The Sims 4: Computer Whiz Aspiration

The Computer Whiz Aspiration is a great one that came with the base game of The Sims 4.

This aspiration is focused on both the programming skill and the video gaming skill and will have your sim spending tons of time on the computer.

When planning to do this aspiration, your sim should join the Tech Guru Career from the start.

This is because you’ll need to reach level 5 of the career to complete the aspiration, so you may as well get it done early.

A sims 4 render with a male sim sitting in a chair facing us with his computer set up behind him

Traits That Can Help

With every aspiration in the game there are certain traits that can make completing an aspiration a lot easier. The following can (and should) help your sim finish the computer whiz aspiration.


Geek is a great option because these sims are going to enjoy being on the computer more than sims who are not geeks and have the opportunity to feel focused from video gaming.


Loner is a good one too because your sim will spend a lot of time sitting on their computer completely alone so they won’t have their social need decay.

Reward Trait for the Computer Whiz Aspiration

The webmaster reward trait states in its description: “Webmasters get the most out of their computers, unlocking extremely useful ways to use them”.

This is awesome because it has more than one single use like a lot of the other aspirations in the game. You’ll be able to use your computer for so many new things.

The first, is being able to internet stalk other sims. This is found under the socialize category on the computer and you can learn all of the traits of a sim who you have met.

Next, you’ll be able to research binge under the web > research section on the computer. This interaction will help raise random skills that you have already started gaining.

Finally, your sim can earn money turking which can be found under the Web section. When your sim is turking they will be given a small amount of money frequently throughout.

Stages of the Computer Whiz Aspiration

Level One: With The Program

  • Practice Programming for 5 Total Hours
  • Play Video Games for 5 Total Hours

The majority of your time with this aspiration is going to be spent doing both programming and video gaming.

For this part of the aspiration you’ll need to do both for 5 hours. You need to practice programming which won’t result in your sim earning any money, but after this part of the aspiration you can do things like hacking to earn extra cash.

You’ll find practice programming in the programming section on the computer and you can play any video game on the computer.

Level Two: Technically Adept

  • Maintain Focus for 2 Straight Hours of Video Gaming
  • Achieve Level 3 Programming Skill
  • Own §3,000 Worth of Electronics

In this section, you’ll need to maintain focus for 2 straight hours. This means you need to play a video game while your sim is focused.

You can get focused easily by pondering moves on a chess table or by using the plumbob lights to impact your sim’s mood. Then, when feeling focused get your sim to play video games.

You’ll need to reach level 3 programming which can be done through practicing programming on the computer. You can also start hacking as a way to improve this skill.

Finally, your sim needs to own §3,000 worth of electronics. This can include computers, TVs, video gaming equipment, etc.

Level Three: Computer Geek

  • Become an Adult
  • Reach Level 3 of the Tech Guru Career
  • Make a Video Game or an App

Your sim needs to be an adult to finish this aspiration, this part will be satisfied when they age up to a young adult.

Your sim will also need to be in the Tech Guru Career and work through that throughout this aspiration.

This career focuses on video gaming and programming, so you’ll already be building up the necessary skills throughout this aspiration.

Your sim will also need to make a video game or make an app. This is done under the programming section on the computer.

This is going to take a while, and if you want to save time I suggest you do the app instead of the video game because it takes way less time.

Level Four: Computer Whiz

  • Reach Level 5 of the Tech Guru Career
  • Have Spent 100 Hours on the Computer

To complete the final part of the computer whiz aspiration your sim needs to reach level 5 of the tech guru career.

They will have already reached level 3 for the last part of the aspiration, so you’re almost there!

Your sim also needs to spend 100 hours on the computer. This can be video gaming, programming, or any other interactions on the computer.

It can take a bit of time, I suggest you create a video game or an app more than once to take up that 100 hours and still be able to make money doing it.

Final Thoughts

The computer whiz aspiration is a fun choice for sims who are geeks or who just love spending time on the computer. It’s also awesome because it is an aspiration that can help you find new ways to make money. How do you feel about this aspiration in The Sims 4? Let me know in the comments!

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