ll want to do a bunch of positive interactions with Rory until you have the option to become a friend of the pack.

friend of the wildfangs trait

If you’re struggle to find Rory you can click on the Wildfangs hangout and focus the camera on the pack leader so you don’t have to bother searching the entire world.

Participate in Trials

Once your sim is a friend of the wildfangs they are going to need to do some trials before getting the ability to join the pack. There are a bunch of options and you only need to complete three of the trials before you can ask to join officially.

joining pack trials

The options for trials are the following:

  • Discuss Lunar Epiphany
  • Werewolf Spar with Rory
  • Demonstrate Scavenging
  • Demonstrate Pack Howl
  • Give Excellent Quality Food
  • Give an Uncommon or Rare Collectible

Most of these are going to require you to gain more werewolf abilities to be able to do them. You can do this through gaining werewolf XP and purchasing them. You’re going to need the following abilities to do the trials:

TrialRequired Ability
Demonstrate ScavengingScavenger
Demonstrate Pack HowlPack Howl
Discuss Lunar EpiphanyLunar Epiphany Dormant Ability

Joining The Sims 4 Wildfangs

Once you’ve completed your three trials successfully you’re going to see the ask to join wildfangs option open up for you. When you click this a pop-up will appear with Rory giving you more information about what you’re going to experience when joining.

Sims 4 wildfangs popup

If you still want to join you’ll want to click sounds great! I’m in and go on with your life as an official member. Now that you’re a member you’re going to get some new unlocks including a weekly delivery of Jerky Bites, an issue of BARK Magazine to your sim’s inventory and new interactions with your pack members.

sims 4 wildfangs notification for omega rank

How to Level Up in The Sims 4 Wildfangs

Now that your sim is a member of the official sims 4 wildfangs they are going to want to work toward getting to a higher rank. There are three things your sims are going to need to do to make this happen:

  • Pack Participation
  • Expand and Explore
  • Self-Improvement

Pack Participation in Sims 4 Wildfangs

“Maintain good relationships with your packmates, give plenty of packmate gifts, and contribute to pack resources at the hangout.”

pack participation

Expand and Explore with Sims 4 Wildfangs

“Explore the Moonwood Mill underground, travel to remote or hard-to-reach locales, mark your territory, and meet non-werewolf sims that have something… different about them.”

expand and explore requirement

Self-Improvement When in Sims 4 Wildfangs

“Get fit and spar with packmates, level up to higher tiers of werewolf, read werewolf books from around Moonwood Mill, unlock your dormant abilities and maybe eve Provoke Greg for the ultimate challenging fight.”

self-improvement in the wildfangs

Keep Your Membership

If you aren’t being a good member of the wolf pack you will actually get a notice letting you know that you’re doing a bad job and may end up on probation. The notification lets you know exactly what thing you’re failing at.

For example, my sim has a bad relationship with a secondary member of the wolf pack and the game was like “be nice” and told me that my pack participation was bad. You can easily get this back in the right direction by doing the necessary tasks for that category.

sims 4 wildfangs notice

How to Become Alpha

If you want to finish the wolfgang renegade aspiration you’re going to need to become alpha of the wildfangs, or you may just want to do it for fun. Being alpha means that you are now the boss, the main squeeze, the big man on campus.

To become the new leader of the wildfang group you’re going to need to challenge Rory, the leader, to something. You’re going to have two options:

  • Epic Tug of War
  • Honorable Brawl

Your sim is going to need to beat Rory at these things to be able to become the leader. This is actually pretty difficult and I wasn’t expecting it to be hard. To get your sims ready for this you may want to increase your fitness skill, make sure that you are at the Apex level of being a werewolf and more.

The only thing you can really do to improve your ability is to get yourself the alpha wolf option for werewolf abilities because this one gives your sims an “ease of taking leadership of a pack” so you’ll have an easier time.

challenge leader for alpha rank

Final Thoughts on The Sims 4 Wildfangs

There you go besties, that’s everything that you need to do to join, increase rank, and become alpha of the sims 4 wildfangs. Honestly, overall The Sims 4: Werewolves is such a good pack in my opinion, it’s so much fun and extremely detailed and interesting and I’m having so much fun with it. Happy Playing!

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    1. My sim has the Alpha ability and 9 fitness – still can’t beat her! Does anyone know the difference between brawl and tug of war?

      1. Try making your sim energized and then challenge rory, it worked for me and a few other people who were having issues with beating her while having maxed fitness skill, and being apex.

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