35+ Sims 4 Realistic Mods For The Ultimate Experience

When you’re playing The Sims 4 you’re playing with life and many players want that life experience to be more realistic. However, many parts of the game are very silly and not very real. With these sims 4 realistic mods you can truly change up how you’re playing the game and make every aspect of the game so much more interesting.

You can edit your experience with these mods by making it easier to create gorgeous realistic sims, having more realistic reactions to events in the game and adding realistic events like funerals to your experience. These are going to join your must have mods list for sure!

The BEST Sims 4 Realistic Mods

The incredible mods on this list are going to be separated into different categories to make it easier to find the categories that you’d want in your game. We have mods for create a sim, mods for gameplay and even mods that focus entirely on your sim’s finances. You’ll definitely find some goodies!

Realism Mods for Create a Sim

Realism in the game starts in create a sim where you can create gorgeous realistic characters. There are certain things you can do in The Sims 4 to make your characters more beautiful, more realistic and even just have height that makes sense in the real world.

Height Sliders

The first create a sim mod that you must have in your game is definitely height sliders. These are a necessity because as it stands right now every single sim is going to have the exact same height regardless of age once they hit teenage.

These height sliders are going to allow you to have different heights for different sims which makes your sims look so much more dynamic. You can really understand sims personalities more when they look different in simple ways like height.

sims 4 height sliders

Automatic Beards

Something that happens to many people in the real world is facial hair growth but in The Sims 4 your beard and stubble stays the same length all the time. However, with the automatic beards mod your sims are going to be able to have their heard actually grow. How cool is that!

Your sims are going to be able to choose a specific colour for their beard to grow in and will have the option to use their bathroom to trim or shave their beard if it gets too long for them. They’ve added in new animations for the shaving too, just an overall awesome mod for create a sim.

automatic beards

Custom Traits

Humans are extremely complex and only having three traits to choose from isn’t enough, you can use more traits mods to make this better. However, when you play a lot of the game you’re going to get very sick of using the same traits over and over again so you need to add some custom traits to your game.

These are fun because they allow your sims to have new personalities and can give you new moodlets, new whims and so much more.

sims 4 cc trait realistic mods

Skin Details

Since The Sims 4 is a video game the characters don’t have many freckles, bags under their eyes or flaws at all. Using skin details is the best way for you to be able to make your characters look more interesting and more realistic.

With skin details you can add things like freckles, body hair, birth marks and so much more. These are things that are on people’s everyday bodies so you can really make your characters so much more realistic.

sims 4 body freckles

Sims 4 Realistic Mods for Gameplay

The biggest place you’re going to want to see sims 4 realistic mods is definitely gameplay. You want your sim’s everyday lives to be so much more realistic and interesting and these mods are going to make that happen. They’ll change up how sim’s react, how their emotions work and so much more.

Meaningful Stories

Your sim’s moods are wild and their emotions system is a bit muddled at this point in the game which makes it less meaningful. Your sims are likely to be happy at all times even when they have angry moodlets or sad moodlets just because they had a good meal and the room is decorated.

Mods like meaningful stories are able to fix this system quite a bit. The mod is focused on making your sims feel more human and making the events they’re experiencing feel more meaningful and interesting. They are more likely with this mod to be sad for days and you’ll have to work much harder to get out of it, or they’ll be angry for so long you’re risking an emotional death.

There’s so much value in the emotions system when it is working properly and it had big potential, but that potential isn’t met with the vanilla game.

meaningful stories mod

Realistic Reactions

When big things happen in our sims lives they often don’t have appropriate reactions and can be sitting there being happy while their life is falling apart. That’s why the realistic reactions mod had to be on the list of sims 4 realistic mods.

This is going to make your sims have actual emotional reactions that are long-lasting for your sims. For example, when a sim is cheated on they are going to have angry moodlets for days, sims who are caught cheating are going to feel embarrassed, and kids are going to have actual feelings if their parents get divorced.

This just adds a bunch of realism to your sim’s emotions and moodlets which is game changing for players.

sims 4 realistic mods for reactions


A lot of players avoid mods like Basemental Drugs or Basemental Gangs because they want to have regular families with happy lives, but these things add so much realism and hardship to your sim’s lives.

These mods are insanely well made and bring in a whole new style of gameplay if you’re bored with The Sims.

The basemental drugs mod is going to add a bunch of functional, useable drugs to your game and all the effects that happen afterwards. Your sims will experience altered walk styles, different moods, peaks, comedowns and can even go to rehab if they feel like they are too far gone.

The basemental gangs mod is going to add rivalries between sims, drug running, and so much more opening up new opportunities for your sims. These are things that happen everyday, so although they aren’t PG they are definitely realistic.

basemental drugs sims 4

Life’s Tragedies

Life isn’t always sunshine and rainbows but The Sims 4 would like to make you think that. Having a realistic mod like life’s tragedies is honestly game changing because it gives your sims a chance of having real life events like disease or car accidents happening to your sims.

For the diseases your sims have the potential of getting a life threatening disease where they’ll need to try a life saving surgery but there is a chance that this will fail.

Having things like this in the game make it feel more realistic and give you more stake in your sim’s lives so you want to make sure that they are having a great life while they’re alive.

life's tragedies

Slice of Life

Slice of Life is one of the first sims 4 realistic mods I ever download and I’ve never gone back. This mod has so much going on inside of it and really adds realism to so much of your game. The first thing that this mod adds is a memories system where your sims are able to remember and talk about important moments in their lives.

They can have appearance changes when they have emotions like tears in their eyes when they’re sad or rosy cheeks when embarrassed. Your sims can have a skincare system and get acne if they don’t use their skin care appropriately.

Slice of life adds a whole menstrual system for your sims which is so realistic and it’s really flushed out too, they’ll need to change their period products and even take medicine to make their cramps go away.

This mod also changes how alcohol works and makes that more realistic, adds makeup and perfume options, adds self woohoo and so much more. There are so many realistic details to this mod that you’ll definitely want to play with it forever.

sims 4 realistic mods called slice of life

Have Some Personality Please

Have some personality please is one of the best sims 4 mods which tells you a lot about how dry sims can be. They have barely any personality and their traits mean almost nothing.

Some of the things you’ll see with this mod include more autonomy, more toddler autonomy, different interactions based on a sim’s mood, new woohoo restrictions and so much more. You won’t know how much you’ve needed a mod like this until you download it.

have some personality please sims 4 mods

More Best Friends

Why are sims only allowed to have one best friend? And why does a previous best friend lose that status when you become best friends with another sim? What even is that? With this sims 4 realistic mods option your sims are now going to be able to have more best friends!

We as humans are able to have more than one best friend throughout our lives and it doesn’t make sense that our sims just drop the others immediately, so download this mod to stop that entirely.

two sims hugging sims 4 realistic mods

Faster Eating and Drinking

Something that you may not think about when thinking about realism in the game is how slow your sims eat. It’s unrealistic that it takes over an hour for a sim to eat a meal. Not to prepare it and eat it, just to eat it. This is one of my biggest annoyances in the game and because of this my sim’s never eat breakfast before they go to work or school.

The faster eating and drinking mod is a game changer because it can completely change how your sims eat. You’ll have so much more time in your sim’s day to get other things done which is amazing and you’ll be able to get promotions faster and gain more skills.

sim eating

Unlisted Phone Numbers

Why does everyone have my phone number in The Sims 4? When did I give them permission to have my phone number?

It’s extremely unrealistic to assume that every single person in the world has your personal cell phone number without exchanging phone numbers. With this mod your sims are going to have to actively give other sims their phone number if they want to have access to calling you which is amazing.

unlisted phone numbers

Better Elders

The only truly flushed out age groups in The Sims 4 are young adults, adults and honestly toddlers aren’t bad either. There is no content for our elder sims making them extremely boring and making me never want to play with them.

I’ll honestly move out grandma and grandpa and just be a little sad when they die, but never touch them once their hair is grey because of how boring they are.

The better elders mod is a must have in my sims 4 realistic mods folder because it adds so much content for elders. Some of the interactions your sims can now participate in include:

  • Ask to Fix Phone
  • Give Unsolicited Life Advice
  • Gossip About Neighbour’s Kids
  • Complain About Youth These Days

This mod also adds fun events that your toddlers can have like senior singles events, high tea and game nights. You can even add a seniors center lot trait to your game lots to make more elders show up.

With this mod your elders are finally going to be able to make friends and have a more interesting life.

sims 4 realistic mods for elders

Emotional Inertia

The emotions system for the sims was a very big selling point for the game but as we’ve gotten more and more packs the system is more muddled. Your sims emotions are going to swap so quickly and it just feels unrealistic.

The emotional inertia mod is going to make it so your sims emotions are more long-lasting and don’t switch up nearly as quickly. If you’re trying to “paint while inspired” or “workout while energized” it’s going to be extremely annoying when the emotions change all the time.

emotional inertia mod

Realistic Mods for Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a huge part of a sim’s life experience but the pregnancy experience in The Sims 4 is so basic and boring. Our sims need more of an experience and deserve that too! With these sims 4 realistic mods for pregnancy your sims are going to be able to have ultrasounds, get stretch marks and even have the chance of having a miscarriage which is extremely realistic.

Pregnancy Overhaul

There are some simple parts of pregnancy in The Sims 4 that are very weird like comically big pregnancy bellies and weird walk styles for pregnant sims. Also, why can’t pregnant sims do anything?

The pregnancy overhaul mod will fix all of these problems for you. We start with no huge pregnancy bellies where your sims will have their bellies be extremely small but they give you the option of how big you want them which is amazing.

This mod disables the pregnancy walk style so your sims can start looking normal when they walk. And honestly, the best part is that your sims are now able to swim, workout and even take mud baths without the game telling you that pregnant sims can’t do it.

pregnancy overhaul mod

Risky Woohoo

The next option for sims 4 realistic mods is Risky Woohoo! The woohoo system in The Sims 4 is weird, you either get to woohoo or try for baby there is no accidental pregnancy options available.

In the real world there is always a chance of pregnancy regardless of your use of birth control methods so this is definitely a realistic mod to have. You are able to change the percentage and make it however common you’d like.

This is awesome for storytelling because it makes it so you have a little less control over your sim’s lives.

risky woohoo

Miscarriage Chance

An extremely realistic experience that many people have to deal with is miscarriage. It’s a heartbreaking experience but it happens to around 25% of pregnancies and it isn’t talked about enough.

With the miscarriage chance mod your sims do have the chance of having their pregnancy ended and having to deal with the ramifications of this which is heartbreaking. It really adds realism and negative experiences to your sim’s lives.

sims 4 realistic mods for miscarriage

Ultrasound Scan

Having an ultrasound is a huge part of a person’s experience being pregnant. It allows you to see your child, find out their gender, and get that connection with them but our sims don’t get this experience.

The ultrasound scan mod is a must have sims 4 realistic mods option for me because your sims go ahead into a rabbit hole and come back an hour later with a sonogram picture.

The sonogram will have information like how many babies you’re having and the gender of those babies so you get to learn these things before you give birth. It’s fun because even the sonogram pictures show off the different babies if you’re having multiples.

ultrasound scan mod

Realistic Childbirth

When you have The Sims 4: Get to Work installed in your game your sims have the option to give birth in a hospital and it is the weirdest experience. Your sim is put in a weird surgery machine and the doctor always does a weird pose and it’s just a lot. None of this is realistic.

If you’re looking for a more realistic experience for childbirth this mod is a necessity. It completely overhauls all of the animations that happen when your sims are giving birth and it just makes it look so much more real.

There are animations for both natural birthing methods and for sims who may have a C-section which is insanely cool. You even have your sim’s partner standing next to them and a moment where the birthing sim gets to hold the baby!

Stretch Marks

One of the most realistic experiences for people who have their bodies grow is stretch marks and this isn’t something that happens in The Sims 4.

This stretch marks option for sims 4 realistic mods is great because you can add stretch marks to a pregnant sim to really make their body look more realistic and have a visual representation of how their bodies are changing.

sims 4 pregnancy mods stretch marks

Realistic Mods for Woohoo & Romance

A huge part of your sim’s lives is going to be finding love and participating in woohoo in all sorts of locations. These mods are amazing for making romance more interesting and make you actually want to put effort in to going on dates and having your sims romantic life be more interesting.

Passionate Romance

Our romance system is so stale and really just annoys me at this point because there’s no real passion. Of course, a mod like passionate romance can save this for us!

This mod adds so many new romantic interactions for your sims to participate in so you can truly feel like you’re building up a true romance.

Some of the things your sims can do include taking romantic selfies, the goose interaction, romantic hugs and making out. These are all great and adorable interactions that we need in the game for sure!

sims 4 realistic mods for romance

SimDa Dating App

Finding good sims to date in The Sims 4 is difficult and we all end up dating the same sims over and over. I can’t even count how many families have had Johnny Zest as their father because of the lack of good people to date in Oasis Springs.

Adding a sims 4 realistic mods option like the Simda Dating app allows you to meet new people without just going to the park and hoping for the best. You can find new relationship prospects and go on dates with them from online dating, just like we could in The Sims 3.

SimDa dating app

Wicked Whims

Possibly the most popular NSFW Sims 4 Mod, Wicked Whims adds a ton of interesting things to the game for romance and woohoo.

The first amazing thing that this mod adds is a relationship attractiveness system where your sims will actually have different perceptions of sims based on their own preferences. They’ll have first impressions of sims and can even be in polyamorous relationships.

The sex modules in this mod add new animations that are more realistic and honestly make your sims start participating in woohoo anywhere. It adds the ability for your sims to get woohoo transmitted infections and adds a bunch of new satisfaction moodlets to your sim’s woohoo experience.

If you aren’t a fan of the NSFW modules in Wicked Whims, there is a safe for work option called Wonderful Whims that you can download for the more PG modules.

wicked whims logo

Better Romance

There are many players who are annoyed by the fact that romance is pretty much always set out to succeed in The Sims 4 and the whole system is super simple. The better romance mod is a great addition to making this system more interesting for players.

It starts with the chance that your romance will not be accepted as easily which adds a degree of difficulty to the game. Then, it goes to autonomy, and makes it so that your sims are more likely to do romantic interactions more autonomously so you can have less control over their lives.

These are two things that can entirely change how the game feels and how romance works for your sims, which is amazing!

better romance sims 4 realistic mods

Sims 4 Realistic Mods for Finances & Business

Money, money money. Our sims absolutely love money and as players we love to cheat to get money but making it can be easier (or harder) with these amazing sims 4 realistic mods for finances. Plus, we’ve got a great system for running business in The Sims 4, your sims can run restaurants, vet clinics and even own a retail store but this could always be better.


The financial system in The Sims 4 just throws all of your sims money into a single set of family funds which is pretty boring and that’s the entirety of the system. The only change we got to the financial system was the addition of student loans with university, but other than that it’s very boring.

With the SNBank mod you’re going to be able to have a completely different system for your sims money. It really affects every part of finances so let’s list a few things you can expect to see with this mod:

  • Child Support and Alimony
  • Wel-Fund 4 Families (A Welfare Benefit Program)
  • Autopay Your Bills
  • A Bank Account for EACH SIM in Your Household
  • Direct Deposits of Your Sim’s Income to Their Account
  • Ability to Send Money to Other Sims
  • and more!

These are really going to change the way your sim’s handle their finances which is amazing and make the experience so much more realistic.

Live in Business

When you have any of the business packs in The Sims 4 (i.e., get to work, dine out, and cats & dogs) you are able to run amazing businesses but you aren’t able to run them from your home. This means that you have to go to a separate lot with the sims who are running the business and abandoning other family members at home.

With the live in business mod your sims are going to be able to turn part of their home lot into a business where they can run a store and be able to also take care of their children at the same time. This is game changing for earning an income this way and lets you run the store for longer hours than normal too!

live in business mod for the sims 4

50% Lower Salaries

Some of the hourly salaries in The Sims 4 aren’t extremely unrealistic so 50% lower salaries is a must have sims 4 realistic mods option for me. This mod takes all of the salaries in the game and reduces them by half.

This example is the biggest for me, this babysitter part-time job has your sims earning 32 simoleons per hour which is extremely high for a part-time babysitter. With this mod you’ll get 16 per hour which feels more realistic to me.

This helps you struggle a bit more in the early days and makes your late day income a little less too.

lower salaries mod

University Costs More

One of the silliest things in The Sims 4: Discover University for me is how inexpensive University is. I’m one of those sims players who loves to struggle when playing The Sims 4. I love when my sims are struggling for money!

When I’m sending my sims to University I want them to have to spend a lot to get a degree, especially since we have the student loans system so I don’t need the money upfront. With the University costs more mod your sims will go from spending a few thousand simoleons to spending around 30,000 which is a huge difference.

It’s nice because once your sims get their job they can get a signing bonus and a really high income so you can pay these off pretty quickly.

Realistic Mods for Events & Activities

Events are a giant part of our lives, from birthday parties to weddings to funerals there are events happening all the time. However, events in The Sims 4 can be very boring and there are barely any activities for your sims to do especially for sims who are still in school. This set of sims 4 realistic mods can make your sim’s events so much more interesting so you can have much more fun with it.

After School Activities

When your sims get home from school and finish their homework they often don’t have anything else to do during the evenings. Wouldn’t it be nice if they had somewhere to go after school to earn skills, make friends and spend time?

Well, with the after school activities mod your sims can now join amazing clubs like the debate club, baseball or basketball club, and so much more. There are dozens of activities for you to choose from and your sims are going to earn skills from going to these activities so they’re actually valuable.

It’s just really nice to have somewhere for your sim’s kids to go after school so you have less confusion with what to do with them.

after school activities mod for sims 4 realistic mods

Explore Mod

There are so many everyday experiences your sims just can’t have in The Sims 4 and that’s always been an annoyance for me. With the explore mod your sims are going to have access to a whole bunch of different rabbit hole events that when they’re over your sims will have different moodlets and fun emotions to go along with them.

Some of the events your sims can experience are going for takeout, finding new places to go shopping and going to different attractions. This mod also adds the ability for your sims to start gambling too!

sims 4 explore mod

Memorable Events

If you’re looking for more special events in your game then look no further than memorable events. This mod adds over 40 event types including things like sleepovers, study sessions, family gatherings and more. Each event has their own set of goals to reach and will bring your sims together and make them feel closer to you.

These types of events are so much better than simple birthday parties in the game because they are deeper and more interesting. You can literally throw an event to have your friends and family come meet your new baby, or throw a bachelor party for your sims, the options are endless.

memorable events mod

Funeral Event

Since we’re playing with life in The Sims 4 we’re also playing with death which means that you need to be able to celebrate your sim’s life and be sad about their death too. This funeral event mod is a must have for me so you can have a moment to have closure to your sim’s life.

This mod lets your sims grieve others in whatever way they need to which is a must have experience for my characters.

sims 4 realistic mods for a funeral event

Sims 4 Realistic Mods for Kids & Toddlers

One area of the game where we can always use more realistic interactions and experiences is with kids and toddlers. Our kids have barely anything going on, toddlers aren’t fully fleshed out and we can always use more options for everything. These sims 4 realistic mods for kids and toddlers are some must haves for me.

First Love

A big part of a kid’s life is having their first crushes, whether those be on people they know or famous actors or maybe even fictional characters. With the first love mod your sims are going to be able to have the cutest interactions with other child aged sims that show off their feelings.

They’ll be able to confess their crush to another sim and then this sim will become their “first crush” and they’ll be able to exchange phone numbers, hug, monkey around, stargaze together and more. These interactions with your first crush are so cute and would be great for storytelling if you want two sims to meet early and eventually fall fully in love.

let your sim's have their first crush in the sims 4

High Chair Lock

High chairs are a very realistic type of chair for toddlers to spend time in but the system for them in The Sims 4 is so annoying and makes me never use them. Sims are constantly taking toddlers out of them and being annoying so this high chair lock mod is necessary.

With this toddler mod you can click on the chair after the toddler enters it and disable pick up so your toddlers are actually able to finish their meal before they are taken away.

disable toddler chair pick up

Breastfeed Toddlers

Breastfeeding in the real world doesn’t stop the second your babies stop being tiny, many moms are still feeding their babies this way even when they can walk. This mod is going to let your sims breastfeed their toddlers and have that bonding moment with them which is good for mom and baby.

breastfeed toddlers sims 4 realistic mods

Kids & Toddlers Make Less Mess

One of the most annoying things about kids and toddlers in the game is how often they make messes on the floor. This is totally unrealistic because kids aren’t just throwing paint all over the floor and being annoying all day long, so why is this a thing in the game? Also, where does the paint even come from? Who bought this!?

With the kids & toddlers make less mess mod you’re going to see this decrease by a whole bunch making it so you no longer have to clean up after them or have a scheduled maid just to make sure that you don’t have to deal with these issues.

kids make less mess in the sims 4

Better Babies and Toddlers

The experience we have with babies is so boring in the game since they literally never leave their bassinet. You can pick them up but not go more than a foot away from them. With the better babies mod your sims are at least going to get fun emotions and moodlets from spending time with their babies.

It may not completely fix babies in the game, but it can add some fun to the experience for your older sims making them feel more real and interesting.

sims 4 realistic mods for better babies

Final Thoughts on Sims 4 Realistic Mods

There are so many amazing mods for the game but a lot of them add more chaos to the game instead of making it more realistic. These sims 4 realistic mods are all must haves if you love to just play with regular life and have your sims have an experience that’s close to the everyday experience you have. Happy Playing!

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